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  1. Kritika

    Indian Sovereigns

    @QStack I'm not sure what to do with mine, its so perfect I just know it would get a MS70 at NGS, but that would mean taking it out of its mint packaging which I would hate as there are hardly any of these 2018 I about in their complete packaging with the COA's. Most of the ones you see around only come in the mint card's on its own. If mine had come in just a card I would have graded it in a shot, but now I really don't know if that's the best thing to do, or leave it as it is in my safe deposit box for the next 10 yrs. (or until the Hatton Garden Mob Mk2 break in and nick it ). As to 2018 being the last year, I really don't know, only the Royal Mint would be able to tell you that and I suspect they will not be splashing that news around in a hurry. Good luck in India and remember only buy from one of the few official PAMP Retail Outlets in this link, https://www.mmtcpamp.com/products-services/where-to-buy# I would not risk it with the rest. One interesting thing is, if you do end up in the PAMP Outlet I went to, there is a girl working there who has the most amazing eye sight I have ever come across, she can spot minute flaws on the Sovs (even inside the packaging) with her naked eye in about 2 seconds, which took me ages to see with my x10 mag loop
  2. Kritika

    Indian Sovereigns

    They are absolutely stunning for a bullion coin, more Proof Like than real bullion. I’ve bought mine from this official PAMP outlet, it’s in bit of a grubby area and its not a very inspiring shop when you walk in, but that just about sums up most of the Delhi jewlery shops anyway.. But on the posative side, being one of only 4 official PAMP factory outlets in Delhi they do have the genuin 2018 I Sovs in stock complete with boxes and COA certs. The best thing is they had about 60 in stock when I was in there in November, and I spent over an hour looking at every single one with a Loop to pick out the absolute best one I could get, which was no easy feat as they are in capsules, which in turn are sealed in the presentation cards with an additional clear protective film over the card for further protection. 😊 (take your own loop). But one word of warning, they don’t take foreign credit or debit cards in case they get scammed, so you will need to pay with a friends Indian credit card if you can arrange that, or you need to pay cash in Indian Rupees around £275 per Sov. But I’d rather do that and get to pic the coin myself than risk getting a fake one from Dubai Airport which seems to have been happening to people posting on Trip Advisor. MMTC-PAMP Retail Outlet Shop No. 2635, 1st Floor, Nirman Bhawan, Bank Street, Karol Bagh Delhi/NCR Pincode:110005 India Phone: +91 9582682912, +91 11 45402226 E-Mail:pvc.karolbagh@mmtcpamp.com Here is my one so you can see what you get.
  3. Kritika

    Brexit status ...

    Bercow just paid a very heavy price for that brand of democracy. May just blocked his Peerage due to his disgraceful bias behaviour over the last few weeks. I wonder if he still thinks his meddling was worth it? 😊
  4. Kritika

    Brexit status ...

    Just heard a good one. “When people vote in a Referendum it’s exactly the same rules as when people vote in a General Election” Whats happening in Parliament at the moment is like people voting in a general election, the Labour wining by a small majority and forming a government. But very next day the Tories, Lib Dem’s & SNP get together and decide they don’t like the result of the general election and decide under the speakers guidance that MP’s from opposition parties will now rule the country from the back benches instead of the winning party that the UK population voted for. Welcome to the future of British democracy
  5. Kritika

    Brexit status ...

    MP’s contracted the referenda decision out to the people. At that point each MP became a normal voter and had one single vote just like everyone else in the UK. We decided to leave and instructed MP to make it so, which means they do not now have the right to break our contract by going against our instruction. Any MP that does not now want to deliver on that decision and is winging on for another vote, is clearly admitting in public that they have failed to do their job, and as we all know In the private sector if you fail at your job you must go. So the message to those MP’s like Dominic Grieve who are pushing for a second referendum is this: If that’s what you want, then you need to immediately resign as an MP as you are freely admitting to us the public that you have failed at you job. Simple solution now being worked on by some MP’s in Parliament that actually want to respect the will of the people, is to take the Backstop out and replace it with as separate international treaty between the UK and Ireland, saying that neither side will under any circumstances ever put up a border. The EU will hate this, as it will force them to show the world their true colours when they won’t let Ireland sign it - because it will take away their backstop trap.
  6. Kritika

