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  1. blackbird

    Queens beast too popular?

    i just love a 2oz coins but i have noticed in the last few weeks prices are coming down for the beasts,
  2. blackbird

    Insurance for my stack

    M&S Bank most things covered without to many questions,i have had the misfortune to make a claim but i will recommend them .
  3. blackbird

    Hello from NE England

    Just a quick hello and a little bit about myself I am a small time collector of silver coins i maybe buy 1 a month started with maples then Changed to eagles then changed to britannias now just started to collect 2oz coins, Funny how your tastes change. I don't mind handling my coins because i don't intend selling them and a coin in the hand feels a lot better than it does in the capsule, I now want to educate myself a little bit more on silver coins and know this forum is a good place to learn. cheers