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  1. For me, it's too close to call between the Bar and the Round. Going by the photos, I will say the Bar. But, I might change my mind when I have them in hand. Together, they all look amazing though! Great job! NeutronJack
  2. These look great! You've obviously been busy lately! NeutronJack
  3. Well, I've given it some thought ... and as some on the Forum have already rightly noted, this coin is clearly lacking something. It just needs that certain 'wow' factor to be added to the mix ... to persuade all of us discerning stackers and collectors to fully engage with it. So, in my own small way, I thought I'd try to help the Royal Mint out a bit ... I know! Right? ... Only the most subtle of changes. Yet, the piece is effectively transformed! Moreover, we can now fully understand where they were intending to go with this ... No, Royal Mint! Put your wallet away. A simple 'thank you' will suffice. NeutronJack
  4. Hi @BackyardBullion Although not a previous buyer of the 3oz round, I'd be very interested in picking one up this time round. I'd also welcome the opportunity for a shot at one of the new 5oz hammered rounds. Both look fantastic! NeutronJack
  5. Package gratefully received this morning Many thanks for your complete attention to detail @MrScottsdale in making this a great buying experience from beginning to end. NeutronJack
  6. 2,528 silver coins dating back to the Battle of Hastings found by an 'amateur' metal detectorist. I guess he's not an 'amateur' anymore! The coins bear the heads of both the defeated King Harold II and William I (the Conqueror). While, a few show Edward the Confessor. But, highly unlikely to make an appearance in The Silver Forum's 'Buy & Sell' section anytime soon! Further details via the following links ... https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-england-bristol-49501692/metal-detectorists-find-hoard-of-norman-coins-in-somerset https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/08/28/major-hoard-5m-norman-coins-early-example-tax-avoidance-british/ NeutronJack
  7. Perhaps the free gift is a large pallet of Kleenex to wipe away the tears of pain.
  8. This is probably one for only the most committed of Panda lovers ... the 150th Anniversary China Panda 1kg Silver Cube. 150th Anniversary of the West’s Discovery of the Panda One Kilogram (32.15 Ounces) of Pure Silver 99.9% Fineness Four Updated Panda Designs All New Tong Fang Obverse All-New Antiqued Finish Deluxe Display Case with White Cotton Glove Actual Size 45.67 x 45.67 x 45.67 mm “Lucky” Limited Mintage of 888 Pieces No actual price details have been published, so I guess that places it firmly in the "orbital" range. Here's a link for anyone interested in finding out more ... https://www.lpm.hk/2019-panda-cube?inf_contact_key=310d3242ea234a1244d80c53fb430cb4 And some additional images and info below ... Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the West Discovering the Panda Ever since the China Mint issued its first Panda coin in 1982, numismatic coins with these amazing animals have been a top seller around the world. China has had to increase the maximum mintage of their Silver Panda series multiple times just to keep up with demand! Now, to mark the 150th anniversary of the Western World discovering the Panda’s existence, a new Kilo Silver Panda is being released that’s making numismatic history. For the first time ever, you can own a Kilo Silver Panda struck as a 99.9% pure silver cube. You read that right—a 6-sided cube! This unique piece features updated, highly detailed versions of some of the Silver Panda’s most celebrated designs taken from key dates over the history of the series, along with the classic Temple of Heaven design used on all China Panda coins. Last is a brand-new design from renowned Chinese designer Tong Fang, creator of the 2019 Gold & Silver Panda reverse. The time, skill and artistry required to create these Kilo Silver 150th Anniversary Panda Cubes is so substantial that only 888 units will ever be struck. Only a select few collectors in the entire country will have the opportunity to own this historic numismatic first. World’s first-ever silver panda cube struck in one kilo of 99.9% fine silver Created with innovative, new minting and antiquing processes Deluxe packaging with certificate of authenticity, story book and personal letter written and hand-signed by famed numismatic artist Tong Fang Limited availability of only 888 have been authorised Example below of two pages included in the Mint Certificate Booklet: Free Special Bonus Offer Act now to receive a very special PANDA BONUS offer FREE with your purchase! +852 3619 2525
  9. 10 1oz Scottsdale Silver Bars ... NeutronJack
  10. Two 2 oz Antiqued Silver Dragon & Phoenix Coins (2019) from The Perth Mint. Not sure my camera does them justice - they are quite stunning ... NeutronJack
  11. Scottsdale Silver 1 oz Bars ... NeutronJack
  12. Thanks @BackyardBullion Look forward to adding to the existing line-up ... NeutronJack
  13. … the initial results and stark consequences of my front-loading, year-to-date, pre-Brexit bullion purchasing strategy, in anticipation of a possible end to the availability of cheap and/or VAT-free silver in the UK. Most of this was acquired before the original March 29th exit date from the EU. So, pretty good timing … with the benefit of hindsight. Anyway … as of now, 76 more days (at least) to add to the pile! Consequences? … Urgent trip to B&Q required, to buy more robust cutting tools for the ‘great unboxing’ that lies ahead! NeutronJack
  14. Hi @BackyardBullion and @ChrisSIlver Could I please reserve my existing serial numbers for 2019? FYR: I own the following 100g Silver Forum Bars from 2018: 48, 56, 70, 103, and 106 (5 in total). So, that’s 3 for 2019 (48, 56, 70). In addition, I’m happy to vacate the other 2 spots on the waiting list (103 and 106) to give others a chance to buy. Thanks in advance. NeutronJack
  15. I was initially intrigued by the triangular shape of this new ‘coin’ series, but somewhat underwhelmed by the design; especially, the one on the reverse of this first release. Reading LPM’s explanation of this hasn’t really helped to convince me of its merits! It reads as follows … “The exquisite design of the reverse conveys two scenes to communicate the journey of the Batavia. With the image of the ship viewed upright, the Batavia is shown setting sail in its full glory.” OK so far, but then this … “Upside Down” “Flipping the coin to view the text of ‘1629’ and ‘Batavia’ upright depicts the ship in its final state capsized shortly after wrecking in 1629.” Yes, really! In other words, the more ‘adventurously-minded’ among us can get all interactive and simulate the actual sinking of the ship … simply by holding the coin upside down in our hands! Worth the premium alone, surely! Cue; a lone tumbleweed being blown by the wind across a bleak and desolate wasteland! NeutronJack