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  1. Demographics are certainly a factor in the death rate, it must be. The largest block of population is getting old.
  2. KDave

    Good for UK

    The problem is hate speech law, it is the weapon used to suppress certain discussion points. We need to get rid of these ridiculous laws that protect nothing and destroy freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is being eroded further by the EU under the guise of copyright legislation. Luckily the UK will be out soon.
  3. All I know is when the price of anything is high, people will be much more interested in buying, they will pay the premium to get hold of some. I think naturally dealers will want to get on the band wagon yes, but it won't matter if they don't.
  4. When the time comes to sell there will be no issue with liquidity or recouping premium.
  5. KDave

    Is it just me, or.....

    I agree with Steve quality has gone and too many threads covering old ground, but perhaps we have been spoiled in the past. Decent threads don't attract much quality discussion anymore. Personally a lot of my contributions have been going into PM's rather than threads recently.
  6. KDave

    YouTube Trolls Funny Comments

    Bane Pepe lol how can that be taken seriously. Looks like something from 4Chan.
  7. KDave

    My plan to stack PMs

    I reckon most people do a bit of everything, collecting stacking, whatever, just keep it simple remember why you are spending your money on it in the first place, doesn't matter what you buy so long as you have a plan to sell.
  8. KDave

    Bullion Dealer Bham?

    If they want repeat custom they won't ask for ID.
  9. KDave

    Loading Up

    I was getting sick of that message too, cheers Chris for fixing it (and lowlow for pointing it out).
  10. KDave

    Brexit Morons

    I respect that there will be a few people with jobs appropriate to their humanities degree, but I think in most cases his point is harsh but true.
  11. KDave


    If dollar continues to run then gold will be cheaper, I think it likely scenario. Whether we will get it cheaper in pounds. Not sure.
  12. KDave


    I remember back in the day, when gold was 700 quid an ounce. Twas only three years ago. By Christmas maybe will we see it?
  13. KDave

    Brexit Morons

    Money well spent?
  14. KDave

    How the EU works

    No I don't either, but we have to play with the hand we are dealt.
  15. I like the name Dave. The K is to denote thousands or ounces of gold, which I don't have