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    StackinJack reacted to Wouter06 in China dragon dollar re-strike   
    Now on Apmex with pictures. Looks great! (Not that much difference with the Tientsin one however). The first one is still my favourite.
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    StackinJack reacted to Frenchie in What happened to the Trade Dollar series?   
    Here we go !
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    StackinJack reacted to GoodAsGold in "WHat's in the package?" - Royal Mail Special Delivery   
    Same woman / same Post Office / same stories. Don't you realise you guys all live in the same town?  Next time discretely check the queue around you. If there's a shifty looking geezer with sweating brow who's clutching a package with 2 white knuckled hands then say hi to your fellow Silver Forum member. Then mug him 😊
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    StackinJack reacted to mr-dead in I have an idea of getting silver near spot price without spending too much money.   
    I have an idea of getting silver without spending too much money.
    If 1 person wants 100g of silver, he will have to pay £70.
    If 20 people want 100g of silver, they will have to pay £70 each.
    But if 1 person has a friggin huge drill you can get it all for free

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    StackinJack reacted to Curious1 in A friend found this in his garden   
    According to his aunt PC Boschmans is a massive player indeed. 
    He didn't sell it for cash, but I do have some proof and another update!
    I don't think it is. His house was built in '66 and before that there was a stable or something on that land. I think it was a fence to keep animals inside.

    Well, he sold it! Didn’t get a premium for it, not even the 17000 quoted first, but I bet it’s still one of the greatest things that happened to him 😀 Maybe not so for PC Boschmans as he damaged the gold bar a little bit. I wanted to spare you the pain at first, but I find it pretty amusing now 😄
    The gold bar was only 15 centimetres / 6 inches deep when he found it. Can you imagine taking 2 scoops and digging up some garbage and a gold bar? He couldn’t either. He thought it was a sick joke or a fake, lead or something. So he used a saw on it 😛 I guess when the inside showed the same color he had that 'could this really be …' moment and took it inside, started googling and sent me some pictures. We looked at options to test it at home, but he didn’t have a graduated beaker for the water displacement test so apart from weighing it there was not much to do. It was a sunday and jewellers stores don’t open on sundays where we live. So I advised him to bite it, which he did. Yup, teeth marks, great! 😆 Those things happened before I posted on this forum. Next day his wife took it to a jewellers store and completely ignored the advice about the XRF test because, impatient about the truth and they took a little piece to test it.

    PC Boschmans was not informed about this in advance and I bet they were excited about this old bar being found, something they never experienced before. So he went there and met some employees and the managing director who set the price based on weight and nothing else. That’s when he told them he used a saw on it. It didn’t change the price he got for it, but he told me it instantly changed their mood. Those poor people, I can only imagine It would make a great headline though:
    Man finds exclusive vintage gold bar and reunites it with family who produced it, after butchering it with a saw and putting it through other bizarre tests. Family in tears.
    He asked if they were going to keep it and the director replied he wanted to, but the sawing issue changed his mind. Oops 😂
    The sketchy looking document he got in return for his gold bar:

    They didn’t know what to write on it since they don’t deal with regular customers normally. 16650 is maybe not the highest price, but who wouldn’t be happy with it?
    Meanwhile the digging continues, but no interesting stuff so far. Much more junk than you can imagine, these bricks for example come from one square metre.

    Also a lot of metal, so much that his new Garett detector was useless, it’s going nuts everywhere in the garden. He sold it and decided to turn over every grain of dirt and removing all junk while doing so.

    Some more junk
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    StackinJack reacted to TonyS in Careful who you tell what you got! £30k robbery   
    I walked in as my flat was being burgled, I was found unconscious outside the flat by the neighbours. One thing I remembered was smashing a pint glass in to one of the assailants face. The police were their usual dilatory selves investigating the case.
    By my connections with some of the less reputable neighbours I got most of my stuff back and the name of the guy I’d hit with the glass. I’m not saying what the outcome was other than the police weren’t involved.
  7. Haha
    StackinJack reacted to AndrewSL76 in What is wrong with this photo?   
    Very interesting question. I would need to see the reverse before giving an opinion on the grading. For the Obverse, there are some marks on the Queen's head, and I would probably return this one to the Mint.
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    StackinJack reacted to StackerNoob in Free speech   
    I personally draw the line at inciting damage to person or property. Anything else should be completely legal. That way, if you are a racist nutjob everyone around you will know you are exactly that. You will be able to tell anyone you want what you think of group X or person Y, but don't expect them to be you friend afterwards.
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    StackinJack reacted to Avrocarr in Free speech   
    There is either free speech or no speech. ‘Hate speech’ is a made up term to prevent free speech by some quarters. What is ‘hate speech’? Who decides what’s included as ‘hate speech’? If you don’t like what someone’s saying then don’t listen to them. If someone wants to be racist, sexist etc then they can, but they’ll be judged by everyone else accordingly.
  10. Haha
    StackinJack reacted to Curious1 in A friend found this in his garden   
    The digging continues, I’ll keep you posted 🙂

  11. Haha
    StackinJack reacted to Curious1 in A friend found this in his garden   
    They’ve been calling and getting prices for that kind of machinery all day long. By the end of the week that whole garden will be turned upside down 😆 They both have gold fever madness right now.
    He promised me some pics of his ‘garden’ to share with this forum.
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    StackinJack reacted to Wouter06 in China dragon dollar re-strike   
    It looks like this will be the 4th design:

    The Long Whiskered dragon. Looks a lot better than the3th one in my opinion.
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    StackinJack reacted to itslikegolddust in People collecting worthless cr.p. How about silver?   
    She sure has, we are proud owners of yet another pair of shoes ...
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    StackinJack reacted to Pritchard in eBay Joker - Makes me so cross!   
    How to spot a bad ebay advert.

