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  1. The $100 must have been taken by force or threat of violence?
  2. You demonstrate the farce that is democracy well, we are indeed set up. It is a problem without solution. The issue; democracy as a concept, it has been venerated and supported by blood and sacrifice for many decades. It is a holy thing to many people, it is a central tenant of liberalism and associated with other subverted noble ideas. To suggest there can be an alternative is heresy. To explore other systems of government and propose them instead is so far outside the window of acceptable discussion it is a non starter. People are not willing to even entertain the alternatives. It is all the same under this system. Labour, Libdem and Conservatives (and satellite Brexit party) they are all the same mechanism, the same system, labelled to reveal it for what it is, the Liblabcon. Still like you I hope we are both wrong, and Boris turns out to be a reforming force but I don't believe it. I am no longer willing to believe anything will change under the current framework. On the second point, I have not followed this either. My understanding of what I think is being attempted by Boris, is that come end of Jan 2020 we will be out of the political union, that any political changes that arise from the EU in the meantime will not be implemented hence we will not require a veto. This is speculation on my part. However, I have no doubt that regardless of what happens, we will see our laws continue to be shaped and changed by continued EU influence regardless of whether we are in or out, as the traitors are still in power and will see to it.
  3. Good to hear from you @Lowlow, now that we have Boris as PM I am hoping he pulls a fast one on the EU and starts playing hardball with them. He can get virtually anything through parliament now, I think the intention is to remove 'can't leave without a deal' from law and implement a 'default no deal December 2020' as the new negotiating position, that should focus a few minds in the EU. Second referendum is off the table for good now. The Conservative Manifesto read as a so called Hard Brexit, which means they are lying to someone, either the EU with the current deal they have arranged, or the public by promising something they have no intention to deliver. We will see which one it is, likely a middle ground with a better deal once the EU comes back to the table for fear of no deal leading to the choice of financial collapse or higher taxes on the French (good luck) and Germans.
  4. @sixgun you have reminded me of a video of German soldiers (eastern front) justifying the war against Stalin, the original was deleted from Youtube funnily enough but there is a low quality copy of it here; History is indeed written by the victors.
  5. Yes sorry I meant leaving the UK. It is worth pointing out that England is 85% of the population of the UK, which is governed from the English houses of parliament in the capital city of England. You are incorrect on the second point. Being part of the union does mean being less independent because the outcomes of collective decisions are enforced on Scotland even if they are against that decision - the EU referendum for example. The majority of Scotland want to stay, England and Wales want to go. Where is Scotland's Independence on that issue? It is by definition an enforced position otherwise they would opt out and stay and everyone else would go - but they can't because they are not an independent nation.
  6. Scotland wants independence from England yet wish to remain under governance of the EU. A contradiction in terms - its not independence. The motivation must be dislike of the English, which is entirely fair enough. I have glanced at a mixture of polls, the pro-independence ones are small at only 1000+ people taking part, the bigger ones are no to independence but its not overwhelmingly remain, I would not be surprised if like with Brexit, the Scottish would vote to leave next time.
  7. Yes that is true, specifically they do not want Muslim immigration and you are right that certain parts of the UK, especially my part were motivated to vote leave due mainly to the numbers of Eastern European immigration. Like them most people have no problem with European immigration either its the numbers and lack of control over who is coming.
  8. Agree with all of that. They are very similar systems, Fascism is top down government, interventionism and state directed economy (of large private owned business). Communism is top down government, interventionism and a state owned economy. Very similar, neither are any good long term. Surely the nationalist/international side of these examples is irrelevant. You can say communism is internationalist - but they didn't control the entire world, only the nation states of the USSR. Much as Nazi Germany controlled most of Europe, were they then internationalist socialists? I think it is wrong to associate nationalism or internationalism with either system. Nationalism is not fascism. Many countries today have nationalist societies, think of Poland, Hungary, Italy, Austria, they are all nationally conservative. Their governments are nationally focused, they do not want immigration, they reflect the populations desire to preserve homogeneity. They are not fascist countries or Nazi's despite what the left will say.
  9. Are there any recent polls to say whether its worth running it again? What are Scottish people saying now.
  10. That is somewhat correct, I would not say Communism but centrally planned certainly, more a crony system based around the ruling party. Central planning and interventionism by the leaders lead to the economic collapse. Calling it communism sets up the argument to fail, because it is currently the right wing that are ethno-nationalist, and I have not met many right wing communists. I have met plenty of people on both sides that wish to centrally plan and interfere, hence that is what you should call it - a centrally planned economy. But an Ethno-nationalist state does not imply central planning in the economy. Nationalism is not an economic system, nationalism is social politics. English and Welsh nationalism are not an economic system. It is not correct to conflate the two. Your earlier conclusion that ethno-nationalism will always lead to economic collapse is incorrect.
  11. Fair enough, that is completely reasonable. I have read your other posts, judging by some assertions you are missing knowledge on Rhodesia and South Africa, they are good case studies, here is an economic study of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe); https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAJrycrD6jg&t=01s 'Vibrant cultural mixes' is propaganda and not based in reality. Pick any study into the effects of diversity on social cohesion and trust and have a read. Homogeneous racial and cultural societies are high trust, diverse racial and cultural societies are low trust. Low trust societies are poorer economically, higher corruption, higher crime. Look into the Balkans wars to see what happens to them long term. Ask yourself why is the third world migrating into the West and not into China or India. Why are Africans not emigrating to Israel. What is it about really?
  12. The right can usually make reasonable arguments to defend its main points, but there are some points that do lead to places we perhaps do not want to go. Such arguments should be destroyed by pointing that out. I think the left use these extreme positions of the right as an excuse to censor, where as the real goal of such censorship is to allow their own indefensible views to go unchallenged. What is the saying, the truth is like a lion, set it free and it will defend itself - on the left and the right. We need freedom of speech.
  13. I can see your point, the echo chambers are on both sides, as must be the case due to the removal of the right from the mainstream, they had to go somewhere. Please though save your righteousness, it is not the right that have created this environment is it. You say go and debate properly - how can we debate properly when they shut us down as soon as we attempt it. This is not the fault of those on the right wing, it is the fault of the left, hence why I point it out. Please go and tell them off on Twitter like you are saying here and see how far you get. I am not the right wing, most of my views are right wing, but I see the value in arguments from the left as well. I have voted right wing parties for a long time but I would vote labour if I needed to, I am entirely mercenary. I aim to be for the argument that has most grounding in reality and merit, in balance between short and long term.