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  1. bluemoon

    Good for UK

    I would have liked to have seen Donald Trump method of suing the EU like he told May to do. He seems to have a knack for making EU leaders flap, which May dosn't have the metal for.
  2. bluemoon

    Good for UK

    She was very strong with them to begin with. It was since the general election mess that weakened her position and her conduct towards the EU.
  3. Now you mention it, I must say that the first thing that impressed my was how well it was packaged (not pulling your leg). The box was pristine, the tape was wrapped with a neatness that showed me that there was careful attention involved. Then when I opened the box, I saw all these styrofoam widgets everywhere just inviting me to dive my hands right in, which I duly did like a kid at Christmas. Upon diving in I came across some bubble wrap, which was the "ahah" moment. I picked that out then unfurled it to reveal my secret treasure! Lovely experience. Oh, and there was the invoice neatly folded at the bottom of the box too. It all felt very luxurious. So thank you Mrs. BYB for making the experience all the more pleasurable. I searched the emojis and there isn't a 'tip my hat' one on the list, but let me tip my hat to you anyway :tips hat:
  4. Received with thanks. An excellent first experience with these group orders. Thank you to you and Mrs BYB for all your efforts.
  5. bluemoon

    Brexit 4 gold coin challenge

    Surely if the govs needed money and confiscation of wealth happened, it would be done the Cyprus way of just raiding people's bank accounts. Much easier (and much more money) than looking for the relatively few gold stackers in the country. Confiscating physical gold would be a very complicated effort.
  6. bluemoon

    Is it just me, or.....

    I used to frequent another forum during the 2011 spike (still do), and the difference between how busy it was then compared to now is like night and day. The herd have moved onto their next golden ring (bitcoin?). That said, I find that the quality of knowledge of members on this forum is very high, so I would think that lower prices would have the opposite effect of creating more chatter, kind of like how the latest group order got a little crazy. Maybe people are just back to work and the daily grind?
  7. bluemoon

    Today I made.....

    Some beautiful creations here. I'm someone who will only ever buy the most boring face-value silver and that won't ever change, but these creations are lovely. Great work all of you.
  8. Yah harr, so much treasurre!
  9. bluemoon

    Recognising a top member

    Very nice to read. Sterling work from the pair of you.
  10. I've edited the OP to clarify the question a bit.
  11. bluemoon

    anyone just buy gold?

    That is a very good point. I'm seeing roughly 18% premium on silver on even the best dealers I can find like GS.be. An 18% premium on gold today makes a gold buy at £1082!
  12. bluemoon

    Why do you buy silver?

    My interest in silver started in 2010 when like OP I too thought SHTF was coming from watching a few too many YouTube videos (the internet is the new TV for rotting your brain, choose what you watch and read carefully). Nowadays it's for financial security. So all three of pension, hedge against fiat, and hopefully make a few bob while I'm at it. What I never got into is the hobby aspect. I never buy numismatics or anything higher priced than necessary. I get the cheapest, most boring silver I can get my hands on. Eagles Vs Phils? Give me Phils anyday. Current year Vs random years? What do you think! Your silver bar getting a bit dirty? Great, I'll buy it off you!
  13. Things seem to be taking a turn for the worse these days. Sure, everyone has heard of the GBP decline surrounding Brexit. Speaking as someone who doesn't give a flying monkeys about the act of Brexit itself either way, I see the possibility that a post Brexit UK could go balls up, or maybe the EU itself is sinks even with the UK still connected. Either way, the GBP is weakening. But it's not just Brexit, whatever your politics, the UK is an increasingly socialist country and that along with the divided atmosphere in the UK these days, might just lead to the conclusion of other failed socialist economies. Apart from all that, we're doing great! But what do you think of the possibility of hyperinflation in the UK? EDIT: I'm seeing some comments about Brexit. While I did mention Brexit prominently, it wasn't to say that Brexit itself could be a cause of hyperinflation, but a mismanagement of it might be one of the ways the UK could hit it. Other causes could be any or a combination of: An EU collapse with our deal still closely tied to it. The increasing move towards socialism in the UK in recent decades (and as mentioned by others, a Corbyn government looking very possible) Our level of debt
  14. Since we're holding for the long term, a few weeks wait is nothing. I echo the comments on your sterling effort on this order BYB, I'm sure all of us appreciate it. I too am having mine delivered to work but since I work both days, it's not a problem which day you post out on.