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  1. Best Citroen saxo bought at 17 for 500 quid, battered it, abused it and it lasted 3 years absolutely no trouble. Tax, insurance, fuel and mot each year. Sold it for 500 quid. Current boring Ford Focus, drives like terrible, clutch is going, just does the job to get me there, it's a tool. I can't bring myself to buy anything better. Spending money on a car would be ending up working to pay for the pleasure of driving to work, I don't need it and can't bring myself to do it.
  2. KDave

    Brexit status ...

    The EU want to keep the backstop in the deal. The EU says they don't want to use the backstop. May says we do not want to use the backstop. No one wants to use the backstop but it is still in the deal. Why is it in the deal if no one wants to use it. If the EU have no intention of using it, then it makes no difference if it is taken out of the deal does it. The mere presence of it suggests that there is intention is to use it and now their insistence that the deal will not be renegotiated confirms their intention to use it. It is an obvious trap. May can come back with all the 'assurances' she wants this deal is going no where.
  3. KDave

    Brexit status ...

    She made it. Good effort. Now limp back into parliament, get the deal rejected and hard Brexit time. She did say no deal is better than a bad deal after all. Playing an absolute blinder (Maybe )
  4. One of the guys I follow on YouTube, an economic commentator has theory that climate change is a money making scheme initiated by the Rothschild's, they were certainly involved in the early days of the 70's. Now it has morphed and been adopted by every power structure on earth as a means to extract wealth.
  5. KDave

    Brexit status ...

    Yes, also do you remember when he said he would back Boris after Cameron went but then stabbed him in the back last minute. His actions tell that he is either an opportunist that overplayed his hand (opportunist on Brexit too having now switched sides) or that he is bought and paid perhaps, to help May get in the first place. Impossible to know the reason behind his actions, only that he is as trustworthy as a snake.
  6. KDave

    Brexit status ...

    The great prophet George Orwell and his book 1984. He is up there with Nostradamus with his prediction of the future. Though I am fairly sure the book was suppose to be a warning, rather than the instruction manual it has become. A lot of tories have said they will back Theresa Mayhem in the vote tonight. Its a private ballot though so chances are they could get rid of her if the snake micheal gove is any representation of the duplicity in the tory party. Part of me hopes she goes so we get someone who wants to leave in, part of me wants her to stay to force MP's to reject her deal and get us on the road.
  7. KDave

    Brexit status ...

    I reckon she will win it but if not then we will get an actual leave voter in charge, maybe hunt, maybe Johnson.
  8. KDave

    Brexit status ...

    They will learn how it is soon enough when we leave WTO keep the 39 billion and starve them of their tariffs on our trade. See how the French and Germans like picking up the tax increases required to fill the gap. I already know what the French will do
  9. KDave

    Brexit status ...

    Yes it is the tariffs they will miss more than our contributions which is why I am surprised they have not made any concessions at all to May. I mean look even her car wants her to remain, it must be German made;
  10. KDave

    Brexit status ...

    Yes send the sinful haters to the gulags, it is the right thing to do. Only trouble is once he puts all the Brexiteer wrong think tax payers to the Apple run gulag the country will go the way of Venezuela/France.
  11. KDave

    Brexit status ...

    I hope not, no confidence vote means general election and labour for sure. That would mean no Brexit AND higher taxes to pay for the millions of people who don't like work. If May stays with her deal then parliament will vote it down, leaving hard brexit as most likely option on the table with small chances of extending article 50 (EU will not agree), second referendum (democracy dies, roll on civil war) or cancelling Brexit (parliament will be blown up).
  12. KDave

    Brexit status ...

    Macron is having the last laugh in France, he has promised minimum wage rise but once being pushed into the next tax bracket is accounted for they won't be much better off. People fall for the minimum wage story everytime. It is also one of the things that drives productivity lower, why work harder for promotion if employers have to pay you the same as middle management without the stress - everyone ends up basically paid the same and - oh look its communism. The French do love their socialism I guess. I give it a month until they are back out on the street. I do reckon like you say the EU will have something to say about the French budget. The EU will do what they did to Italy - tell them to get their budget under control or face fines - that will then spin the budget further out of control...
  13. Hopefully we will see traditional December lows in gold for a nice Christmas present as well then, though sterling isn't helping.
  14. Demographics have driven the stock and bond market all of those people paying into those pensions every month for decades, biggest block of population. When they all retire it will be buyers market/stock market crash. I have heard it said that 2009 was the start of it, first wave of retirees, banks have been propping the markets up ever since.
  15. KDave

    The war on cash

    Silicone valley is a snakes nest of corruption with too much power. People talk of Russian meddling in the 2016 US elections but what about silicone valley algos and banning of certain people on various platforms for the Swedish elections and the US midterms. I think the Apple CEO missed his calling as a priest worrying about sin.