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  1. gji25


    a good time to buy then
  2. i would like 5x scottsdale 1oz bars please
  3. gji25

    Initial stack

    depends on you stratagety . are you stacking to flip or stacking for collection
  4. it was actually the european union who invented vat
  5. ive also used coininvest for silver and the invoice has come from silver to go. not had any problems with them and delivery is very quick
  6. personally i dont use capsules, i just use coin envelopes as they take up less space
  7. seeing that it is the first coin/round that they have ever produced I think it is worth a punt
  8. I think the specs are between 31.1 min and 31.8 max for 1 oz silver coins
  9. gji25

    mad 4 silver

    I did actually put a order in on monday and received it 2 days later. very happy with the purchase and a good price
  10. what you don't tell them, the less thay shall know
  11. gji25

    mad 4 silver

    @junksbond did you decorate the whole room with that paper, and if so where did you aquire it lol
  12. no change there then after 4 years its £11.50
  13. I would personally avoid buying silver or gold from goldsilver.be as there reputation is like the plaque. avoid @ all costs
  14. gji25

    mad 4 silver

    ive also seen he/she advertise on ebay. might give them a punt later as the prices seem to be very good
  15. gji25

    mad 4 silver

    hi all, anyone ordered from this uk dealer ? mad 4 silver