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  1. bluemoon

    Brexit status ...

    I would love to have seen Donald Trump lead the Brexit negotiations. He advised May to sue the EU, so I guess that's what he would have done himself! Great show that would have been!
  2. bluemoon

    Brexit status ...

    Yay progress. David Davis and others are currently meeting with US officials to discuss a free trade agreement. https://spectator.us/david-davis-owen-paterson-washington/
  3. bluemoon

    Not so 'swift'?

    Banks are increasingly authoritarian when you go through them to spend your own money. Everyone is a potential money launderer to them and so treat you like one.
  4. bluemoon

    Brexit status ...

    It should have been simple. Not easy sure, but simple. June 2016, result comes in. Cameron triggers Article 50 that morning. Businesses are told they have two years to prepare for trading on WTO terms with their European counterparts. Some businesses fail, other businesses thrive, other businesses fill their place, other businesses adapt and get on with it. Ireland and NI don't build a border in the full knowledge that the EU can't make them. UK waters are controlled exclusively by the UK. UK courts are exclusively run in the UK judiciary. Once the EU realise that they actually do want to sell us their BMWs after all, they call us and ask for a free trade deal between one independent state (UK) and the other (EU). Once they realise they do want to work with us on legal matters like extraditions, etc, they can call us and again ask for an arrangement between two independent states. It's all been such a pig's ear. We shouldn't even still be talking about Brexit by now, Brexit was so 2016!
  5. bluemoon

    GBP Plunges.

    I got a bit scolded by someone here for saying the GBP is in decline, being told that GBP is rising (it was for a few weeks), but a few weeks rally does not make a rise. Whatever our opinion on Brexit, it is being mismanaged and it's not going healthily. Plus Brexit going tits up isn't GBP's only problem. Here is GBP/USD since 2014: The spike in the middle was the Brexit result day. The overall trend was going down anyway. And here is GBP/USD since 2007: Looks like things are pointing downwards to me. Where I do disagree with the OP is that GBP is plunging on today's news. Today's decline (last bar) isn't anything spectacular:
  6. Agreed. It might not have came off but I was being sarcastic. This is a great time to buy silver.
  7. Swap your silver for gold everybody, gold is going to the moon! /s
  8. bluemoon

    Brexit status ...

    If parliament rejects this deal, wouldn't we de facto leave under no deal anyway?
  9. bluemoon

    Do snowmen exist?

    I did notice that children's BBC shows are very preachy. The indoctrination of the next generation of drones is fully underway. "Cavepeople" is the term they also used on their show Let's Play. On one hand, I can see that it makes more sense to call these conceptual beings as "people". But it's just so preachy!
  10. bluemoon

    Lets talk watches!

    I'm a lover of old style and Victorian clocks and pocket watches. I'm also a movie buff and currently have my eye on this one:
  11. bluemoon

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    I tried reading the whole thread but gave up at page 5. My thoughts about the lost damages in cancelling are scribbly. If they cancelled an order and the price of the silver changed, they neither lose nor gain, because GS.BE still hold the silver. So why the £390? But terribly rude response in the emails, it's like buying from teenagers.
  12. bluemoon

    Flipping art, easy money

    I see the listing has ended. Did you sell it or were there no takers for this one?
  13. Living here I feel a sense of socialised affection for the city is in operation, what with all the "❤ London" stickers on people's cars, social media posts saying how "gorgeous" the sunset is on the dingy grey London skyline, and the force feeding of how wonderful the overrated diversity is in the city. I think the place is grey, it's packed with people like sardines, it smells bad, it's crime ridden, it's pretentious, it's priced to the moon, and I don't get really excited about the diversity thing - if the population is rude and impersonal, what do I care about how ethnically diverse those rude and impersonal people are? So what's left? Loads of 'trendy' coffee shops? Meh. I realise things like these are in the eye of the beholder, and perhaps I'm more cut out for a rural life, but am I missing something? Can anyone with a different point of view (maybe with one of those ❤ London stickers) explain why it is great living here today?
  14. bluemoon

    Brexit status ...

    Like most things British, we're making a pig's ear of it.
  15. bluemoon

    Royal Mail stock?

    It's hard to say of course, but somehow they're managing to survive despite the move away from letters. Post boxes used to be collected 3 times a day with people's letters and cards filling them to the brim. Nowadays people send emails and internet memes, and postboxes are collected just once a day and are next to totally empty when collected (I've seen the postman open up the boxes). Add to that, competitors have sprung up which totally undercuts anything Royal Mail can offer from a medium parcel upwards, which has sectioned off large portions of the eBay/Amazon market. But they still manage to keep ticking over somehow. They are still the best option for letters, large letters and small parcels. So the eCommerce boom has been of benefit to them too. Plus their partner, The Post Office, also has extra-curricular services like processing driving licence applications, passport applications, and can operate as a sort of bank. There have been multiple stories about how so many Post Offices are closing everywhere. This seems to have stabilised now, so maybe both Royal Mail and the Post Office have reached the bottom stock market wise. My personal dealings with Royal Mail (I have a business account with them) is that they are utterly incompetent on an operational account level, but their mailing service is very, very reliable. Might be worth a punt if their stock is that low and you can afford to take a hit if it goes bust. There is more upside than downside, it can't really go much lower. It is something of a loved national institution so I don't think they'd ever be allowed to fold.