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    StackinJack reacted to mr-dead in Gairsoppa silver box restoration   
    Recently purchased another Gairsoppa 10oz 4700 mintage bar.  Comes in some really nice packaging and high gloss wooden box but unfortunately like a few others I have seen the inner skin of the box was damaged.
    Stripped it down and had a look and its only made from very thin plastic with a flock coating to give it a velvet feel :
    A quick 3D modelling session in tinkercad and a replacement is done then 3D printed.
    Just ordered a flock kit so will look and feel as original but much stronger

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    StackinJack reacted to 999magnum in China dragon dollar re-strike   
    I really like this series. 

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    StackinJack reacted to sixgun in crash of Gold and Silver   
    We have another character on here, Wonger, who makes out price will plunge. The ECB has announced that it is going to launch targeted longer-term refinancing operations (TLTRO) - that means more QE. There will be no interest rate rises from the ECB. The German 10 year bund rate has been tumbling since September - it is heading towards zero.
    This is putting pressure on the Fed to also go uber dovish. That means more QE - it will happen, this Quantitative Tightening and shrinking balance sheet is a pipe dream.
    2019 is predicted to be another record year for central bank gold buying. All this is very bullish for precious metals. Charts are good but when they are followed to the exclusion of the real world in a physical asset that costs to produce, this need to be considered. These EW plots can get re-numbered and re-numbered - eventually they are right, there are always 5 waves in the end, when you re-number them enough.
    Why is this guy selling his advisory service? Why isn't he a multi-billionaire using his EW plots instead of wasting time making videos for pennies?
    So i won't be following this guy's Elliott Wave plot, i will just keep buying on a regular basis.
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    StackinJack reacted to mr1030 in DO HARRODS STILL SELL GOLD BULLION   
    Punctuating your sentences properly instead of stringing your entire post in one long sentence would also help other people in understanding you better.
  5. Haha
    StackinJack reacted to FoolzGold in Dolphin Series - New Bullion Silver Series from Royal Australian Mint   
    Once all animals have been officially used up they'll have to move on to microbes. 2020 E. Coli, 2021 Ebola... endless possibilities. 😉
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    StackinJack reacted to FFkook in Bullion series you'd like to see.   
    The Dutch lion dollar.. Only produced in 2017 as bullion. Would love to see that every year. Now they only make proof versions, which spot more than a Yale..
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    StackinJack reacted to RichRock in .   
    .-- .... .- - / .. ... / --. --- .. -. --. / --- -. / .... . .-. . ..--.. / .- .-. . / -.-- --- ..- / .. -. / -.. .. ... - .-. . ... ... ..--..    lol
    Morse Code Translator
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    StackinJack reacted to mr-dead in Own any gold curiosities?   
    I have my Spanish 1, 2(doubloon) & 4(double doubloon) gold escudos from the 1500's that are nice, a bit of pirate folklore.

    Currently bidding on some Kim Thanh gold leaf bars wrapped in the original rice paper that were used by the Vietnam people to smuggle wealth out of the country during the war (often folded and sewn into clothes) and used by CIA operatives to bribe local people:

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    StackinJack reacted to Zamiel in Clarification about trade dollar series   
    Hello all
    I've become quite interested in the silver trade dollars but I'm not sure i have the full picture since I found out today there are more series than i thought. So I'm hoping someone can help enlighten me
    So the first trade dollar I can across was in a post on this forum and it's the St. Helena trade dollar series, and from what i can gather its made by the sunshine mint but i'm not sure. Some have stated that the East India Company mints them but i have gotten mixed input on this.
    Today I found out that there is also a Niue Trade dollar which apparently is made by the New Zealand mint. The two trade dollars I have seen look very similar so thats likely why i missed the difference. So now I'm wondering, is the Niue trade dollar also a series like the St. Helena trade dollar?
    Both coins have the name of the East India Company on them, so what is the companys role actually in the making of these coins?
    Now we also have the chinese dragon restrike series which also is a trade dollar i believe.
    Is anyone aware of other trade coin restrike series?
    Thanks in advance
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    StackinJack reacted to Downs523 in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    Collection so far which started a month ago. Think I'm done now for a while as spent slightly too much 😂

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    StackinJack reacted to JunkBond in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    Vintage silver bars have outgrown the coin case so I sourced an old strong box for storage duties.
    Good time for a photo update. 😉

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    StackinJack got a reaction from Wouter06 in China dragon dollar re-strike   
    Thanks for notifying, ordered 1, just for the sake of completing the serie.
  13. Haha
    StackinJack reacted to sixgun in Silver price about to plummet   
    Crikey what have i been missing?
    Once upon a time when i did mental health assessments i would have sectioned this 'person'. Now it is seems that would be hate speech.
    Ex-transgender man now wants to live as sexless ALIEN and has had nipples removed
    Jareth Nebula, 33, has shunned human genders and wants to be accepted as a being from another planet

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    StackinJack reacted to Fastnick in Silver price about to plummet   
    Whatever is or isn't going on, I'm just going to keep buying a few gold and silver coins that:
    a) I like the price of, and
     b) I like the look of
    I know that's not a very scientific approach, but it suits me and makes me happy
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    StackinJack reacted to Abyss in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    Recently come back from India and emptied a safety deposit box in India while I was there (no longer required). Managed to bring back into UK fair amount of gold without being questioned by customs. Visited Saint James in Manchester today to deposit some items and took opportunity photograph the family entire gold stack:
    A lot gold held in the form of Indian jewellery
    I have no idea how many oz gold is in jewellery form and 18 to 22 carat gold with some items having real diamonds. Best part of the gold stack Queens Beast bullion coins.

