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  1. I appreciate this but I’ve emailed Chards about the issue.
  2. I’ve also received exceptional customer service from Chards and posted a positive review. That’s why I’m very angry that a customer has chosen to post a bad review to Chards using my name unless there’s another customer named after me which Chards can find out in due course.
  3. I was having a live chat with the TrustSpot company whether it’s possible for a disgruntled customer to post their reviews using someone else’s name and they seem very evasive about the issue like it is a real problem.
  4. You ask a very good ask question and there’s a way for Chards to find out if my suspicions are true or not. They can check on their computer if they have another customer called Roger B. If they don’t and I’ve clearly not ordered four sovereigns then that customer is falsely using my name to slander Chards.
  5. You need to check the “TrustSpot” reviews on Chards’ website under Customer Reviews. Chards also uses TrustSpot.
  6. The review is posted under the “TrustSpot” review system which Chards also uses. Check Chards’ website and click the Customer Reviews.
  7. Someone has maliciously posted a fake negative review to Chards dated 28 December 2018 under my name claiming that “I recently ordered four sovereigns, for Christmas presents” which I clearly did not. That will become obvious to Chards when they check my order history. The way that the TrustSpot review system works is that the customer who has recently bought a product from the company is emailed with the opportunity to review the company. Someone, perhaps a customer, has posted a negative review to Chards but under my name rather than theirs. Their intention is to slander a perfectly reputable company.
  8. Unfortunately, some malicious individual or customer has posted a fake negative review on TrustSpot in my name. The review dated 28 December 2018 falsely claims under the name of Roger B that “I recently bought four sovereigns, for Christmas presents” which is not the case. I’ve experienced nothing but exceptional service from Chards. It’s a very serious and fraudulent matter when someone posts a fake review to a reputable bullion dealer in order to slander their reputation.
  9. I think this is a brilliant stacking strategy! I’ll start off my 1oz gold bullion stack with the Queen’s Beast Lion of England. Thanks very much for your advice.
  10. I’ve been regularly using these 10 Commandments created by Daniel Fisher of Physical Gold when stacking gold and silver. Do you think it’s a sound strategy for me to use? Here’s a link to his 10 Commandments: https://www.physicalgold.com/insights/selling-gold-coins/
  11. Truly incredible! I’ve been honestly thinking of buying these silver statues for some time. They are genuine investment silver items and solid all the way through. Sadly, many of the overpriced gold equivalents you see on the market are made of hollowed out brushed gold and worthless. I was scammed down Chinatown when I bought what I thought was an expensive solid gold Lucky Buddha. Turned out to be cheap hollowed out brushed gold.
  12. The best UK bullion dealers in my opinion are those that have won the Bullion Dealer Of The Year 2018. They are Chards, BullionByPost, Bleyer, Atkinsons and GoldCore. I can personally vouch for all of them. I sell to Hatton Garden Metals for best prices. There are many dealers outside this list I have bought from but the five mentioned are my main dealers. The coins which are proving the most popular at the moment are the Queen’s Beasts. I also stack other popular coins such as gold Britannias, Krugerrands, Eagles, Pandas, Philharmonics, Somalian Elephants and Sovereigns. My silver stack consists of Kooks, Koalas, Kangaroos and Pandas. Any investment advice is best left to a trained investment advisor because of the potential for investments to go up or down due to a complex set of factors.
  13. Hi, welcome! You’ll love the Silver Forum. Loads of colourful characters and interesting posts.