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  1. KDave

    Wealth Tax

    Very good point. Are you doing it via employer pension contributions, SIPP return. If you have a decent income and can defer a decent chunk then you can get some of the taxes back. I suppose this is why it is said that taxes fall hardest on the poor. The rich (and the smart/disciplined) can get out of paying. The best way to pay no tax - play the 16 hour a week system earning below the tax bracket and get topped up on the bennies - and lived as if you are retired most of the week. Then use a food bank, pension off the savings and get another 20% on top. Working is a mugs game.
  2. People blame Brexit, or Kim Jong Un slinging nukes around like its still Christmas - those things do not matter. The explanation comes after the move, filling the gaps, telling a story to explain the price action. The trend is important. Where are we. Where did we go from here last time. Chris A told me that gold miners are priced for gold to be $200 lower than today. They would need 60% increase to match the historical relativity between the two. When we see this happen it has always historically resulted in gold price falling vs miners rising. But maybe this time, miners will rise and gold will keep going up. Maybe this time is different. Maybe Bullion By Post is doing you a massive favour by flogging you gold at the new high and locking in their profits Hey there is a first for everything. Who knows what will happen, I don't. I want to know who is driving the long term trend, is it God? Or is it Kim Jong Un slinging nukes.
  3. KDave

    BASHING on the forum

    @cravethatcoin Ah I thought you had been banned here and could see not reason as to why, it looked a bit like thin skin syndrome unless there is more to it, but I think now that BYB means you are banned from commenting on his channel? Fair enough its his channel. There are potential downsides yes, I have also said there are risks in the past but as I see them the risks are primarily to BYB. Perhaps I worded it differently but I pointed it out in the beginning on his thread and then I joined the order . BYB is choosing to provide a service, he is knowingly carrying the risk and reaps the reward - others who chose to take his offer agree to terms and take a risk as well but no one will escape unscathed if things go wrong. But a disaster is waiting to happen every time you get out of bed, cross a road, ect. It is perspective, BYB and the people joining are willing to risk it. It is all laid out in the group order threads, the risks are clearly laid out. The rewards are obvious, you list them. People take the punt on balance of the two.
  4. KDave

    Brexit status ...

    An example of the principle - why the left want 16 year olds to vote. The young hold majority left values and views, because they have been looked after for their entire lives up to that point. For the most part. Not all of course, but the majority. Also why remainers want the young to have a say. No coincidences. The left understand this concept very well.
  5. KDave

    Brexit status ...

    Politicians are arguably just a reflection of the voters. Maybe not the case with ours as most appear to be remainers of some degree. But if politicians are lying, it's because people don't want to hear truth (or they vote out people who give them the bad news). If politicians are cowards, it because the majority of voters are cowards. Comes back to who has the right to vote, if you had to earn a vote you would get a different caliber reflected in the politicians elected, different values, strengths, ect.
  6. KDave

    BASHING on the forum

    He says there are negatives but didn't list them. He says you help people, make it easier for folk and it's cheaper to join the group order. Sounds like an endorsement. He said he would even give more credit in a certain circumstance but he's been banned Oh dear.
  7. KDave

    Is platinum worth it

    At the moment from Europe 1 oz platinum coins are as cheap as 1oz of gold in nominal terms on the premium which is nice, because the platinum price is so low (or gold is so high). I think bars cost more because the tax is different to coins, hence why a 1 kilo silver 'coin bar' is cheaper from the EU than a kilo melator. The same will apply to platinum, its low premium coins or you pay for the bar. An ounce is an ounce when you are investing in the metal though, it shouldn't matter really. The US have much better markets for metals. We can but look on with envy.
  8. KDave

    Wealth Tax

    Good and services provided by the state always trend towards costing too much and towards falling quality because they have no competition and they can't go bust. A private company must provide what the user wants, at the lowest price and the highest quality demanded - or a competitor will and put them out of business. Pick any country in the developed world. Now try not paying your taxes and see what happens.
  9. KDave

    Brexit status ...

    It was made by UK propaganda corps channel 4 so I haven't seen it yet, I assumed it would have much spin towards remain. Is it really any good?
  10. KDave

    Wealth Tax

    Free market capitalism is the ideal. Liberty to chose what to do with ones money. As oppose to the state being the market, taking ones money and spending it without a care.
  11. KDave

    Wealth Tax

    So long as equality of opportunity is provided then yes it would be fair, but that would cost tax to ensure and is it even possible? Can someone in a wheelchair be given an opportunity to earn the vote, that is fair to those who can walk. Can someone with mental disability be given the same, in a way that is fair to someone in a wheelchair. Perhaps life is not fair is another rule. Who do we want to suffer unfairly in society is perhaps a better question and to what end.
  12. KDave

    Wealth Tax

    I'm not complaining, government is tyranny, tax is theft. It is what is, I didn't make the rules of nature. It just depends how much we want of both. As oppose to liberty and market capitalism. There are degrees and mixes of all that are possible. Democracy is a good form of tyranny. But in the pure form we have it is tyranny of the majority, majority agreed tyranny, those who don't agree still are forced to play the agreed game (pay tax) on pain of prison. The issue is this - not everyone is equal, except under action governed by the law, which has been forgotten. We are not equal in ability or means, so why the equality of voting rights? Why not have democracy but people must contribute for the right to vote. In today's UK that would be a tyranny of the minority I am sorry to say, as only 48% of workers earn enough to offset the nhs, services benefits and pensions. That's 25% of the total population, who support the country that could vote. As an example. I am nor saying that is what I want. I am entertaining the idea, just to be clear. If it was easy to solve we would have figured it out. It will take great pain suffering and blood to find a better way, if history is anything to go by.
  13. KDave

    Wealth Tax

    Democracy is a tyranny of the majority on the minority. Best form of government we have tried, but still flawed and I agree we are about to see why. Too many voted for free stuff off of the backs of others and soon we will all suffer the consequences together and hopefully learn from it.
  14. KDave

    Wealth Tax

    That is very interesting, a form of social welfare that costs the farmer little and benefits the unfortunate in the short term, but everyone still had to work to earn their bread. We couldn't do that today - people have their 'rights' and 'entitlements' that are used as weapons to take bread from everyone else.