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  1. knighthawk

    Silver to Go (or where best to buy)

    GS.be is a mixed bag. I've never had any problems with them but the amount of people that said they have is hard to ignore. Personally I would recommend the forum group orders for buying from GS.be over doing it directly.
  2. knighthawk

    Silver to Go (or where best to buy)

    You need to select a delivery method first and add it to the order.
  3. knighthawk

    Silver to Go (or where best to buy)

    Theres a coupon code for 50% off shipping: TSFBYB50 It's @BackyardBullion's code.
  4. knighthawk

    Silver to Go (or where best to buy)

    You pay whatever the German VAT is and that's it in regards to VAT. I don't think they send them capped, you will probably have to buy those yourself. I think they charge in Euros but you can use a wire service to pay in £ with minimum commission. Much cheaper than letting the bank do it.
  5. knighthawk

    F35 Lightning £2 Gold

    I'd get a few of these if they did them in silver bullion. Collectables and proofs aren't worth the money to me.
  6. Biggest I have is an ounce. Don't have the space for anything bigger than 2 oz.
  7. knighthawk

    Queens beast too popular?

    I think I'll wait til the group order. The delivery charge they have is too high for a few coins. Thanks for the link though.
  8. knighthawk

    Queens beast too popular?

    Thanks for the link. I knew the proofs were out, I meant the bullion ones. I love the design on it, hopefully there's enough left by the time the next group order is ready to go haha.
  9. knighthawk

    Queens beast too popular?

    I had no idea the Falcon was even out yet.
  10. knighthawk

    2oz QB Capsules

    I was only thinking about getting around 10 of them. 60/30 is too many I wouldn't have enough QBs by the time the series is done for that many of them. Thanks for the offer though.
  11. knighthawk

    2oz QB Capsules

    Hey guys, Looking at getting some more QBs but I don't want to pay £1.50 per capsule. I can get the 39mm 1oz and 41mm 1oz Lighthouse capsules in boxes for a few quid but can't seem to find any 39mm 2oz cap boxes anywhere. Is there anywhere that sells them in boxes? Thanks.
  12. knighthawk

    Pawnshop prices

    Yeah, it's not worth the hassle for one coin. Their loss.
  13. knighthawk

    Pawnshop prices

    It's common for them to be overpriced in pawnshops, it gives them more leverage to drop from if you try to haggle the price. Never seen them that overpriced though. That's way too high. If you see something you are really interested in though I would just keep checking back with them, let them see that you are interested but not at it's current price. They might make you an offer.
  14. knighthawk

    When should i buy silver ?

    The right time to buy silver is when you want to and you can afford to. (The "and" is important.) If the price feels right then go for it. If you don't have any silver yet and this is you getting into it then once you have your first order or so in hand you will start to get a feel for the value of what you are buying and that will help you in the future to determine if the price is right.