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  1. Brilliant mate, well done again.
  2. Links for both won't allow me to sign up and register to buy any coins. 0 We are unable to process this request. Either some of the details provided are not valid or this lead group is not accepting submissions through this method.
  3. Coins arrived, look amazing, and well packaged again. Many thanks.
  4. UPS held hostage my charity delivery of 2 pallet from beginning of March, as they put the wrong code into customs and paid £22k VAT. Demanding we reimbuse them for their mistake. After 3 weeks we finally took delivery and I won't bore you, however most of the boxes are split, thousands of beads mixed up into the wrong boxes. Loads are broken, and it went from beautifully strapped and pallated when they took delivery from the USA to a pile of poop dropped at our storage centre without notifying us they were coming. Oh and they charged me £250 processing fee. I'm calming down before I write the nasty complaint, as I don't like swearing in letters.
  5. Wonder if you'd consider doing a melt and pour service for those of us who have been hoarding 9ct gold. Goodness knows how much I've got in rings and jewellery. However bars of 9ct gold sound quite attractive compared to 100 odd rings.
  6. LOL. I think my order might have been more than his guess.
  7. My order arrived beautifully packed, without sounding sexist way and as a male parent, way above my skill level of wrapping. Well done mrs BYB. Thanks again for doing this order, look forward to the next group order.
  8. Some amazing stories on here about children with cancer. I wasn't going to out myself as I like to keep my private life private. However. I'm really pleased you have chosen CWCUK as their charity and the one I helped found are working in partnership this year. My son Ted was diagnosed with cancer aged 6 months story below. We then started a charity to support all children with cancer through the Beads of Courage. Last year we were approached by CWCUK and as from this year January we are now working in partnership to support all the newly diagnosed children with cancer. https://www.childrenwithcancer.org.uk/childhood-cancer-info/beads-of-courage/ One other thing, out of all the charities that have wanted to work with my charity, this is the only one that the trustees and I felt was a perfect match. I had the pleasure of meeting Eddie O'Gorman at his house last year. After speaking to him about his journey it was evident that CWCUK would be the best fit. Both our Ethos are aligned. So thank you for choosing this amazing charity, and good luck with your run. I'm going to pm you a message too. regards Bully
  9. I was so tempted to get a 1 kilo coin this time around. Though, it's not too late. :p Let me sleep on it.
  10. It was the same a christmas for brussel sprouts. Dirty loose peel your own £2.40 per KG or about 10 peeled and washed in a tiny bag for £1.99 which worked out about £14 per kg. Plus you are taking home more needless plastic.
  11. Only a couple more weeks and BYB will be opening the flood gates. Just in time for christmas and pre brexit kerfuffle.
  12. I felt like I missed the order, then I remembered I got my beast in the first delivery after the first weekend. Will definitely keep a look out for the next one.
  13. Well Mr postman has delivered my order. Wow, just wow. thank you.