    Six months stacking fortunate picked up most of the stack when spot prices much lower. Most of the jewellery purchased by my late dad when gold spot prices $250 oz.
    Hand poured silver by BYB adding Tetris and Puzzle set to this collection

    10 oz coins have 50 of them

    Proof Sets

    Coins in capsules

    Rwanda Series


    2 oz Queens Beast

    Gold stack 60 oz unknown quantity gold jewellery. Silver stack 1,400 oz.
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    StackinJack reacted to KevinFlynn in European Coins Thread   
    European gold ...

    ... a handful

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    StackinJack reacted to FFkook in 3rd Trade dollar is here, Chinese restrike   
    The 3rd in the East India Company is here, the Chinese restrike. Just the proof for now, I'm curious on when the bullion version comes.
    Big fan of the trade dollar series! 
    Gold and silver below:

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    StackinJack got a reaction from RoughDog in China dragon dollar re-strike   
    Received mine today, stunning coin. Perception of depth looks amazing.

  19. Haha
    StackinJack got a reaction from RoughDog in China dragon dollar re-strike   
    Maybe it is because you are in Belgium, same as last time, prices are different for you, I did see and pay €27,- for it.
    Next time I will try using a VPN and check the prices 😛
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    StackinJack reacted to Numistacker in Today I Received.....   
    A bumper day today with some amazing items. 
    I have been buying less but more if you see what I mean. Not a massive weight of gold but what value for the future..

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    StackinJack reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Today I Received.....   
    My last purchase in India. Monster bracelet 150gm 925 silver. I have a lot of bracelets but this is my absolute fav. Cost a pretty penny too. 

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    StackinJack reacted to firestacker in Today I Received.....   
    From goldsilver.be:
    12x 1 oz Perth 2019 dragon coin bars
    1 oz platinum queen's beast dragon
    2 Oz silver queen's beast dragon
    ... I guess I must like dragons 😁

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    StackinJack reacted to RichmondStacker in Gold panning in Costa Rica   
    I went to Costa Rica last month, one of the areas we were staying in was famous for gold mining.  Large scale gold mining is banned in Costa Rica but panning in the rivers is still allowed for the locals.  The rivers are full of fine gold.  I went out a couple of times for a few hours with the father of the hotel owners we stayed at.  He had been mining gold in Dos Brazos for 50 years, it was amazing watching him pan.  
    Here is a video I made of the gold panning.  I didn't take as many shots as I would've liked as I was too busy enjoying being 5ft deep in water shovelling rocks to get to pay dirt.
    I also bought some gold from local miners for £28 a gram, I would’ve emptied my bank account if there was a cash machine but we were in a small village in the middle of no where.

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    StackinJack reacted to firestacker in New Dragon bar from Perth Mint   
    I haven't seen anyone post a pic of the latest 2019 dragon bars side by side so here's a comparison. They are growing on me....

  25. Sad
    StackinJack reacted to BackyardBullion in My dog was attacked and it cost me 1 oz of Gold....   
    How was your Saturday night?
    I had a very eventful night on Saturday/early Sunday morning with the emergency vets after our dog was bitten.
    Was out for the evening constitutional and a little rottie comes running up to us. It was off lead, barking like mad and circling us like a shark. I tried to keep our dog out of the way as the owner (more on this idiot later) came over to try and control his dog.
    The rottie lunged at my dog, made contact and bit my dog taking a big chunk out of his side.
    @HelpingHands @ChrisSIlver I wasn't sure a fairly graphic photo of a dog bite and subsequent stitches was appropriate so I won't post it, but needless to say it was a hole about the size of a silver crown. If it is OK to post it then I can, otherwise if someone really wants to see they can message me.
    Continuing on...I shouted that he needs to get that dog on a lead, to which he replied he did not have one. It was then I noticed the huge gash on my dogs side. Needless to say I was furious and chased after this chap to make  sure he a) got a piece of my mind and b) find out his details  so I can report him. There was some shouting and commotion and some neighbors came out to help me. It was a horrible situation to be in.
    Now, more on this idiot. He was clearly drunk. Stumbling and slurring, trousers falling down and arse hanging out. Completely irresponsible and dangerous dog handling and dog ownership. Made me so angry. This chap slunk off to his house as I was tending to my dog but one of my neighbours followed him home. I went round and gave them a bollocking. Threatened reporting them to the police and local dog wardens. The problem is that with no witnesses to the actual attack, it's his word against mine and there is not much that can or will be done. Sad world we live in.
    We have also been lumped with a big emergency vets bill - no chance of getting money out of these people - they said they have no money and would try and help pay but that we would have to beat with them regarding payments. Then there is the hassle and stress of taking them through small claims or trying to squeeze money out of them - it just does not appeal to us at all. Not really a great idea to piss off the neighbors and we don't fancy a brick coming through our window in retribution for pursuing it (they seemed like those kind of people).
    The typical thing is we chose to discontinue the insurance about 6 months ago as we were paying £60/month and had not claimed for anything in 3 years. Typical that now we are lumped with just about 1 oz of gold's worth of vets bills 😉😉😉 that's the gamble you pay though!
    Money is not the object of this post though, we have safety net savings for these very types of  things (as I firmly believe anyone should) so no need to sell any PM's to cover the bill - but still it's a grand gone.
    The worst thing is that it even happened at all! It just really pisses me off that some people can be so irresponsible and allowed to own animals. Makes me sick actually. I firmly believe there should be thorough background checks and home checks for any and all people who own/plan to own dogs. It's a subject close to outlet hearts as we have rescued both our dogs who had previously had hard lives.
    The good news is that I am very happy to report that our doggie is well and on the mend, albeit with 5 stitches in his side and feeling a bit sore and sorry for himself.
    Hopefully very soon he will be back to his old ways like this: