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  1. SilverStan

    Huge Lump Practice Bar 753 Grams .999

    You say the sweetest things 😂
  2. This is just a bar for the hard core stackers It was a practise piece and has various stamps marks on it. I will remelt into something prettier if no one wants it. Priced to sell at £355. Posted Insured UK.
  3. Well it's been a while so thought I'd dust off the pouring slippers I have made available 2 poured 10oz Bars. They have been handpoured hand polished and waxed so ready for a new home. They are stamped .999 Fine Silverstan. And the weight stamped on the side. £150 each bar please. Add your postage of choice. £4.50 Small Parcel £7.50 Insured. Take them both for £305 posted Insured UK. Payments accepted PayPal or Bank Transfer. I will post anywhere at buyers cost. Sorry it's been so long hope to be showing my face a little more [emoji16]
  4. SilverStan

    Just reported this character

    I think from memory I reported him to police as well filled out an online fraud form never heard anything.
  5. SilverStan

    Just reported this character

    I reported this guy to trading standard 2 years ago I have a box full of played coins he sent me thinking I would send silver in a trade. Can't believe he's still at it.
  6. Hi all I am able to offer the full range at discounted prices. Exactly the same stock as you would receive via The Royal Mint however cheaper. So I can offer. Proof silver 1oz at £78 rrp £85 Proof Silver 6 coin £200 rrp £215 Gold 1/4 £450 rrp £480 Gold proof set £3100 rrp £3300 posted Signed For First Class UK. Gold will be sent insured UK. Please let me know if you would like any of the above. I will need deposits on the Gold coins. Thank you all .
  7. SilverStan

    Khnum, the Latest in the Egyptian Gods Series...

    It looks great I shall be gold plating one
  8. SilverStan

    Khnum, the Latest in the Egyptian Gods Series...

    Thanks so much for that Just a gentle reminder to anyone buying one I expect them to be available in Late July but probably more likely to be August.
  9. I pour under my pouring name Silverstan and create new pieces and coin releases using Silverstan Creations. My first coin is Expected in summer 2018. I also sell Bullion and hard to find silver products from around the world. I am also an autherised buyer of wholesale Royal Mint stock sold to the European Market .
  10. SilverStan

    completed Apmex Brick 1 Kilo

    Sold Thank You
  11. SilverStan

    completed Apmex Brick 1 Kilo

    Yeah Id like a row of them It is very nice I get asked for kilos all the time and here it is
  12. SilverStan

    completed Apmex Brick 1 Kilo

    Lovely Kilo this very Brick shaped a proper lump of silver. Tested and ready for a new safe. £470 posted insured UK Will send any more pictures on request. Thanks
  13. SilverStan

    Today I made.....

    On my phone at day job so can't link. The attachments are green just search dremmel rubber on eBay. When the borax is gone get a polishing kit for your dremmel also. Have a play round and mirror finish in no time. 😀
  14. SilverStan

    Today I made.....

    Dremmel and rubber m8 works wonders.
  15. SilverStan

    Today I made.....

    Dusted of my pouring gloves and gave my creative side a kick. Here's we have hand poured Skull .999 fine Antiqued.