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  1. KDave

    Is there any reason that gold keeps dropping?

    I am buying on the regular so it doesn't make much difference to me, but my feeling is - its the market wot dun it. Looks like once through $1240 the real selling started. It could have a long way to go, but I base this on nothing much than it is what I want to happen. Silver has broken support also, next stop $13 and change. Platinum looks a bit better, nearing the lows again, so possibly the bottom and time to buy. Could be wrong. Or could be looking at another few years of better buying opportunities in all metals with a bit of luck. Just need some sterling strength to make the most of it.
  2. KDave

    Gold Value Historically

    Yes you are no doubt right. I do hear about higher living costs in London however, which is the argument made to pay people more for doing the same jobs there compared to elsewhere. Is there any basis for this or do they specifically mean rent/housing?
  3. KDave

    Gold Value Historically

    London is a different beast. 100K wage is an enormous amount of money elsewhere in the UK.
  4. Yes it is as you say, people will believe what is presented, not only because of perceived reputation of the presenter (BBC as an example), but because of the effort and time required to confirm the story. People are busy. Emotions are easy and ready. Thinking is hard, and worse requires time and sacrifice of that time. It is easier to assume the news is unbiased and believe instead. Trump derangement syndrome is a derogatory term thought up by trumps supporters I believe, but it does describe political polarisation against him rather too well.
  5. The media is extremely powerful tool for the mass promulgation of ideas and views. Most media platforms including the BBC have a visible agenda and world view that is being broadcast and sadly, many people adopt these views because they are too busy or too disinterested to investigate further. They have a term in the US, 'Trump derangement syndrome' for people who are outraged by Trump but do not know why. I hope I have explained well enough that you can see the source of this syndrome is the Media and the people listening. Their apathy towards further investigation leads to their adopted unconscious outrage. When asked to explain why they hate trump, most people don't know. If you want examples of this look to youtube interviews of the Anti-Trump demonstrators in London for his recent visit. A number of the anti-trump people were interviewed and asked questions. You will hear only confused emotional outbursts in reply. Even when presented with facts people will not want to hear them, because thinking is difficult and they have often gone to great efforts to express their opinions to the point it is now a part of their identity and ego. I believe this is called, polarisation of opinion. Their views become extreme and they are encouraged further by careful editing of news reports such as the above; Trump becomes evil and can do nothing good - if there is evidence to the contrary that absolutely must be reported for the sake of context, it is diminished to insignificance by the repetition of the examples of where he did evil, so that he is only evil. Almost everyone is guilty of this kind of thinking on various topics to some degree. It is part of the way the mind works. I do believe though that extreme view points are becoming much more common in general which is not a good thing. I think the blame for this change lies squarely at the feet of the bought and paid for mainstream media, partly for their own contributions to the 'narrative' which is increasingly one sided, but also for pushing people away from traditionally trustworthy and largely unbiased sources, into the arms of the often propagandised media that lies on the internet. It is near impossible to find an unbiased version of events by reading or listening to a news report, especially not from the mainstream media such as the BBC or SKY news (and the associated papers) and especially not from 'alternative' news on the internet that also has an agenda to peddle. The only way to learn what is really going on is to go directly to the source material, learn the context for yourself and ignore the commentary.
  6. I see that May is trying to end the Parliamentary session on Thursday instead of Tuesday, I assume in attempt to stop the work behind the scenes to oust her. She is a very shewed if craven politician. I don't think the majority of MP's will allow it.
  7. KDave

    Gold Value Historically

    Yes I am not sure how true it is but I had read that gold stock increases by 2% per year which is roughly population growth. If gold supply is the constant then it is demand that has fallen compared to 2000 years ago. Perhaps as you say through manipulation or suppression, or perhaps as I think because its competitor 'money' being FIAT has taken much of the demand in most of the world. The majority of people do not see gold as money because it doesn't function as such to them. They use currency as money, even saving it in the bank, measuring their wealth in it, ect. If we say that gold supply is roughly in line with population growth then there are the same number of ounces per person today as there were 2000 years ago then it makes sense that if gold is 1/5 of its 'true' value in terms of its role as money, that 80% of the population do not view it as such. Value is perception. One day people will see the true value of FIAT, but for now they see it as money. Perhaps only the minority see gold as money at the moment hence its relatively low purchasing power. This perception will change in the future we here are all banking on it.
  8. KDave

    Next queens beast?

