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  1. I've been noticing cameras outside of homes too. It might respect passers by more to have them pointed no further than their drives or rear gardens. As for police, it's a toss up between how safe they actually keep us with all this surveillance Vs what we lose from it. Given that London is one of the most heavily CCTV'd cities in the world and yet have nothing like the lowest crime rates, the cameras clearly don't help all that much. It might be best to rethink their prevention strategies and come up with something else.
  2. Is the fair more for coin collectors, or are their bullion deals to be had? I'm rubbish at haggling but if their are competitive prices on coins like Sovereigns then I might have a look.
  3. Farage got milkshaked today. It's such childish reflection on British politics that it's almost tradition here to do that sort of thing. Milkshake, eggs and what have you. Where is the intellect? If the people who do or like it think it makes the politician look bad or embarrasses them in any way, then those people they have very poor self awareness.
  4. bluemoon

    keep haggling

    Great advice. Did they have any left?
  5. It was 52%/48% with London weighing the Remain vote heavily. Not to say Londoner's votes count less, but it did distort the national view a lot. By region, the split is 270/129 or 68%/32% for Leave. http://www.abcdiamond.com/brexit-results-by-region/
  6. It's almost down to the 2018 lows. Another buying opportunity perhaps? I missed it last time because I was sitting on my thumb being unsure about it's future. I'll have to sit on my thumb some more now and keep wondering what it's future will hold! It doesn't help that the GBP is being nobbled these days too.
  7. I called them to enquire about the offer. The woman swiftly tried upselling to convince me to forget the offer altogether and go for their proof coins instead at double the price. She was really in hard sell mode too about how much better investments they are. If that's a taste of things to come if I buy from them, then I think I'll pass. I don't need a discount that badly. It came off very sleazy.
  8. Trolling is a form of freedom of speech but it is a very unproductive use of it, to the point of disrespecting freedom of speech. I just wish people were more responsible with it. And no, I'm not talking about all the PC nonsense these days. I mean real, sinister, toxic trolling and bullying. We had one such person on here a couple of weeks ago and thankfully they were banned. Yes they arguably should have a legal right to troll, but forum moderators should also retain the right to ban them if their presence and use of their freedom of speech is toxic.
  9. Yep, any plans on QB's being a future premium to cash in later is merely taking a punt. If you stack for financial stability then near spot spot PMs are still the ones.
  10. bluemoon

    2019 Sov's

    I think I'll take a punt with them. Has anyone tried the Postal Order payment option?
  11. bluemoon

    2019 Sov's

    I'm tempted to buy but honestly the mass junk mail is really putting me off. Couldn't you just cite GDPR and tell them you've withdrawn consent for any further communications?
  12. Couldn't those in the London vicinity just buy from them in person? They can't send you letters if they don't know your address. I used to buy from another bullion dealer a couple of years ago in person and did just that. When I filled out their receipt certificate, I wrote a disused business address on it. H&B's front door seems very plush too, might be worth a visit.
  13. Touche everyone on the money is no object part. I was saying that to get a gauge on how you would organise your stack percentages ideally, within reason of course!
  14. I've been stacking for years (mostly silver AKA gold in waiting) but getting the order right for the long term will no doubt have different opinions. This is how I would do it, you may agree or you may not, the purpose of this thread is to bounce opinions and ideas around: 35% Sovereigns - liquid if you want some fiat to hand, treat it a bit like a saver's account 35% 1oz coins or coin sets - still liquid if needed, but stands as a savings stack more akin to an ISA that you leave for years before even thinking of selling them. 30% bullion bars of 100g-1KG+ - These form your untouchable pension pot or property stack that you only liquidate if you need it to buy a house or some other major life investment. If I could start again with hindsight I would try to get a stack looking like that along with more platinum and palladium amongst it. I already have more silver than is optimal, just waiting for the right time to switch them to the higher metals.
  15. Two of the big miners are Newmont Goldcore and Barrick. I don't know if them being big means it's bad because less upside or good because more stability. I'll look into the ones you mentioned @EdNug. I'm researching how to buy shares in mining companies (never bought shares before), and I found a platform called Hargreaves Lansdown which has those miners on their platform. It would be nice if I could just go to my own bank like Barclays and buy shares via them, but I don't think it works that way.