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  1. It seems Farage won't be contesting a seat at the election, which is odd.
  2. Exactly about the bolded. They're whipping up so much division for ratings and so are the internet media too. Even YouTubers have opened up channels talking about this stuff and then have shop links to Brexit T-shirts or links to Patreon pages. This whole Brexit thing has been like Christmas for the media.
  3. If there wasn't an incentive to visit a porn shop before, there is now they're selling Sovereigns 🤣
  4. Stacker. I like to play it safe and boring. 😛
  5. NI doesn't belong to the EU, I'm astonished that the EU make such demands of a country that isn't theirs to demand.
  6. Her speech at the UN looked like a child who got told off too many times for her liking, and was enjoying the opportunity to say an authoritative "how dare you" back to adults from a platform she believes is a moral high ground.
  7. Reading tweets from UK MPs, it seems the Remain MPs are terrified that a deal is about to happen we're about to leave the EU, while Leave MPs are denouncing the prospect as a BRINO deal that isn't a true Brexit. I wouldn't be surprised if this deal gets voted down again in the Commons. Back to Square 1 we go!
  8. Out of interest, what markups do H&B get with those those overpriced coins? Their profit margins can't be that big, can they, unless they have some sort of 'proof coin wholesalers' where they get these coins cheap. I can't figure out their business model!
  9. Looks like a good offer. The next question is, are The Buckingham Collection as spammy as H&B?
  10. What sort of hardship is that? Yes they have to get a visa like everywhere else, I believe it will cost 7euros or about £5.50. This is even less than first world problem.
  11. I've been noticing cameras outside of homes too. It might respect passers by more to have them pointed no further than their drives or rear gardens. As for police, it's a toss up between how safe they actually keep us with all this surveillance Vs what we lose from it. Given that London is one of the most heavily CCTV'd cities in the world and yet have nothing like the lowest crime rates, the cameras clearly don't help all that much. It might be best to rethink their prevention strategies and come up with something else.
  12. Is the fair more for coin collectors, or are their bullion deals to be had? I'm rubbish at haggling but if their are competitive prices on coins like Sovereigns then I might have a look.
  13. Farage got milkshaked today. It's such childish reflection on British politics that it's almost tradition here to do that sort of thing. Milkshake, eggs and what have you. Where is the intellect? If the people who do or like it think it makes the politician look bad or embarrasses them in any way, then those people they have very poor self awareness.
  14. bluemoon

    keep haggling

    Great advice. Did they have any left?
  15. It was 52%/48% with London weighing the Remain vote heavily. Not to say Londoner's votes count less, but it did distort the national view a lot. By region, the split is 270/129 or 68%/32% for Leave. http://www.abcdiamond.com/brexit-results-by-region/