    Step one:
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    StackinJack reacted to mr-dead in Gairsoppa silver box restoration   
    Recently purchased another Gairsoppa 10oz 4700 mintage bar.  Comes in some really nice packaging and high gloss wooden box but unfortunately like a few others I have seen the inner skin of the box was damaged.
    Stripped it down and had a look and its only made from very thin plastic with a flock coating to give it a velvet feel :
    A quick 3D modelling session in tinkercad and a replacement is done then 3D printed.
    Just ordered a flock kit so will look and feel as original but much stronger

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    StackinJack reacted to 999magnum in China dragon dollar re-strike   
    I really like this series. 

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    StackinJack reacted to sixgun in crash of Gold and Silver   
    We have another character on here, Wonger, who makes out price will plunge. The ECB has announced that it is going to launch targeted longer-term refinancing operations (TLTRO) - that means more QE. There will be no interest rate rises from the ECB. The German 10 year bund rate has been tumbling since September - it is heading towards zero.
    This is putting pressure on the Fed to also go uber dovish. That means more QE - it will happen, this Quantitative Tightening and shrinking balance sheet is a pipe dream.
    2019 is predicted to be another record year for central bank gold buying. All this is very bullish for precious metals. Charts are good but when they are followed to the exclusion of the real world in a physical asset that costs to produce, this need to be considered. These EW plots can get re-numbered and re-numbered - eventually they are right, there are always 5 waves in the end, when you re-number them enough.
    Why is this guy selling his advisory service? Why isn't he a multi-billionaire using his EW plots instead of wasting time making videos for pennies?
    So i won't be following this guy's Elliott Wave plot, i will just keep buying on a regular basis.
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    StackinJack reacted to mr1030 in DO HARRODS STILL SELL GOLD BULLION   
    Punctuating your sentences properly instead of stringing your entire post in one long sentence would also help other people in understanding you better.
  19. Haha
    StackinJack reacted to FoolzGold in Dolphin Series - New Bullion Silver Series from Royal Australian Mint   
    Once all animals have been officially used up they'll have to move on to microbes. 2020 E. Coli, 2021 Ebola... endless possibilities. 😉
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    StackinJack reacted to FFkook in Bullion series you'd like to see.   
    The Dutch lion dollar.. Only produced in 2017 as bullion. Would love to see that every year. Now they only make proof versions, which spot more than a Yale..
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    StackinJack reacted to RichRock in .   
    .-- .... .- - / .. ... / --. --- .. -. --. / --- -. / .... . .-. . ..--.. / .- .-. . / -.-- --- ..- / .. -. / -.. .. ... - .-. . ... ... ..--..    lol
    Morse Code Translator
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    StackinJack reacted to mr-dead in Own any gold curiosities?   
    I have my Spanish 1, 2(doubloon) & 4(double doubloon) gold escudos from the 1500's that are nice, a bit of pirate folklore.

    Currently bidding on some Kim Thanh gold leaf bars wrapped in the original rice paper that were used by the Vietnam people to smuggle wealth out of the country during the war (often folded and sewn into clothes) and used by CIA operatives to bribe local people:

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    StackinJack reacted to Zamiel in Clarification about trade dollar series   
    Hello all
    I've become quite interested in the silver trade dollars but I'm not sure i have the full picture since I found out today there are more series than i thought. So I'm hoping someone can help enlighten me
    So the first trade dollar I can across was in a post on this forum and it's the St. Helena trade dollar series, and from what i can gather its made by the sunshine mint but i'm not sure. Some have stated that the East India Company mints them but i have gotten mixed input on this.
    Today I found out that there is also a Niue Trade dollar which apparently is made by the New Zealand mint. The two trade dollars I have seen look very similar so thats likely why i missed the difference. So now I'm wondering, is the Niue trade dollar also a series like the St. Helena trade dollar?
    Both coins have the name of the East India Company on them, so what is the companys role actually in the making of these coins?
    Now we also have the chinese dragon restrike series which also is a trade dollar i believe.
    Is anyone aware of other trade coin restrike series?
    Thanks in advance
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    StackinJack reacted to Downs523 in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    Collection so far which started a month ago. Think I'm done now for a while as spent slightly too much 😂

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    StackinJack reacted to JunkBond in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    Vintage silver bars have outgrown the coin case so I sourced an old strong box for storage duties.
    Good time for a photo update. 😉