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  1. I have more ordered so Ive added you to my list Thanks Ill be in touch.
  2. HI Ok I will put the 1oz Silver and Copper aside for you , so I dont sell them On the list
  3. Hi no problem just the 5oz Im out of but on order. Ill PM you the details for your 3 x 1oz
  4. Hi yes I can confirm YPS Hammer is short for Yeagers Poured Silver a master pourer in the US where I took my inspiration from And its also now sold. Thank You.
  5. Here we have a lovely selection. All priced to sell Silver Scottsdale 2 x 100G Cast Bars £54 Each Scottsdale 1 x 5oz Cast Bar £78 Umicore 1 x 250g Cast Bar £119 SOLD Gold 1 x Perth Mint 10g £340 (tested) Platinum Pamp 25 x 1 Gram Whole sheet £655 I may split if so £27.25 per Gram. YPS Hammer 1oz Sealed £25 SOLD I have tested all the items and are 100% Guaranteed. I also have access to Gold receipt which was £350 well before recent Gold spike. The Pamp Platinum is Brand New. I always advise insured postage but will post how you'd like, signed for will be at your risk however I wrap well and always send tracking within 24 hours of cleared funds. Thanks Postage prices on requests Bank Transfer preferred please. Thanks all.
  6. Aztec 5oz gone I have more on order if anyone wants one reserving let me know Thanks.
  7. Ok just let me know when your ready and Ill let you know if still in stock. Thanks
  8. Hi all If you haven't got any of these they are lovely. Its bullion but a bit special. Especially the 5oz. Available is 4 x 5oz WITH capsule. £79 each 10 x 1oz With Capsule £16.75 1oz Copper in flip £2.75 1-2 oz Signed post £2.50 5 oz Above signed £3.50 Buy all 3 with Insured postage £100 Bank Transfer preferred over £50 however paypal is an option. Thanks Also have 1 x 5 oz. Fiji Terracotta Army coin £86 Please add postage of your choice.
  9. New Shiny Offer. https://www.preciousgoldandsilver.co.uk/silver-bars-1oz-1 Buy 11 1oz Silver Bars Including JM ENGELHARD and many more. Get 1 free. Enter code freesilver at checkout and the site will give you a FREE 1oz bar. Thanks. Lee
  10. Thank you , appreciated Just updated stocks on the website as well. Thanks again Added 0 minutes later... pmd
  11. Hi have one for you . Please PM me your preferred postage etc. Thanks. Added 0 minutes later... Hi have one for you . Please PM me your preferred postage etc. Thanks.