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  1. Reduced to spot price for next 24 hours
  2. Remember once it’s gone it’s gone 😂 @jonrms
  3. Hi all got a 2003 1/2 gold sovereign £160 delivered with special delivery paypal only and please remember that good and services you need to add 4% extra uk only or postage will change Sorry about picture lighting is rubbish
  4. Evening all i got mostly 50% silver coins I need to get these shifted as I’ve made another purchase I would like to sell as one lot i would recommend special delivery because of the weight not 100% on the correct price for these so based on current price I would like £0.23 ish per gram 371 grams total £85.33 is spot if this is to high or low someone let me know id be looking at £ 90 delivered with special delivery so silver is is under spot
  5. @CoinStruck Yes but the coin changes at the moment it’s the Sherlock 50p
  6. No unfortunately can’t get anything cheaper but was a good hour or two With everything would recommend it to anyone