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  1. A trio of bullion grade Gold Sovereigns : 1918, 2012, 2017 ... NeutronJack
  2. First silver purchase of 2020 ... a Royal Mint 100g Silver Bar ... NeutronJack
  3. Nadir Silver 1oz Bars from Istanbul (Turkey) ... NeutronJack
  4. Although it's a modern restrike of the original from the 16th and 17th Centuries, the 2017 1oz Lion Dollar from the The Royal Dutch Mint would be my current pick (simply the BU version in silver shown here). Hard to explain, but there's just something about the classic heraldic design featuring a rampant lion on the obverse that oozes "coinliness" - if that's even a word - and causes me to gaze upon it frequently. Still hope to pick up the gold version one day. NeutronJack
  5. @AurumArgenti Most definitely - see my post above. Only 5000 mintage for the gold though, as in 2018 and 2019. NeutronJack
  6. Hi @BullionBuyer Bleyer Bullion's webpage states the following: "For 2020 The Royal Mint bring you a third and final Oriental Britannia coin" https://www.bleyerbullion.co.uk/1oz-silver-uk-oriental-border-britannia-coin-2020 Whilst BullionByPost says: "Please note: This is the final year that the Royal MInt will be releasing an Oriental Britannia silver coin" https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/silver-coins/britannia-silver-ounce/2020-1oz-silver-britannia-oriental-border-coin/ Simiarly for gold ... "Please note: This is the final year that the Royal MInt will be releasing an Oriental Britannia gold coin" https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-coins/britannia-1oz-gold-coin/2020-1oz-gold-britannia-oriental-border-coin/ I'm with you on that ... although somewhat strangely ... I preferred the 2018 version in silver rather than gold and the 2019 version in gold rather than silver! NeutronJack
  7. @Jvw and @Foster88 No actual mention of availability on The Royal Mint website (as of yet). They still seem to be focusing on the 2019 version, for now. However, BullionByPost state that they expect it to be stocked from 20th January ... https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/silver-coins/britannia-silver-ounce/2020-1oz-silver-britannia-oriental-border-coin/ Whilst, Bleyer Bullion similarly mention that it will be available from late January ... https://www.bleyerbullion.co.uk/1oz-silver-uk-oriental-border-britannia-coin-2020 Both have it available for pre-order now. But, of course, it's very likely to be available at more competitive prices elsewhere, shortly. Also, interesting to note that while Bleyer puts the mintage at 100,000 (for the silver), BullionByPost puts it at 50,000. So, somebody has their wires crossed. NeutronJack
  8. Interesting to note that the 2020 Oriental Border Britannia (Mintage of 100,000) is apparently going to be the third and FINAL Oriental Britannia coin from The Royal MInt, following the 2018 and 2019 versions. Only a slight variation in the border design compared to 2019, it seems. Personally, I've liked all three variations of the Oriental Border Britannia, both in gold and silver. But, perhaps it's a smart move by The Royal Mint to limit this 'Oriental Border' theme to a series of three. Image (below) courtesy of Bleyer Bullion ... NeutronJack
  9. Thanks a lot for sourcing the extra Air-Tite capsules as a supplement to this order. Much appreciated! NeutronJack
  10. Hi BYB, I’d like to register to purchase one of these, please. Thanks a lot! NeutronJack
  11. Hi BYB, Could you please add me to the waiting list for one of these fine-looking 3oz Silver Forum Rounds? Thanks in advance. NeutronJack
  12. Hi @MrScottsdale Although I haven't participated in this latest Brit Bar order, would it still be possible to order FOUR of the Air-Tite capsules? Thanks, NeutronJack
  13. Thanks a lot for arranging this, BYB. It's much appreciated. NeutronJack