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  1. I'm only interested in making money out of the idea. Art doesn't interest me. Is the profiteering just a case of arbitrage? So buy a piece from an artist when released and then once all 100 prints are sold out, sell it on eBay ?
  2. The only reason it might matter is because UK coins are CGT free when selling. But otherwise you're right, silver is silver.
  3. Keep it spread out. Some cash, some in bank, some PMs, some cryptocurrency. That way, if one source of finance isn't usable for some reason, you still have others. This is what you should have in normal times anyway.
  4. It may take a while to see the bottom. Don't forget that the 2008 crisis was actually 2007. 2008 was the lag response to the events triggered during the previous year.
  5. Just continue cost averaging. FOMO buying silver of all things during a pandemic or lockdown is not prudent!
  6. Good take. I don't suppose you know how often EM or gs.be get deliveries? I suppose I could always ask them. But EM have coins on "pre-sale" which I assume means they can source their coins now and then deliver when they arrive. So they still could charge according to current spot levels. Or maybe I'm asking too much of them since they're a business.
  7. Caught napping I was! But I didn't think people panic buy silver. If they do then they need to sort out their priorities! My hunch is that the dealers are holding onto the main coins until things settle down, but that's just my hunch.
  8. It's a good question but a practical approach is to ask how can we benefit? That might sound cold but the crisis is here regardless, it's up to us to make the most of it as if any other time.
  9. EM has their coins all "sold out" (I'm dubious), British dealers have their VAT on top, I'm looking to get a tube of 1oz silver Britannias for a half reasonable price.
  10. No wonder the prices on European Mint are so high when I try converting the Euro sums to GBP. It seems the Brits can't catch a break on PM prices.
  11. Come on fella, this knee-jerk reaction makes it easy for the rest of us to buy cheap silver. Join us instead and let the masses make claims like that!
  12. I was putting off updating and now I have, I can see why I was putting it off! Add to that my 2009 PC with only 2gb Ram is finding it hard to cope with it. So much bloatware and spyware on Windows 10 it looks like it's been infected by malware. I miss the days when an operating system didn't step above it's station. Linux would be okay if it didn't need you to be a computer programmer just to get it working, and it can't take programs like Photoshop, they only work on Windows.
  13. Unfortunately, internet gurus have created a false narrative of PMs being invaluable in a SHTF situation. As others have said, you need food, cooperation with neighbours, shelter etc. PMs are embellished as useful because these content creators need their PMs content to sound interesting. Bartering food and utilities would be far more useful in a financial collapse, most Joe Publics wouldn't even know what to do with a silver round.
  14. You could choose either and whoever is slightly short changed with the leftovers is owed a metaphorical beer.
  15. Out of interest, do you flip it anywhere other than eBay? I'm thinking to sell these somewhere like a local offline market to bypass the eBay competition of others listing the same thing and racing to the bottom on price.
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