    Recommendations for S&S ISA

    @vand You are right, some (but not all) of those fees are staggering.😳 But I realy can’t find any proof in the performance of those very funds to give me any doubt about their future performance. And yes - I know past performance has got absolutely zero bearing on what any fund will do in the future, but the funds I’ve selected have put in between 95%- 135% growth ovrt the last 5 years, (hence the high fees) and they have achieved that despite the negative market turn down over the last year. I hear what you say regards to the Vangsrd Trackers, would you class this fund as one of those? VANGUARD LIFESTRATEGY 80% EQUITY ACCUMULATION - 0.77% pa
  7. Kritika

    Recommendations for S&S ISA

    Just finished my research and about to load up on the following when the Brexit Sh*&% hits the fan in the coming months. LINDSELL TRAIN GLOBAL EQUITY CLASS D – INCOME - 1.04% pa LEGAL & GENERAL US INDEX CLASS C - ACCUMULATION - 0.50% pa BAILLIE GIFFORD GLOBAL DISCOVERY CLASS B – ACCUMULATION - 1.23% pa SCOTTISH MORTGAGE INVESTMENT TRUST (SMT) ORDINARY SHARES - 1.44% pa Average Cost – 1.05% PA Here are few other contenders if any of the above prove not up to par, but the first two of them are a bit weighty on running costs and have some crossover especially in big name US Tech. STEWART INVESTORS ASIA PACIFIC LEADERS CLASS B – ACCUMULATION - 1.53% pa POLAR CAPITAL GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY CLASS I - INCOME - 2.27% pa VANGUARD LIFESTRATEGY 80% EQUITY ACCUMULATION - 0.77% pa. I’ve tried to avoid crossovers where I can, but it’s always good to get a second opinion on these things, so if anyone sees a glaring mistake please let me know.
  8. Kritika

    Indian Sovereigns

    They are realy stunning quality for what’s supposed to be a simple bullion coin, do you know where numi sourced so meny in one go? Or if he will be getting any more?
  9. Kritika

    Indian Sovereigns

    Regarding Gold Sov's from Dubai Airport, my sister lives in Dubai and there are a lot of local rumour's that coins sold at the Dubai Airport are fakes, so I suggest everyone takes care when purchasing from there. See article here https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g295424-r125543764-Dubai_Emirate_of_Dubai.html You have to ask yourself, where are the boxes and COA’s that come with every coin minted by PAMP India?
  10. Kritika

    Indian Sovereigns

    These 2013 - 2018 Indian Sovs, seem to only go for a above bullion value when they come complete with their origional box and a COA certificate. Without the box and COA it’s probably a good idea to get them grade, especially due to the reports of fakes coming out of Dubai Airport Duty Free. Here is a full post showing my 2018 Complet with a Box and a COA, I bought on a recent trip to India.
  11. Kritika

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    That seems awfully cheap, as its only just above today Spot? Strange for a dealer to be that low, I suspect its all in the "Pre Order prices may fluctuate small print", i.e. when it comes time to deliver you will end up paying a lot more
  12. Kritika

    Sovereign Errors, Overdates and Varieties

    Yes getting confused myself 😊 To avoid confusion, here is my one again and the 1/2 from Marsh plate 142A on p19 kindly posted by shortstcks68 My coin is a full sov, and I must say it looks realy close, but if the sixpence die was only ever used on 1/2 Sovs then that can’t be the error can it? Or did they also mistakenly use a sixpence die for full Sovs as well?
  13. Kritika

    Sovereign Errors, Overdates and Varieties

    wasent the sixpence die only used on 1/2 Sovs, where’s this is a full Sov?
  14. Kritika

    Sovereign Errors, Overdates and Varieties

    Its hard to tell I would ideally need to see a clearer image of a sixpence overstrikes to compare it properly. My main concern is, will detract from the value of the coin, i.e.. is it just worth its billion weight etc.