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  1. This is what I was thinking, but I'm not sure if I want to get a 2019 one or one from a meaningful year.
  2. Is there anything interesting on European Mint worth having a look at? Noticed they are doing copper rounds, they're always fun.
  3. Am I understanding the process right? Add items I want to basket Give the group order coupon code Select vaulting Pay European Mint Send you the invoice Send you shipping costs and contribute to the curry fund EM sends the stuff at the end of the month. Receive shiny things
  4. Haven t bought Gold at all yet, no idea what coin to pick lol
  5. It'll cost them time to bin it lol
  6. Nice piece. Is it based on a particular dragon? How did you make the mould?
  7. Starting to think getting a PO box might be a good shout haha
  8. @StackerNoob theres an opening in the group order unboxing video market you could capitalise on. 😉 Hehe
  9. just soaked my keyboard with my drink after reading that haha
  10. Thanks for sharing this with us, it shows you have integrity as a seller and really care about the products that you make and sell. Also really interesting to learn more about casting metals, which is something I would like to try myself in the future.
  11. Same, That's also how I found out I hate really smokey whisky haha. It's gonna take me forever to work through this Talisker Storm.