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  1. NeutronJack

    Kangaroo photo thread...

    A 2018 1/2oz Gold Kangaroo from The Royal Australian Mint ... ... to accompany the 1/4oz version, I picked up last month ... NeutronJack
  2. NeutronJack

    Today I Received.....

    A 2018 1/2 oz Gold Kangaroo from The Royal Australian Mint ... ... to accompany the 1/4oz version I picked up last month ... Stunning coins, in my opinion ... not sure my camera work does them justice. NeutronJack
  3. NeutronJack

    South Korea

    Hi @Moocher South Korea isn’t the cheapest place to buy silver or gold in bullion form, owing to the added premiums and sales taxes imposed on both metals. Hong Kong (especially) and Singapore are generally far better options within the Asia Pacific region, at least in terms of price. However, if your daughter is going to be visiting Seoul and looking for something specific, she could give this place a try: Poongsan Hwadong Co., Ltd Address: 2F 351, Hyoryeong-ro, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, 137-877 Open on weekdays only: 09:00-18:00 South Korea Phone Number: +82-2-3471-4586 Email: service@hwadong.com This is their website ... http://www.hwadong.com/ They do have a range of local and world silver coins for sale in their 2nd floor sales centre, although I’ve never purchased from them myself … again, not the cheapest. And, even if they don’t have it themselves, they might be able to point her in the right direction. Other than that, she might like to explore Jongno Jewellery Shopping Street, located in Jongno, a central district of Seoul. (To get there; take subway - line 1, 3, or 5 - to Jongno 3 (sam)-ga station - Exit 1, 2, 9, 10, or 11) This is home to many jewellery stores packed close together in one district, some of which also sell gold and silver bullion (mainly bars). If she’s into jewellery, this is actually the place to go - 20 to 40 percent cheaper than retail market prices, since most stores have close ties with the makers. Hope this helps. NeutronJack
  4. NeutronJack

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    @Silvergun Ouch! The Coin Connection now has it in stock as well. They have it priced at GBP 379.95 (at the time of writing). https://www.thecoinconnection.co.uk/product/2018-i-royal-mint-india-full-gold-sovereign-with-mint-mark-in-certi-card/ Marginally less eye-watering, but still a hefty premium. NeutronJack
  5. NeutronJack

    Poppy Appeal Charity Raffle 2018

    @BackyardBullion Happy to contribute to a very worthy cause ... FOUR entries for me, please. Funds already sent via PayPal F&F. NeutronJack
  6. NeutronJack

    Bars Photo Thread...

    Emirates Gold Silver Bars
  7. NeutronJack

    Kangaroo photo thread...

    2018 1/4 oz Gold Kangaroo
  8. NeutronJack

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    @Kman I felt the same way initially. But, the more I look at it ... the more I think it sets off the coin's colour rather well.
  9. NeutronJack

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    An interesting point @Kritika Whilst I can’t claim to be an expert on the subject, my understanding is that shops in the Gold Souk are strictly monitored and regularly audited by government authorities with frequent, on-the-spot random testing of any and all products. Any transgressions are severely punished and there are no second chances. Businesses will simply be shut down permanently for selling a single fake coin and since many have been there for decades, they simply wouldn’t dare risk any chance of losing their livelihoods. As for the duty free gold stands in the airport, I’m not entirely sure whether they’re subject to the same regulatory intensity, or indeed whether they fall under the same legal jurisdiction. On a slightly different note; when considering some of the elevated prices now being asked for these coins from previous years, GBP 280 doesn’t sound particularly excessive, if the opportunity to buy one actually presents itself. So, if it was me, I’d probably go for it (assuming, of course, it wasn’t going to break the bank). If nothing else, it might serve as a tangible reminder of a memorable trip. NeutronJack
  10. NeutronJack

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    @xthomasx Not a single one to be found unfortunately. Not even the 2017 version. I did ask at every shop and stall I visited. But, once they’re gone, they’re gone, apparently. The fact that Indians make up more than 30% of the country’s total population probably tells its own story. Incidently, I got a few funny looks simply for asking about coins from previous years. The local traders focus exclusively on purity and weight of the metal. Dates were simply an irrelevance to them and I was evidently mad for asking! On the day of my departure, one of the staff on the Duty Free Gold Stand in the Airport did actually confide in me that people asking for “the old ones with the red packaging” was by far the most common question they were being asked, to the extent that they were actually keeping a daily running score for competitive purposes. Apparently, a considerable number of people have not been particularly impressed with the new brown-coloured packaging so far. Although they'd only had them in stock at the airport for about a week prior to my visit.
  11. NeutronJack

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    @xthomasx The average cost per coin (I actually bought more than one) worked out at under GBP 250 (inclusive of the now mandatory 5% VAT on gold in Dubai). Though, I should mention that I purchased just over a week ago now, when the gold price was somewhat lower. Conditions of the ‘deal’ were also a factor: 1. I made a local currency, cash only purchase. Payment in US dollars, another currency, or by credit or debit card, would each have attracted a higher price per coin. 2. I was also able to negotiate a volume-based discount rate. So, if I’d purchased more of them, the average price could have been lower still. But, by the same token, buying a lower quantity would have resulted in a higher average price per coin. NeutronJack
  12. NeutronJack

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    Last week, I visited Dubai on business and like many other self-respecting gatherers of shiny objects, headed to the Gold Souk during an opportune period of downtime. Whilst wandering around one of the narrow alleyways, I happened to come across this … … the 2018 India Gold Sovereign. I know there’s been some discussion on the Silver Forum and YouTube among members of the community over whether these would continue to be produced after 2017, so I thought I’d offer a ‘heads-up’ to anyone interested. One interesting point to note is the rather drastic change in the colour of the packaging material from red to brown, which meant I didn’t immediately recognize what I was looking at, to be honest. Does anyone happen to know the reason for this? There’s nothing to indicate on the coin itself, or the packaging, that this change has any particular meaning or significance. None of the traders/sellers I asked professed to know the reason for this either, though all were unanimous in their disapproval of the new brown colour. So, is it a one-off … a final ‘radical’ fling? Or, merely a permanent change to be repeated in 2019 and beyond? NeutronJack