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    Mccabe215 reacted to brixtonh24 in 4 x Zi:Sin Scrofa   
    Hi all,
    I have 4  x Zi:Sin Scrofa for sale.
    £20 ea.
    Postage of choice.
    BT or PP f+f
    Edit: 2 left now

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    Mccabe215 reacted to SilverStan in 10oz Silver Britannia   
    Last 3 all spoken for will be more in 2-4 weeks. 
    Thank you.
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    Mccabe215 reacted to BeeCee in 1oz Gold Britannia - Plea/Sale   
    Ladies and gents, I have for sale for you today a 1oz 2016 Gold Britannia.

    I purchased this coin recently, but I have since been offered a very good deal on another item that I really don't want to miss out on. However, unfortunately my manager didn't accept the excuse 'I need a pay rise to buy more silver and gold' as a valid reason to increase my salary... Thus, I am forced to sell my first gold bullion 😖

    What deal have you managed to acquire that has brought you to these lengths of selling your gold!? I hear you ask. Well... that ladies and gentlemen, I will happily follow up on, if I happen to sell this lovely coin.

    So, on that note... I am looking to sell this coin for £1030. Inlcuded in this price you get; 1x 1oz Gold Britannia (As pictured), 1x Quickslab Coin Capsule (Also as pictured), 1x Special Delivery (UK only) and finally, a follow up post of me showing my new goodies that this sale helped fund.

    Now, unfortunately I have a bit of a deadline and need to sell this coin by Wednesday. It would be nice to sell it to someone on here, but if needs must, I've accepted a local dealer is maybe my only option.

    I do think this is a good deal at present. This price means only a 1.5% premium!

    Payment wise, I can do PayPal or BACS. F&F on PayPal, but if your happy with the fees then G&S is equally fine by me. I understand I am relatively new to the forum, so I'm more than happy to go through BYB's intermediary sales service. As an added extra, I grant full permission to @BackyardBullion to give the entire contents of my February order (more than 65oz of silver!!) to the buyer in the event I do a runner. Granted, not quite as much as the 1oz of gold, but still a pretty hefty security deposit.

    So, on that rather long note (and possibly the longest sale post for one item yet!?), please feel free to get in touch with your interest. Be sure to know, you'll really be helping a Bullion Brother out by making this purchase... AND it's a good deal! 👍😊

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    Mccabe215 reacted to MickD in 1kg and 500g Silver Bars   
    The following silver bars are all pre-owned and were purchased from Bullionbypost.  I’ve photographed them with the original packing slips but I will be keeping these for my own records.
    I’ve weighed and checked with a light magnet (they are too heavy for the slide).  Please carry out your own testing and fire back at my cost if there are any issues.
    Umicore 1kg - a nice chunky bar, still sealed, with serial number.  £450.  £440.  £435.
    Pamp 1kg cast bar, unsealed, with serial number.  £460. £450.  £445.  SOLD
    Two Umicore 500g bars, sealed, with serial numbers.  £240   £235   £230 each.
    All prices include UK Special Delivery.
    Thanks for looking.

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    Mccabe215 reacted to richatthecroft in Modern silver coins   
    Oh and QB’s please
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    Mccabe215 reacted to zeusss4 in Today I Received.....   
    The little ones birth year, to go away for him when he’s old enough to pawn it in for a night out. 

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    Mccabe215 got a reaction from MickD in Today I Received.....   
    Can I ask where you bought these from? Would love some! 
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    Mccabe215 got a reaction from GrahamDiamond in Today I Received.....   
    Can I ask where you bought these from? Would love some! 
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    Mccabe215 reacted to Lindeman in Today I Received.....   
    Getting into the silver Republic of Korea Chiwoo Cheowang and Zi Sin Gallus series. Stunning details - and these are just thbe bullion versions from Komsco.  Proofs look pretty nifty as well.  These are 2017 and 2018 regular and Scrofa privvy.  Looking forwrad to the 2019 editions
    Lindeman .  

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    Mccabe215 reacted to ShineyMagpie in Sovereign Help   
    Being new to the forum myself I appreciate what you mean about taking pictures of coins. What I have found though is if you place a plane piece of paper (or an envelope) on a window seal with just natural light, don't use any zoom (most phone zooms just blur pictures). And let it auto focus on the coin. That way the people who know will have a better chance to look at the coin and give you their opinion. But as you say if you have your doubts anyway then for piece of mind get it tested.
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    Mccabe215 reacted to Xander in Sovereign Help   
    compare it with this one.

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    Mccabe215 reacted to HawkHybrid in Sovereign Help   
    weigh it, measure it and check it against pictures of known
    real examples.
    (^^ we want pics, do that too 😊)
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    Mccabe215 reacted to sixgun in Sovereign Help   
    Post the best quality photos you can - there are very experienced people on the forum who will take a look. That would be the first and easiest thing to do for starters.
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    Mccabe215 reacted to MickD in Pamp 10 oz   
    I have three of these left for sale at £163 each including UK Special Delivery.
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    Mccabe215 got a reaction from StackSellRepeat in MIXTURE OF SILVER BARS & ROUNDS XMAS STOCKERS.   
    Would be also interested in a couple Scottsdale 100g if you still have them? Can you do any better on price?