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  1. Is gove a brexit supporter or not? He campaigned with Boris for brexit but then stabbed him in the back for the leadership and brought both their chances low. It was a bit suspicious at the time. This time round Boris is being assassinated via the legal and media systems but by the by. Now gove is abstaining instead of voting in supporting of leaving. This parliamentary second referendum vote - If the majority was no, we would have increased chance to leave. If the majority is yes we have increased chance to stay. Abstaining is not what someone of conviction to either side would do.
  2. Its an interesting idea but we are unlikely to rejoin I think given most of our trade is already with the rest of the world, there would have to be some serious incompetence or sabotage in regards to trade deals (hard to do with WTO as the base but still possible) for Brexit not to be a success for the majority of people who buy imported goods. The longer we are kept in the EU the longer countries and industry/agriculture within the EU that rely on the tarrif protected market continue to survive (Irish beef for example). But as soon as we are out and have access to non-protectionist free market goods, people will understand and there will be no going back. The economy that has built up over the 40 years will be thrown to the wolves. Not to mention we are talking about the giving back away of sovereign power hard won if economically things don't go well - absolutely no chance. That is why we are still in after 3 years, once we go its game over.
  3. The way I see it there is no right wing in british politics, the only thing the conservatives conserve is the legacy of the Blair and Brown status quo. What is right wing about the tory party?
  4. That is exactly what it is but no one wanted to hear it.
  5. Lib-dead-cat-bounce on the back of the remainer vote is interesting, quite incredible really. I expect they will retain many of those in the general election, which just means votes for a Corbyn coalition. Brexit party really worked to kill off UKIP again, like the referendum itself. Many tories will be returning to the fold now at the next GE, when Nigel disbands, instead of what could have been, people voting as a block for a non establishment party. Then once this EU business is done, Nigel will disappear and UKIP will now disappear as irrelevant, leaving a massive gaping hole on the right of politics.
  6. He calls for peace, diversity and civil society and they censor him
  7. "Cui Bono" - to whom is it a benefit. Apply that to the historical record and we might see many of the truths not written by the victor. This is the Brexit thread though, so lets apply a bit of Cui Bono to why we have not left the EU after 3 years since voting to leave. Teresa May's husband was a banker we can start there and work our way through parliament as to why we are still in.
  8. You are correct, there is no evidence that gas chambers were used, the chemicals claimed to have killed people were not available in sufficient quantity to kill a single million never mind six, but the conditions in the camps led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands. When the food supply to the camps were cut off at the end of the war because the entirety of Europe was starving, those in the camps were left to die. The Holocaust indoctrination in schools and by Hollywood was needed as a tool and has been very successful for the shaping of western ideology, the creation of Israel, and more. It is what it is. Yes Boris is a bought man so are the rest, they all come with strings. He didn't support May's deal and is entertaining to watch so the best option imo. I also think he is our best shot at a Hard Brexit.
  9. Thanks you saved me a losing bet. Who do you think is likely?
  10. Boris Johnson as next PM? The bookies favourite but apparently there has never been a bookies favourite tory leader, its always someone else. With this in mind, I reckon it will be outsider Amber Rudd as she was home secretary (the mark of someone who has been got) and is a Remainer, but will have to see how the EU elections reflect as to the ability for her to be legitimately put forward. If the results are still largely pro-leave it will be Gove, he campaigned to leave but supports May's/Merkels EU surrender document, so he is perhaps the perfect candidate to keep the capitulation narrative going. I really hope we get Boris. He did alright with London as far as I can tell despite all the Masonic madness with the Arch of Baal unveiling and the bikes. Plus his name sounds Russian which will upset a lot of people, worth it just for that.
  11. Yes to paraphrase if you trade liberty for security you deserve neither and will lose both.
  12. If its bail condition at least the court have decided and it should be temporary and not repeated, hopefully this sorts them out for you. Can you imagine the police or council being allowed to just stick a camera up and watch peoples houses at will. Might as well put a camera in peoples living rooms 1984 style - you have nothing to worry about if you have nothing to hide
  13. I didn't think they could just set up a camera outside of someones house to monitor them 24/7, if there are suspected criminals living there then secret filming is fair enough but there must be a warrant based on past offences? Council can have them moved based on that if they are on gravy train bennies. Otherwise what right do the state have to just monitor someones house. If it was near my house the camera wouldn't last long.
  14. You realise you sound like an establishment tool and useful idiot yourself by saying that Russia is and has always been the boogey man. Its a nation state behaving in its best interest just like everyone else including the EU and the US.
  15. Don't forget to vote for Russia aka the brexit party tomorrow, unless you can vote for Israel aka Tommy Robinson, failing that vote for the Nazis aka UKIP.