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  1. Hi have 3 spare so yours Krugs Ill pm you now Thanks
  2. Have some surplus Bullion for sale. Perth Mint Bear Bull £21.50 2020 Krugerrand £17.70 SOLD 2019 Niue Christmas Mickey £21.50 2020 Panda £20.75 RAM Spinner Dolphin £21 Only limited numbers available. Ill update when counted. Proof and extra pics on request. Post on top please Buyers choice. Bank transfer or Paypal friends . Will be posted within 24 hours of money clearing Thank You
  3. 5oz Aztecs NOT 2nd £12.50 £13.25 in a capsule. As metals on the rise a great cheap way to bulk up your stack. copper 2nd These are stamped as seconds - why would you go to that effort anyway Mostly from Silver Shield some Aztecs 1oz £1.75 per oz £32 per tube (20) 2oz £2.50 per 2oz round Take 5 for £12 5oz £8 per 5oz round Take 5 for £36 No Caps included but have a few so let me know if you need any and Ill price. Most of this through new business so will need bank transfer or paypal but will have to be Goods Service so will add 3.6% to your total. Postage on top will quote on request. Thanks all
  4. Thank you @Tomcbol a lovely gift to open at Christmas Thank You
  5. newest issue from "The Allegories" series from Germania Mint. The second coin from the series under the name "Columbia and Germania" 1oz £22 If you bought the 2oz or 5oz I have also been allocated these so please give me a message . I have only been given 2 days to order so quick as you can please. they are expected in Jan/Feb. Paypal friends Bank transfer or transferwise accepted. Postage will be on top and calculated on amount required and where they are going. If I get the numbers I will be able to offer a little cheaper. But the 2 day window doesn't help at Christmas tbh. Again to note if you bought the first I will guarantee you this release. Thanks all and please have a look at my new site silverstacking.co.uk columbia_germania_1oz_bu_2019.mp4
  6. I have had nearly £800 worth of Paypal unauthorized charge-backs . Im in fairly good spirits as Paypal has reversed all 16 off them. Another silver company has spoken to him and claims the bank are responsible not his doing. Also now had an email to say was an issue with his bank and they put all his outgoings on a chargeback as precaution. Maybe someone here will know if thats standard. Anyway it may save an honest seller some £££ so check your paypal.
  7. I have some of these on order. If youd like one I will do for £66 plus postage so would be UK £69 . Paypal friends or Bank Transfer Stock is ordered and paid for. Please let me know if you would like one I have very limited numbers. They wont be landing this year though. Specifications: Made from .9999 fine silver with a weight of 1 troy oz Denomination of $2 Reverse Proof Finish with iridescent hologram accents Produced by PAMP Suisse Limited Mintage of 3,000 Arrives in a special black PAMP box along with the Certificate of Authenticity Obverse: Showcases effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II encircled by various inscriptions. The weight, purity, and unique serial number also appear on the obverse as well. Reverse: Features an iconic design of a UFO.
  8. Very welcome pal https://www.silverstacking.co.uk/product-page/lydian-mint-5oz-silver-bar-in-omp still a couple left
  9. As in title. Brand New stock. Opened to take pictures out of caps also to show the whole coin. Much cheaper than RRP Price includes insured uk postage. Bank transfer please . Let me know if youd like any more pictures. Thanks for looking.
  10. Thank you. took me a while that TYVM
  11. In hand ready to go. Brand new stock. 1 available possibly 2/3 waiting on pre-orders. £70 Posted UK Bank Transfer or Paypal friends please. https://agaunews.com/more-dignified-than-the-combover-eagle/
  12. The Aztec 10oz is a real pain in the backside and no direct fit capsules unless any appeared in last 2/3 weeks. I retro fitted the Air-Tite 10 oz capsule same as Britannia with a small thin layer of foam each side they looked quite good Ive not got a picture but sold a few on here someone may show you
  13. Some nice bits here . All Brand New Stock. Rhodium Bullets 1 oz Silver Bullet - .45 Caliber ACP (Gold & Rhodium Gilded) £35 plus post 3 Available Plus post of choice 2 oz Silver Bullet - .308 Caliber (Gold & Rhodium Gilded) £65 plus post 3 Available Plus Post of choice Queens Beast Falcon 10oz £175 plus post of your choice. 4 Available MS69 2016 Wedge Tailed Eagle with COA £33 Posted UK 8 Available 3 gram Korean gold Cowboy bar Nice These. £132 plus choice of postage 2 Available. Bank transfer or PayPal friends only please. Can post next day or same day on occasions. Will post further afield at buyers choice postage and risk however will be wrapped very well as always. Will also combine postage where applicable. Thanks all