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  1. hao xiao, hao xiao 😀 Have a nice weekend all, (sixgun that is so funny)
  2. RichRock, the GBP/USD is up over 200 pips from its lows yesterday and surprise surprise your very quiet, how many pips do you think the long 1.2500 is now netting? You can have 5 guesses if you want, if you wish to invest its 2 & 20 and yes I am qualified in the relevant jurisdiction my friend! And I am more handsome than Crispy who is taking the other side of our trades.😀
  3. No as you post insulting very immature nonsense!
  4. An 84% increase in margin requirements was fun!😀
  5. 3m/10y now inverted (warning contains Jim Cramer) 🤣 https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-22/10y-yield-collapses-curve-crash-sparks-imminent-recession-warning With only 311 days left to push the Dow Industrials to 40k, they better get their foot down.
  6. Maybe it will reach a level where your definition of plummet is achieved, care to enlighten us? As I have previously stated, my target for this leg down is low $13.
  7. I see a price chart and investor sentiment and they both say price is going down to me, Silver is both money and a commodity in my opinion, I own physical Gold and Silver.
  8. I did not see you posting that at $14.98 when it was down 8%, do not fear you will get another chance real soon! 😀
  9. If I enjoyed flaming people on the forum I would not of advised hedging downside risk last June and this February to help them out, if you post an opposite view of course I will disagree as I do not want to see anyone lose money by following you.
  10. You referenced making investment decisions using the EMA's, not me! 😀
  11. Indicators are lagging information signals on price to encourage retail investors to gamble and lose money in the markets, that is why there is so many of them with fancy names, professional traders only use them in contrarian fashion if at all, they use order flow which the public has not got access to and money management like successful blackjack card counters, its actually rather dull when its broken down into nuts and bolts, its not exciting at all unless you increase risk substantially like Nick did who was mentioned recently in the thread.
  12. If Gold and Silver take out the highs of 20/02 all bets are off and I was wrong, until then I will short every rally.
  13. I was short VOD 350 at the height of the TMT euphoria with a price target of 40, I was accused of being crazy, it only fell to 80, it did not reach my target, but it still destroyed many holders and the thread went deadly silent and died of death, I was just trying to warn investors that the chart looked a disaster in the making, no one listened sadly, they believed the hype that VOD would earn £100 a month from each subscriber with the new smart phones.
  14. Check the thread date! You recently had an 8% sell off in Silver, your about to get another one. 😀