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  1. bluemoon

    Gillete advert

    It could be a stroke of marketing genius. If all publicity is good publicity, they've now got everyone talking about their brand plus they'll have gained a massive PR boost in the women's razor market. Annoyed men will eventually cool off and go back to using their regular shaving activities soon enough.
  2. bluemoon

    BASHING on the forum

    Unfortunately, political string pullers have gotten people into such a divisive frenzy between the sexes, arguments like that are becoming more and more frequent.
  3. i've never heard of Kinesis but I do know it's not the first gold-backed crypto to have launched. Google "gold-backed crypto" and you'll find others already on the market. The concept sounds decent but it's got a long way to go if it is to ever get accepted by the masses. One could argue that acceptance is more valuable than gold. That's why bitcoin is worth what it's worth. As long as you can't print the stuff and dilute it, one of the advantages of gold-backed cryptos is already offset. This forum is the only place I've ever heard of Kinesis and it sounds like a shameless plug for it. There are nearly 2,000 cryptocurrencies out there and most of them failed, but all of them had beleivers and developers plugging it as the next big thing.
  4. bluemoon

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    What a horror story this has been. Matters of money in customer service should be handled with a standard even cleaner than clean. Imagine HSBC or an insurance company talking like that!
  5. Whenever I read about the ball and chain of having a mortgage, is it even worthwhile buying a house at all these days? It is painted as the holy grail of your life but it all seems like a loan scam to me. The only way I would buy a house is if I could afford to buy it outright. Until then I'd much rather have gold.
  6. bluemoon

    Brexit status ...

    I wonder if Theresa isn't as stupid as she looks, but is actually pulling a blinder in her "Brexit means Brexit" pledge. Since losing her majority in the general election she hasn't been able to push the bills through like she could before. It seems as though she negotiated a deal the EU would love and knew everyone on the UK would hate it, giving the deal zero chance of ever passing parliament, and now she keeps kicking the can down the road as close to 29th March as she can, putting us on the home straight of a de-facto WTO Brexit. I'd laugh if she came out of No.10 on the morning of 30th March and said "Brexit means Brexit and I meant it!", then dropped the mic and strolled back in the door.
  7. bluemoon

    What's your average silver price

    If this question was asked 7 years ago, a lot of glum people would be saying £30 but keeping their fingers crossed it's just a blip and £100/oz is coming soon!
  8. bluemoon


    The lack of privacy these days because of tech like this is concerning.
  9. Bad attitudes don't make for pleasant customers either. I did my DD by ordering a small amount and getting a feel for the procedure and a feel for BYB himself. My questions and concerns were answered and having watched the process from the inside (the order) and outside (other forum members and his YouTube unboxings of the order), I'm better informed about the situation than I would be asking aggressive questions about it. There are no guarantees with private orders, it's basically a bunch of chaps and chapesses down the pub agreeing a group order with a date to meet up again next week to collect your stash. That's why you should test lightly at first. But many of the same safeguards from being swindled by a bullion dealer apply to BYB too, being a publicly viewed private company with a reputation to keep up or lose and subject to the laws of the land regarding fraud. Plus you have PP protection and whatnot. Even buying a single coin for £14 would be a low risk way to get a feel for the orders. You can even give a collection address if you don't want to reveal to him where you live (that's what I did).
  10. bluemoon

    Will silver spot go below £10 before xmas ?

    That's why predicting this stuff is a mug's game. Especially with the GBP and Brexit up in the air at the moment. Maybe I'm just old & stuffy, but it is much more prudent to prepare to react to developments accordingly rather than try predicting the developments. Boring strategies like cost averaging and keeping a spare saving pot for rainy days will let you sleep more soundly. If you want the adrenaline rush of predicting the future with your money on the line, bitcoin is your baby!
  11. I must say the caravan option has peaked my interest. Either that or a rented small cottage in the middle of nowhere like Northumberland or the Scottish Highlands for a similar rate. That's what I've been looking towards recently. I'd just have to be willing to up sticks if the owner wants to turf me out for whatever reason. I'd even be willing to homestead it if it didn't have any power connected. I must admit I do dream of what it must have been like in the old days to simply buy a house with your own wages. That sounds like paradise!
  12. bluemoon

    big brother parking

    Definitely a good idea to make complete nuisances of ourselves with schemes like this. The more of us do it, the less viable it will be for big brother. PayPal emailed me one day asking for my identity documents for their "Anti-Money Laundering" records. I emailed the staff asking for the following documentation for my "anti-corruption records": " Your photo ID, so I know exactly what you look like and keep your face on my computer. A second photo in the form of a selfie while holding up your passport. Make sure your passport number is clearly visible. Two utility bills showing me your home address, so I can know exactly where you live. Your details will be kept on my computer. If you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about." I got a May-bot style reply about how they're required by Anti Money Laundering legislation to bla bla bla. So I deleted my account (which they still keep for 5 years) and am continuing my trend towards a simpler way of life off the grid more and more. Might be worth doing something like this for whatever latest big brother scheme gets rolled out. Facial recognition is being introduced in London and we should all wear masks and balaclavas in protest. It would be good media coverage for the resistance.
  13. bluemoon

    big brother parking

    Are there any people here who don't have a mobile phone? I'm starting to think I'm the only one in Blighty left! I had one 20 years ago when I thought it was cool to have something for friends to make me feel popular with, but it all seems much of a muchness now. I heard from a family member that there were people visiting Auswitz who were just taking photos of the place with their phones instead of actually absorbing the atmosphere of the place first-hand. We're definitely losing something with all this connectivity. Edit: sorry that post ended up off topic. On topic, I find in my experience that if you tell a service like this that you don't have a phone, they'll usually find an alternative way to accommodate you. So even if you do have one, say you don't and force their hand to arrange something else for you. This latest parking development is part of a worrying trend of the state sinking it's claws ever further into your life. Drag your heels and make as much of a nuisance of yourself as you can.
  14. bluemoon

    Brexit status ...

    Despite Brexit becoming a complete mess from all the players pulling in different directions, the softie in me wants to give Teresa May a hug. The poor lass is trying her best!
  15. bluemoon

    Brexit status ...

    If we go to WTO at this 11th hour, it will be a chaotic time for businesses and the remoaners will shout I told you so. The intention for WTO (what detractors pejoratively call "no deal") should have been stated when A50 was triggered, then we'd all have 2 years to prepare the infrastructures and adapt our business strategies accordingly. That said, WTO is still a better Brexit than May's BRINO deal. Here is a good discussion on how the mechanics of a WTO Brexit would work: https://youtu.be/5RkqwEaqMaQ?t=1853