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  1. Also check who you bought off on Amazon, I sell the Beasts on Amazon with 100% feedback from the UK. Id be a little concerned if from China So just do your research Not seen a fake Beast yet but doesn't mean there isnt any.
  2. Hi I have more on the way so yes no problems 😁 It's fresh stock so will have a price increase with spot. I'll still be cheaper than anywhere else landed though.pm me I'll sort prices thanks
  3. One of my suppliers has asked me to sell these. I am as a favour making the effort So If anyone has this on their radar and have some spare inheritance or a recent pools win , this may be for you https://www.powercoin.it/en/art-mint/3935-medusa-diamonds-3-oz-silver-coin-3000-francs-cameroon-2019.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwyqTqBRAyEiwA8K_4Owf9BdQfNy-nedUKOhEucnYX4gyf9HbsCpQlcw5roF8BjDU9mg-fIhoCRtEQAvD_BwE Retails £460-£600 From me tonight £425 Posted. UK I dont need full payment for 2-4 weeks but will need at least £50 deposit tonight. Please let me know thanks.
  4. Hi all Ive noted down everyone, Im struggling to find capsules however a really strange size same as the HERAEUS 10oz bar. Anyone knows where these are available Id appreciate a poke 89.08mm X 44.75mm X 8.52mm Ive emailed Heraeus so working on it
  5. https://www.providentmetals.com/10-oz-silver-aztec-calendar-bar.html Due in September £165 this should be in a capsule if I get them in time should be ok. Choice postage on top. Please let me know. I'm told there's a 2oz coming as well which I have requested. Thanks.
  6. Hi pleased to offer this set by Chautauqua Silver Works. It's brand new stock So 8 X glorious full proofs. Toxic series only 200 produced. Same etched COA on the set. I have had 2 sets since doing this game so don't appear very often. Imported direct from the Artist. Price reflects quality rarity and import fees. £320 posted insured UK. Bank Transfer please. Would consider a gold at spot trade with a trusted member. Ask for further afield postage but would be at buyers risk I would wrap bomb proof and send tracking however. Thanks
  7. Ok I need some space to buy more stock. So up for grabs some very competatilvly priced .999 silver. All genuine all tested. Bars 1oz Bars Vintage and well aged pure bullion grade. Tested. £15 an Oz take 20+ £14.90 an Oz. 45 available Intaglio. Have a large amount so trimming down. All high relief high end 2oz rounds. £36 per 2oz in capsules where possible. Buy the lot 16oz at £34.50 per round That's pretty much cost as imported. Scottsdale £16 an Oz Buy all 10 £15.50 per Oz. I would rather sell in bulk so these offers will get priority if low interest I'll offer the singles but these are priced to sell. Please add postage of your choice. Bank Transfer preferred on orders £100 plus. Will send abroad at buyers risk but will wrap well and send proof postage and tracking. Thanks all. Want them gone so will only consider a hold short term with deposit thanks. Think I've covered everything. No low ball offers please I have a fairly good understanding of the market and get a touch snappy with low offers 😂
  8. Hi I have just ordered some more so expected 3/4 weeks. I can note your details and secure you one just bear in mind the silver hike has hit them fairly hard so last calculation approx £7 more than 2/3 months ago. still be cheapest in UK though approx £85-£88 and the 1oz also ordered £19 Let me know thanks
  9. About 5-10 left on my site available to order thanks @kneehow2018 https://www.preciousgoldandsilver.co.uk/product-page/the-allegories-2019-columbia-germania-2019-1-oz-999-9-ag
  10. Free postage is UK only but the site is set up to send to most of the world with tracked postage at cost to me. Thanks.
  11. www.preciousgoldandsilver.co.uk/product-page/scottsdale Now with Free postage ;)