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  1. Thanks all I had a bar from @SilverStan
  2. Looking for a 5oz bar or coin may get a 10oz if price is right don’t care what it is looking to pay £90 ish (hopefully less 🤔) let me know what available
  3. hi all under £15 per ounce silver sold a bullion may contain milk spots or tarnishing will sell all 8 oz for £123 but this will include special delivery payment through paypal only friend and family or add 4% for goods and services thanks Steve
  4. Today this little beauty arrived. Baby groot im amazed by how good it looks in hand the photos don’t do it justice thanks @StackerQueen also pick it up for a great price
  5. price drop to £105 delivered
  6. It’s a silver shark think that’s says enough
  7. Ok I’ll take one if u can spare pm me please
  8. Where will I be able to get one of these ? And any idea of price
  9. 1 x opm round £15 1 x 2017 noah ark £15 ( poor condition ) 1 x 2018 philharmoniker £15 (poor condition ) Check out my sale post it you want more
  10. @DarthGareth I have a few cheap silver coins Added 0 minutes later... Pm send