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  1. I mean their spot price must be $15.78 ($15.29 is the market), but they forget to convert to euro, so they use €15.78.
  2. Europeanmint's current spot price is €15.78, looks like they swapped $ for €.
  3. 1/2 oz War in the Pacific AUSTRALIAN - US memorial coin I love that art deco eagle!
  4. Don't let the Tesco's coffee to stop you to make your own direct order from https://www.europeanmint.com/silver-bullion/ or https://goldsilver.be/en/ . Shipment is about €20ish up to 30oz (I might be wrong in this) and probably you will get the silver faster than us.
  5. 1.5oz Grizzly, 1.5oz Snow Falcon, 1.25oz Bison
  6. yes. I could clean off the red tarnish with silver polish, but there is some scratch on it.
  7. I love this 1.5 oz polar bear with cub, great price/weight, but the arctic fox circulated, could be like this:
  8. Canadian Maple leafs (after 2014) has some awesome security features like radial lines and micro-engraved laser mark. https://www.europeanmint.com/2019-1oz-canadian-silver-maple-leaf-coin/ https://www.europeanmint.com/2016-1oz-canadian-silver-maple-leaf-superman-coin/
  9. If it has a denomination then that is just carrying some cash, isn't it?
  10. Thank you @MOA108 for this amazing Victoria crown! 😃
  11. just received a few 1.25oz bisons from EM. Luckily they are in excellent condition considering they are graded as circulated coins.
  12. I just sent a coin to Sweden for £6.50. This is a price up to 100g (3oz). Over 3oz it is probably cheaper if you order directly.