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  1. I get a proxy error on that link, but a quick google revealed this a crypto related article? Fiat to be replaced by crypto by 2030?
  2. Yes good observation on twitter. The reduction of thinking. I noticed it in the recent leadership debates with 20 seconds to answer huge questions, resulting in slogans being thrown around instead of formed thought given in answer, clearly deliberate.
  3. My assumption is that there are enough people that don't question it to enough of a degree to see through it. The rain forest fires a few month ago had many people that I know up in arms. It was enough time after the event the truth got out that it was a normal annual event of nature, but by then only a few people are still paying attention, while the rest of the herd still have the narratives message burned into thier minds. Next time the climate is mentioned, those people are primed to take it face value. I don't think they intend to discredit climate change with Greta. It's the opposition that are making the memes, pointing out the hypocrisy, ect. The opposition just don't have the coverage to get the message to a wide enough audience, unlike the MSM which has the greatest reach. The message doesn't matter so much as the numbers in the audience.
  4. 9 million with no retirement plans. Majority have no savings. Decades of the state taking care of everything from being out of work to retirement what did people expect would happen. Majority of people have learned this behaviour. Only the mugs have been taking responsibility for themselves for the past 20 years.
  5. Child care is high but someone must look after the children and we have minimum wages and strict numbers per carer in the UK (not free market). Back in the day it was the wife looking after the kids, people don't think about the equation in terms of money because she isn't making any by doing it, they only see the lost income from her not working, which is a mistake. Today realistically you need two full time wages to even think about raising kids unless you have the good fortune to be earning well. 28 year old Jason above looks like he is priced out of ever continuing his line if he can't even meet ends meet now. What a terrible situation. 4 years my junior, no money, no house, no kids. This is normal these days? He needs to make a budget. Do absolutely nothing but feed himself, pay his bills and pay off the overdraft until its gone. Get on youtube and listen to richest man in babylon for some foundational personal financial literacy. Government are not helping either, half of Jason's rent will be the artificial market floor from paying someone else's housing benefit and his wages are low thanks to competition with 300,000 extra people a year. His council tax will be high because is paying for half the people on benefits in the town he lives in. Ect.
  6. Ash Corbett-Collins, 28, from Birmingham, who has banked with HSBC since he was 11 years old says he has already decided he cannot afford to move banks, despite knowing he will be hit by the new overdraft charges. Ash, who has a £1,750 overdraft limit, says he is trapped with the bank because he won’t get the same level of loan elsewhere and he is convinced the rest will all increase their charges in due course anyway. “Since university [he graduated in 2012] I’ve used my overdraft each month to cover bills. That is everything from council tax to utilities, credit card, food and rent,” he explains. “I slipped into my overdraft during university and now, after my outgoings, I don’t have enough left over to replenish back into the black. Once you become reliant on your overdraft it can be difficult to get out of that cycle, even with being financially prudent.” A snip from the independent article. The guy has spent nearly 10 years in his overdraft. 10 years and not able to clear £1750 "even with being financially prudent" is he having a laugh? This must be the university degree version of financially prudent.
  7. The price of debt is rising for consumers? Its almost as if we are in a debt deflation! I think the problem specific to overdraft use stems from people being poor with a budget. I have this quote, some Victorian wisdom, I think it may be from Dickens; "Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen ninety six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery."
  8. That would be a fair retort if you applied your statement to climate change, evolution, ect but you do not, so the point stands. You argue for acceptance of one view over another simply because it is the mainstream view.
  9. Yes I agree, this is the problem with the current system in the US, it is not free market. Since Obamacare healthcare costs have spiralled out of control, in a free market this would not happen. It is a symptom of inefficiency. Much like the shortage of nurses and doctors, in a free market wages would automatically adjust eventually and the market would meet demand. The government instead has a quota for numbers (tories want 50,000 more nurses in their manifesto for example), but do not address the underlying problems - too much demand, not enough incentive for workers. I also will make the point on behalf of the NHS, that without it, there would be elements of the nation that would not be able to access healthcare at the price points set by the market. It is good for that, I will agree on that point. I have listened to the interview and see the usual remainer arguments about the UK having to go around with a begging bowl, having to pay more for everything, ect. The EU is not going to stop selling medicines to the UK. The US is not going to 'walk away' from selling medicines to the UK. The US does not speak for its companies exports, the only way they can stop them selling goods to us at a competitive market level is by issuing sanctions against the UK. I am not putting it past our ineffective politicians to sell some non competitive trade deal that means prices will rise. They are for the most part economic illiterates in the house of parliament with Diane Abbot level understanding (exceptions for one or two MP's and most of the etonians). If they do this, they will be accountable come the next election. Unlike our current set up where the EU can hike prices via tariff overnight and there is nothing we can do about it.
  10. Yes power is a corrupting influence, hence why I do not trust the large scale funding of climate science by organisations such as the EU, and why I am not surprised that political parties such as the labour party have dedicated a third of their manifesto to 'the environment'. They do not care for the environment. They care for power. Such is the world. I agree. You mention the corruption or abuse of science and religion, I agree with this sentiment. 'Science' as it is toted in this thread is a philosophy. "Nothing is known for sure" is a philosophical starting point that even the people advocating abandon as soon as they state it, and say that some views can not be challenged - for example the theory of evolution. Climate change, ect. Any opposing theories are wrong. That is not logical and it is not in keeping with the process and tool that is the scientific method. It is the same fixed contradictory and illogical mindset of religion. I think we agree but you wish to make an additional point that perhaps I am missing?
  11. Correct. The point people are making on the thread is there is evidence for cba, bca and bac. The counter to this from those advocating 'science' is that only bca is valid because "nothing is known for sure except bca". That is not science it is dogma. I could argue the merits of religion and philosophy as means of understand our world too, they did us well as a means to construct society to get us to this point too, you must know a bit about what I am talking about being a mason. I have not seen as much dogma in the church as I have seen from the unquestioning high priests of science, who studied at university and learned the 'truth' of evolution, climate change and astronomy, regardless of the scientific method. The abuse of science to beat religion and affirm a certain philosophical world view is more likely to take us downward and backward than anything else.
  12. Its almost like we are in recession driven by a debt deflation.
  13. How do statements like this not reveal the blindspot in your thinking? You are demonstrating a contradiction in philosophy - "nothing is known for sure, except for xyz" and anything that challenges that view is heresy. It is religious thinking. This is not science it is dogma.
  14. I have heard it said recently that the NHS a stinking pile of socialism at the heart of our country. It is an interesting if harsh point, as it revealed to me that the NHS is perhaps primarily an invention of the left to influence the way British people have thought about government for the past 70 years. It is to provide healthcare second.