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  1. The COT update has indeed confirmed a reversal in speculative futures positioning at the same level as the November Silver lows, expected target for this rally $17, Silver shorts just experienced a can of whoop ass being opened on them, another will be opened next week! 😀
  2. The next update should add weight to Silver being in bottoming territory right here with the next rally exceeding the February Highs. 😀
  3. The lows are in as of yesterday, buy them when their crying! 😀
  4. Removing downside hedges on Gold and Silver, looks like a bottom is forming here, buying more of both. 😀
  5. If Elliot wave worked there would not be a market! 😀
  6. Lets hope this does not happen!
  7. Unsubstantiated allegations for all to see, you need to get your facts correct otherwise you will be like Mr Bush! 😀
  8. Maybe your a comedian? 😀
  9. That was inviting them, they did not appear, so try again!
  10. I said the Silver price was going to plummet and it did and its still not gone back up, its recently gone even lower, so why should the thread be killed, is it maybe because it was correct and you do not like this fact?
  11. You said I was on ignore did you not? 😀
  12. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-11/julian-assange-arrested-london
  13. Picture speaks a thousand words, long more Bitcoin $5166 target $6200.😀
  14. Wonger

    Brexit lol

    Picture speaks a thousand words, long more Bitcoin $5166 target $6200.😀