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  1. do you have a specific preference for silver coins?
  2. I have seen the floating around ebay but I just don't trust ebay for something like this. I have full faith in everyone on this site and in this particular community.
  3. Trader Feedback 0 0 0 Total Rating 0% Member 16 40 posts Report post Posted August 21, 2018 Hello! I am looking for a 1/2, 1/4 and 1/10th oz Buffalo coin. If you have one and are considering moving it please let me know. If you know where I’d find one i’ll take that info also. Thanks everyone
  4. How many ASE's are you looking for? Specific dates in mind?
  5. Someone gave me advice that I took and it really helped. Go to your local coin shop (or the one closest to you ) and spend a little bit of time in there asking about what they sell for over spot, what they buy back, what they won't buy back etc. See how they are and go from there. Unless you go wild online selling your silver in the future unloading a large amount at once will surely happen at your LCS so its good to know ahead of time a reasonable estimate of what they will do. For example my LCS will buy back almost anything except large bars so I stay away from them because who would I sell it to you know? All things being equal and to answer your question, I'd ask what they buy and sell Maples & Eagles for. If one is a better deal then go with that one but that's just my input. Happy stacking!
  6. Im learning more and more about the relationship between the online dealers and PCGS / NGC. They should at very least have to disclose the coin was previously sent in for grading. At least we know upfront. That said I still think its a winner coin and am probably going to get one. It will be the first major coin I purchase in gold and the first submission I send for grading. No idea what to expect.
  7. How long ago did you send it in? Right now the 1/2 is selling for $808.45USD. Hope it doesn't go up much more.
  8. I am going to order a 1/2 oz from apmex later tonight. Odds are it won't grade out as a 70 from PCGS but I've read NGC is a little more liberal with its grading. Would it be worth sending to NGC over PCGS to try and get that 70 grading?
  9. Just saw (late to the game I assume) the first ever 1/2 oz reverse proof gold libertad has a mintage of 1k. Was thinking of picking one up as an investment opportunity. That mintage is fairly low. Anyone have thoughts about this coin? Currently selling from 800USD +.
  10. I don't have much gold but I don't believe paying increased premiums is worth it for fractional gold. I'd rather put the money aside and buy 1oz at a time. My personal ratio of Gold to Silver is roughly 100-1 but I'd like to get it to about 50-1.
  11. The collapse of a currency is inevitable as history has shown but I'm more interested in what people would think after the collapse. If I wanted to give someone a tube of ASE's that say "United States of America" on it would most people accept it or would they not see the value of the metal and only see an "old" currency and thus the value plummets?
  12. I have been collecting silver and gold for a few years now and I would never put down a single person who wants to grow their wealth with metals. I am curious, for those on the forum who stack for a SHTF situation: If we suffer a massive economic collapse (like in Venezuela) how do you think your silver's value will be effected by peoples feelings on the government? Do you believe that people's views on the government will effect how they view and value government backed money like silver eagles, junk silver etc?