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  1. I've worked as a Director in export for 25yr. If anyone believes the project fear Bull that a No Deal is bad for the UK needs to wake up and smell the roses. Honestly guys, just step back and think about it logically.......... we already deal with the US, China, India and the rest or the world on WTO rules with no issues at all. So why is it we are so Shi*& scared of doing the same with the EU? Everone needs to wake up to the truth, the UK exports to Europe have been declining by 6% year on year over the last 5 years, despite us have no trade barriers. Yet the US who work on WTO rules have been increasing sales to Europe for the last 5 years. No Deal, = more UK exports .........Bring it on
  2. Kritika

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    Thanks @NeutronJack You are completely correct the Souk's are strictly controlled, and I would not hesitate to buy from there if I had the chance. But is seems the Duty free is out of bounds the authorities, so if there is some scam going on with them its because they know there is little chance of anyone ever getting back inside duty free to make a complaint and they feel protected by their sheer inaccessibility. On another note, perhaps the reason they had no stock in Duty fee is their counterfeiters have not perfected the Brown Packaging yet Ha Ha
  3. Kritika

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    Regarding Gold Sov's from Dubai Airport, my sister lives in Dubai and there are a lot of local rumour's that coins sold at the Dubai Airport are fakes, so I suggest everyone takes care when purchasing from there. See article here https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g295424-r125543764-Dubai_Emirate_of_Dubai.html Just out of interest I will be in India myself soon, so does anyone think its worth buying these scarcer 2018's at a £280 premium?
  4. Kritika

    2018 India Gold Sovereign

    They are going for RP 26,296 (+/- £278.29) In Delhi at the moment. This is mainly because of the current high Gold price and the sales tax you pay on Gold in India. From the sound of it these 2018’s are very rare, so does anyone think its worth getting a few at £280?
  5. Kritika

    Today I Received.....

    Today I received these two lovely "Chocolate Mintage" coins as part of a Sunday lunch group order. Sadly they were not suitable for long term stacking, so weren't in my collection very long
  6. Kritika

    RUM Coin- first Gold Coin enclosed with the oldest RUM

    Do you know the size and weighty? It loos quite similar to a Sovereign
  7. Kritika

    wanted 2005 Bullion Sovereigns - Wanted

    Bump 😁
  8. Kritika

    for sale Silver for Sale

    Last Bump for this weekend
  9. Kritika

    completed 2oz Queens Beast's - First 5

    Ha Ha, still some brilliant coins on my Silver For Sale, post, the Equilibrium Proof likes are absolutely stunning and cheap.
  10. Kritika

    for sale Silver for Sale

  11. Kritika

    completed 2oz Queens Beast's - First 5

    Sorry guys sold in first 3im.
  12. For Sale: SOLD 2oz Silver Queen’s Beast - Lion 2oz Silver Queen’s Beast - Dragon 2oz Silver Queen’s Beast - Griffin 2oz Silver Queen’s Beast - Unicorn 2oz Silver Queen’s Beast - Bull All 5 for - £175 + postage They all come in genuine Air-Tite X39D Capsules imported from the US specially made for the 2oz Queen’s Beasts. You also get an additional 7 Air-Tite X38D Capsules to house the rest of the series along with the special Air-Tite Tube that fits x 10 capsule’s inside once you’ve completed the set. Sorry I won’t split. Its a good deal as they work out at £35 each + postage and you get the special capsules and tube for free. Buyer pays postage of own choice/risk Bank Trans or PayPal F&F Or I will swap for a good condition Bullion Sov + £50 Cash balance from my side + postage.
  13. Kritika

    for sale Silver for Sale

    These are what's left 2018 Equilibrium 1oz (These are the PU Prooflike ones) Two available £24 2017 Barbados 1oz Silver Caribbean Trident (BU) First in series of four £17 2018 Barbados 1oz Silver Caribbean Seahorse (BU) Second in series of four £16 2018 St Helena 1oz Trade Dollar $ (BU) £17 All coins in factory sealed packaging or in capsules – PayPal F&F Buyer pays postage at own risk.
  14. Kritika


    Welcome to the Silver Forum
  15. Kritika

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    Does not inspire a lot of confidence in ordering from them does it?