    I am interested to know what happened to the griffin proofs. They were touted to be released last summer but never materialised. Its odd that we have 5 designs in bullion but still only 4 proof.
  9. KDave

    Gold Value Historically

    My way of looking at this, which may be incorrect; What is the relative efficiency of producing an ounce of gold, and a suit (or meal for family of 4), compared to then and now. I don't know, but I would say a suit is many times easier to produce now than then. Farmers produce infinitely more food today than they could produce 2000 years ago. The supply of gold however is still growing by only 2% per year. Arguably an ounce of gold should buy 5 suits today (made up number), or 100 meals, but it doesn't. Why not? I think it has to do with the percentage of the population that are using gold as money today. Perhaps that is why an ounce of gold does not buy 5 suits, but still only buys one. Perhaps gold is undervalued in historical terms, because the majority of people are not using it as money, the demand for it is much lower per population. I have read that the supply of gold increases above ground supply at roughly 2% per year. If only 20% of the population want gold then that is 5 times more gold per person, or 1 suit per ounce of gold instead of 5. If at some point in the future 100% of the population demand gold again, then we can see that gold is enormously undervalued in historical terms. I say 100% because everyone desires money, and gold was money in the past, today it is not used as such by everyone, but one day perhaps it will again.
  10. ISIS are virtually gone and these will be worth a fortune as collectors pieces in the years to come, far in excess of their metal content. For example, at the fall of the Berlin wall, Soviet art and paintings was virtually being given away, look how much they are worth today. The market is insane for the things. Nazi memorabilia is another example. The Soviets and Nazi's committed atrocities and killed far more people than ISIS. Just saying. If you get your hands on one of these hold tight.
  11. KDave

    New from UK/London - Let it Begin!

    Buy smaller denominations, half sovereigns, sovereigns, low premium bullion. You can always swap these for a 1oz coin later. Or save up and buy, be spartan in your discipline and reap the rewards. Don't bother buying silver to swap into gold due to difference in spread. A bullion gold fractional will be near spot to 3% over gold price. A silver ounce will be 15-20% over spot even buying from Europe. On an ounce of gold, you can see how expensive you are making it when you look at it in terms of % additional cost. People will say buy and sell silver. Of course you can trade silver coins and make profit, buy and sell, get your money back, maybe this is the way to go if you have the time and inclination, but if mechanically basing it on 'when I have enough silver I will trade into gold', then no, as per above. Hope that helps. Welcome to the forum.
  12. KDave


    My problem is not that he was arrested, clearly he was in contempt of court. The issue is his sentence and treatment is disproportionate to the crime. He is in solitary confinement. He is not allowed to write letters because of what he wrote in the last one and the fact it was circulated online. They are trying to break the man and silence him. They have used the legal system as a weapon to suppress a reporter and are making an example. He is in solitary confinement for his own protection. The last thing they want is to have him martyred by people of the religion he was reporting on, but the states treatment of him in jail is making him just that. If this isn't an example of the politicized police state I don't know what is.
  13. KDave


    You hear nothing about Tommy Robinson on the msm, I've only seen it reported online websites and youtube. The protests a few weeks ago put the anti Trump protests to shame quite honestly but nothing was reported. Off message you see. He broke conditions not to report outside of court and was tried and sentenced in 3 hours and is now in solitary confinement for 13 months for his own protection. He has been stopped from writing letters. It's completely disproportionate to the crime, which was reporting on a trail of Muslim child rapists. Off message, so it's not reported. There were pro Trump rally's yesterday, not reported. There was a free Tommy Robinson rally too. Not reported. The main stream media is a joke in this country.
  14. Are they willing to price match the platinum coins again?
  15. Trumps endorsement of Boris was excellent news today, hopefully they will meet before he leaves, that would be the trigger for leadership. Get May out, get Brexit back on. It's been an entertaining day. Trumps endorsed Boris, challenged may's soft Brexit, made Khan look a tit and shrugged off the protests like they didn't even happen. Day one of the visit done