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  1. That's quite an impressive haul ... starting things off with a bang! NeutronJack
  2. Wow! Very impressive! Thanks for doing this @RoslandGold NeutronJack
  3. Bottom-smuggled precious metals after retrieval and customary powerwash.
  4. Rhino poop to invigorate the plant life in your garden.
  5. Raw tobacco leaves and a matching set of pipes to smoke them with.
  6. The horn (or horns) of a Thomson’s Gazelle?
  7. A rosewood hand-carved statuette of a Maasai Warrior?
  8. A traditional hand-carved sculpture or figurine made from locally mined soapstone? NeutronJack
  9. Hi @Seth Just an assumption on my part, but probably a cynical marketing ploy on the part of Provident to ‚Äėencourage‚Äô collectors of this series to pick up the entire 6-coin series in copper, as well as silver. So, space for 12 coins in total. NeutronJack
  10. 2019 1oz Silver Brexit Colourized Gold Gilded Britannias ... NeutronJack
  11. @ZatStackz @Jamesd I agree ... at first sight, this looks to be a marked improvement on some of the earlier releases in the series. NeutronJack
  12. Three 2oz Silver High Relief Screaming Eagles (from Intaglio Mint) ... NeutronJack
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