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  1. You are only Silver Forum member who has given the correct answer to the question. The silver Kangaroo is a bullion coin and the silver Kookaburras and Koalas are encapsulated semi-numismatic coins with limited mintages.
  2. RogerBelmar

    Loupe recommendation

    I bought mine from Chards. It has proved very useful indeed. It has a magnification of 10X21MM. I don’t know the make. I watched countless YouTube videos on how to properly use a jeweler’s loupe. I was shocked by how many people weren’t using them correctly on antique shows on TV.
  3. RogerBelmar

    How many Pandas/Kookaburras fit an air-tite tube?

    You failed to give the alternative answer to the question which is 20 Pandas or Kookaburras/Koalas fit the model “H” air-tite tube in H-40 air-tite capsules.
  4. RogerBelmar

    How many Pandas/Kookaburras fit an air-tite tube?

    The H-40 air-tite capsules also fit Pandas. I agree with you that it’s more convenient to stack 20 Pandas or Kookaburras /Koalas in an air-tite tube. Most collectors, however, won’t buy those coins without their original capsules.
  5. RogerBelmar

    Original Perth Mint Capsules

    Now I’m puzzled where the Perth Bullion Company and the Perth Mint get their original capsules from. The empty coin capsule in the photo is an original Perth Mint capsule which once encapsulated a Perth Mint Star Trek coin I sold to Hatton Garden Metals who were kind enough to return the capsule. The capsule encapsulating the Kookaburra is 1 of the 10 I bought from the Perth Bullion Company which is exactly the same as the Perth Mint capsule. I made the mistake of stacking my silver Kookaburras and Koalas in Perth Mint tubes like silver Kangaroos and discarding the original capsules. Do you have any photos of the capsules you ordered from Silber-Corner? In what way do the capsules differ from the originals? Someone on Reddit claimed Perth Mint’s capsules are supplied by Silber-Corner and they advertise them as originals. I took a risk with the Perth Bullion Company after googling. Due to their thicker cases only 17 Perth Mint capsules fit model “H” air-tite tubes compared to 20 air-tite capsules and 15 convex Panda capsules.
  6. RogerBelmar

    Fractional gold Euro coins

    Yes, you are absolutely right. I forgot to mention the Euro gold coin in question is a limited edition proof coin selling for 485,00€ (£431.37).
  7. RogerBelmar

    Original Perth Mint Capsules

    Yes, the private company selling original Perth Mint capsules is called the Perth Bullion Company (website: http://www.perthbullion.com/) but is not affiliated to the official Perth Mint Bullion or Perth Mint which don’t sell the capsules. The Perth Mint itself gets the original capsules from its German supplier (website: http://www.silber-corner.de/de/Silber/Original-Perth-Mint-Kapseln) but I think they only sell wholesale. The private company I bought the 10 original Perth Mint capsules from probably bought them wholesale from the same German supplier because they are brand new capsules wrapped in plastic.
  8. The model “H” air-tite tube holds 20 coins in air-tite capsules up to 47 mm in diameter. Due to their convex capsules only 15 silver Pandas fit which is the same amount as the Panda tray. Only 17 silver Kookaburras/Koalas fit due to their thick capsules.
  9. RogerBelmar

    Original Perth Mint Capsules

    I managed to purchase 10 original Perth Mint capsules for my silver Kookaburra and Koala coins from a company called Perth Bullion. The company is a private company and not affiliated to the actual Perth Mint Bullion or Perth Mint who do not sell capsules. I took a risk by ordering the capsules from them and was pleasantly surprised the capsules were originals and not Chinese clone capsules or thinner American air-tites. My fears were unjustified. The original Perth Mint capsules are supplied by a German company who only sell wholesale.
  10. Is it worth my while adding Euro fractionals such as the 2018 Le Bal du Moulin de la Galette 1/4 oz 50€ gold coin to my fractional gold stack or is it best that I stick to recognisable 1/4 oz gold coins such as British Sovereigns and American Eagles? The mintage for this Euro gold coin from the Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint) is 500 which is probably why it’s not as recognisable as the other fractionals.
  11. RogerBelmar

    What are your 10 favourite fractional gold coins?

    Beautiful choices! I love fractionals featuring animals.
  12. RogerBelmar

    What are your 10 favourite fractional gold coins?

    Great choice! I’ve got the the current 2018 Sovereign but I’m also interested in purchasing the 1914 and 1918 King George V Sovereigns. The year dates, of course, mark the beginning and end of the First World War. Love historical coins!
  13. RogerBelmar

    2 Euro commemorative proofs

    I’ve been wondering the same thing myself. The gold and silver coins, for example, on offer from the Monnaie de Paris are absolutely fantastic but I don’t see much interest in them on the forum and YouTube. I don’t know if it’s because they are very limited mintage coins. The 1/4oz gold coins have a mintage as low as 500.
  14. RogerBelmar

    Today I Received.....

    Yes, I’m aware of the trade in fake air-tites. I order all mine from OnFireGuy to be on the safe side. I live in London like yourself. The shipping costs are extortionate but the coins don’t rattle around in air-tites as they do in lighthouse capsules.
  15. RogerBelmar

    Anyone know who or where the Air-Tites company is?

    There are various YouTube videos about how to open air-tites with a sharp instrument but I always use my fingernail to avoid damaging the capsules. It does take some practice. I live in the UK and the screw top capsules are readily available here and in Europe. I have to order my air-tites from the US because the dealers over here sell only lighthouse and screw top capsules. I’ve purcased 1/4oz Queen’s Beasts and Britannias from the Royal Mint Bullion and they all come in screw top capsules. However, I prefer to encapsulate my 1/4oz gold coins in direct fit air-tites.