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  1. SilverStan

    completed Queens Beasts Full Tubes Lions.

    ok np Added 0 minutes later... Yes I got for a good price so Im passing it on.
  2. Hi I have available 5 x full sealed tubes of Lions. So 10 x 2oz. These are selling upto ,£60 per coin. Tube price £450 Good chance they will keep rising as only half way through the set. I have opened 1 to check. The one i opened actually has NO milkspots. I cant guarantee the condition as they are Mint Sealed. However my one was perfect. Price is posted Uk Special. Thanks all.
  3. SilverStan

    Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier

    I can get these the last one was approx £625 Pm me if youd like one. I love mine
  4. SilverStan

    for sale Nazi Bride 2oz proof

    Ill take it please.
  5. SilverStan

    for sale Direct Fit Perth Mint Dragon Bar 1oz Capsules.

    It must of fell out Thank you
  6. SilverStan

    Today I Received.....

    now thats a good day your very welcome
  7. Singles £20.50 in Genuine Air Tite capsule. 3 plus Ill reduce. Stock in hand. PPFF or Transfer please. Buyers choice of postage. Thanks All.
  8. Hi all Its CIT time loving the Trapped and Anchor. No prices yet but please expect HIGH, and on occasions they will be found cheaper at a later date. The more popular ones this is not the case as with anything demand driven. Ill get prices asap but please let me know any intrest and Ill work on it. Trapped £77 2oz Anchor £135 0.5 gram Pig Gold £39 Gobi Bear £86 Prehistoric Beasts £240 Crstal Skull £88 Tiffant 2oz £153 Mannanan 3oz £255 Please let me know asap. Also please note I add very little to the costs of these as I pay full VAT on them. I do it as I respect the quality and happy to add this to my other silver capers. Small Deposit will secure let me know any intrest please. Expected from April onwards CIT-WMF2019Mail.pdf
  9. SilverStan

    for sale Direct Fit Perth Mint Dragon Bar 1oz Capsules.

    Thanks for the though
  10. I have secured a boatload of these. There not easy to find and expensive when you do. They are PREMIUM quality and DIRECT FIT. So on offer as follows. 75p each 1-10 65p each 10-25 60p each 25+ Postage on top at buyers choice. Thanks all.
  11. SilverStan


    No worries
  12. 11 AVailable £17.25 each. Buy the lot £16.75 each. Buyers choice of postage. Thanks all.
  13. SilverStan


    Im still trying to work this forum out been here years lol But above seller Mr Scottsdale is trusted I have had many dealings
  14. £147 each Tested Plus your choice of postage. Thanks Ppff or transfer please. Sold pending.
  15. SilverStan

    Today I Received.....

    my best work this year the next one will have the Beefeaters at my door