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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    1oz Silver Coins and soon 1oz Gold Coins!

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  1. Thank you! I've had a few people mentioned these to me as a potential better investment, a few people I know solely buy Sovereigns. Time to do some more reading and research lol!
  2. Thank you for the great advise! In terms of liquidating I have found that a lot of my watch clients also invest in Silver & Gold, it could be something I sell through my site alongside the watches when/if the time ever came to sell. Will definitely take a look at becoming a premium member, the prices you mentioned sound very appealing lol. I've had a few people mention the Sovereigns to me, will take a look into those and decide whether to move my efforts over to them.
  3. Perfect, just read through everything and it sounds perfect! Will take a look and get my order over to you, obviously I'll be patient in waiting for a reply - James
  4. Hi! Thank you very much. Love Edinburgh! Been a few times for work... I say it every time but the more north you go the nicer people become lol. - James
  5. What are the chances? Watching your video right now! Thank you for your reply. That is definitely one thing I noticed when purchasing Silver, the premiums are horrendous. Now my question to that point you make is will that not be something that will equal itself out over time? If I was to trade up to Gold using Silver and have paid that premium in doing so, with the growth that Gold should make in the 20/30 years before I sell it? Now I understand it would make a LOT more sense to go straight into buying gold, but my funds won't stretch that far right now and I am know how terrible I am at saving, so for me to invest what I have when I have it into Silver is far better right now. Would you therefore recommend I just stick to Silver and when my financial situation can support buying gold straight out without trading in the Silver I should then do so? Thank you in advance! - James
  6. Good Afternoon All! My name is James and I am from the UK, just outside of London (Moving into London in the next few months!) - I am a Watch Dealer and have been dealing for over a year now and work in the Jewellery & Watch Industry as my day time job. So I am quite used to the collecting mindset, assessing value of items and watching how the market plays and reacts to things. But my reason for starting with Silver is completely different to my buying and selling of watches and even my collecting of watches. For the past 2 years I've been doing my best to create some long term investments and have failed miserably, for short term investments and playing the speculation game I am already doing that with the watches. But for long term there aren't many watches I would want sitting in the safe for 20+ years so I can take out and sell, many factors for that beyond just value, service the watch in that time period and many other factors come to mind. So I've tried multiple different things, like just letting money sit in an account which is the worst for multiple factors, plus if the cash is there I like to spend it lol. So I started doing some research about 2 weeks ago and came across Silver & Gold Bullion, it made immediate sense to me and I found myself looking at how the market has changed for both and also Palladium and Platinum etc... Being in the Jewellery industry I already was aware of the value in precious metals and also knew about Bullion, but never looked into it as a form of investment for myself. So about a week of reading and watching videos went by and I decided I would begin very small! I am not rich, heck I'm 20 and investing the majority of my money back into stock for my business so I am left with very little at the end of each month. So for me starting with Silver made the most sense and buying coins, when I read they are free from Capital Gains TAX I was immediately going to stick to coins lol. I purchased only 2 coins to begin with from Gold.co.uk, a 1oz 2018 Silver Britannia and a 1oz 2018 Silver Maple, I plan on buying 5 Silver Coins in one go next and I am currently looking all around on where is the best place to do so and how to get the best value, hence why I have made this account and plan to search these forums! (If you love talking Silver and would like to save me some time by either pointing me in the right direction or would like to talk me through it please do so!) My plan is to invest in Silver 1oz Coins until I have enough to sell them all and replace them with a 1oz Gold Coin, from what I can see Gold is definitely king and for the LONG term makes the most sense. Would love to know what you think of this plan? Thank you all very much for your time and reading! Look forward to meeting some of you and I have no doubt I'll probably meet some of you in London at some point during this long journey of buying Silver & Gold! Kind Regards, James