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  1. KDave

    Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Impressive recovery today, I see volatility like this as more evidence we are going back down to the lows.
  2. Carney would hate to raise rates here. It would hurt his bubble markets in housing and stocks, the former is struggling in certain parts now despite his post Brexit devaluation. If anything March next year will be used as the excuse to drop rates further.
  3. I think the governor will soon realise that higher rates means cheaper houses
  4. Rates should be higher and the pound stronger, but the UK would go the way of venuzeula, so we have a weak pound. I see that Canada have rates of 1.5% now that's where UK rates should be. The governor there tells people they should buy a smaller house.
  5. KDave

    Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    I do see it. Government spending is out of control and we have not had austerity or anything like it. Some real cuts before tax rises would be nice. I had a letter come through from HMRC with the break down of how the tax I pay is spent, a nice little pie chart entitled 'How we spent your taxes'. I saw that a quarter of our taxes are spent on welfare. Imagine my shock. I have lost my letter to photograph, but here is an example of what I mean; A scary amount is spent on servicing the debt already let alone in a high rate environment.
  6. The 1 oz gold queens beast bullion have done well in terms of collect ability over a short time which I find surprising. Its all paper gains here for now though. Biggest loss I am holding is 1 oz platinum maple, got a long way to go to recover that loss. (Paper loss. ) (The little one on the right) 2 years is not a long time frame for PM's.
  7. KDave

    Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Yes and we are already taxed to the hilt, one of the most taxed peoples on the entire planet. There is a point when they will raise taxes and start to receive less in return because of the impact it will have on the wider economy. I believe we are at that point already, certainly when the mass of people's pay has been eroded in real terms for years now, with tax rises on top there can't be much give left. Pushing on a string.
  8. KDave

    Is there any reason that gold keeps dropping?

    Has everyone seen the igold advisor vid on YouTube? It's a good one, especially interesting the market moves in 2008. Can't link it on the phone. Looks like cheaper gold coming up later in the year, perhaps for a few years, perhaps just until next. He didn't talk about silver but I imagine it's the same story. Small chance it's false breakdown.
  9. I remember that one. Devaluation, removal of certain notes, replacement of the entire currency, fire, theft, cash even decomposes in the wrong conditions - perhaps not the plastic notes. Plenty to worry about with cash. Gold you just need to protect it from theft. Arguably fire. But that is it. You need to be careful with cash and old people in care too in my experience. Cash has a habit of going missing.
  10. A chap at work, his mother has dementia and she will end up in a care home. She lived a prudent life, worked and saved, has a decent amount of money to her name. All of it will be taken, down to the last 23k I have no doubt about it. It seems unjust, but I can not think of a better alternative. Either people pay their own care or we pay for it, ideally with the balance of people who need care paying for their own. Or we let people suffer. Not much of a choice. Its unfair all round. Its not just about avoiding IHT nowadays it seems. I have seen cash hidden under floor boards to avoid IHT, but the person had the foresight to do this. Gold is better as it accommodates much earlier foresight without the disadvantages that cash has over that longer period. What they don't know about they can't take off you!
  11. I know far too many people doing it. Actually when I think about it, I realise that being reliant on the state is already living as if retired. Smart is using the state to get a full life time of retirement. We are the mugs paying for it.
  12. Lucky? Well you say that, but the capital of the average mortgage is enormous today compared to way back when. There isn't a lot of difference in reality (we have discussed and demonstrated this on the forum before). Indeed. 13 years is the state pension equivalent. Alone this is still quite generous though if you have decided to rely on the state paying for your retirement, sacrifice nothing of your take home and not plan for the future. Early retirement is perhaps one of the last places you can say taking responsibility for oneself is worth it, as opposed in many ways to being disadvantaged working compared to a life of reliance on the state that so many choose.
  13. Yes I think the risk lies in interest rates rising quickly and asset prices falling, leaving one in the position of having to sell at a loss to clear some of the capital, or pay more interest, perhaps a lot more.
  14. I agree, the compulsory pension and the life time ISA are the writing on the wall. I thought perhaps these things could be ideologically driven by the current government and would change, then I looked again at the national debt. Even with the leftest of left wing government in power there is no escaping mathematics.