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  1. Do you still have one available please?
  2. My parcels arrived! Lots of wonderful shiny stuff! Perfect all round! Many thanks to you (and Mrs. BYB) for all your efforts in putting together and completing this group order - much appreciated by all I'm sure! Oh P.S - Love my BYB hand-poured bar!!
  3. Excellent! Great work BYB! Stunning to see so much silver in one place!😲
  4. Equally - taking a break to 'bash one off' before the acid test helps to keep the hands steady ..... or so I've been told?? 😖
  5. Blimey - been thinking about how to dispose of the missus - seems playing 'World of Tanks' is the way to go!! 😊
  6. Phil100

    Today I Received.....

    The Postman cometh! For my collection only - long shot in terms of investment value - but I love the designs! Sumi coins - 1oz rounds
  7. I strongly suspect you're wrong on that one!! 😂
  8. Phil100

    Royal Mint Year of Pig 2019

    Obverse - Reverse......who cares, only depends which side your standing! But the coin shouldn't exist!!
  9. Phil100

    Royal Mint Year of Pig 2019

    Think it's brilliant - as it will save me a fair bit of money - coz there's not a cat in hells chance I will be buying that!! Amateurish bordering on hideous! RM should ashamed - and I cant imagine Queenie is too chuffed with having her face slapped on reverse of that?
  10. Many thanks to BYB and Mrs. BYB for taking on this mammoth task! Much appreciated by all I'm sure! Looking forward to the video (and receiving my booty!)
  11. I also had my Transferwise account deactivated when trying to make payment to GS.be. It appears that their (GS) account name is Electrum - which spookily enough is also the name of a major Cryptocurrency broker - so it's possible there is some confusion/misunderstanding as to which company as major efforts to bar money transfers to Crypto exchanges etc?
  12. Phil100

    Hi All - am new to Forum......

    Many thanks! Looking forward to learning more! Added 0 minutes later... Many thanks! Looking forward to learning more!
  13. Hi - been collecting couple of years now - particularly keen on modern rounds, semi-numis (buy/sell) and stacking bullion (in the hope it might, just might increase in value!!). Looking forward to chatting with some of you, building good contacts and knowledge! Best, Phil