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  1. Gold - high or low price doesn't matter to me whatsoever. Not selling. Buying more instead. It is my protection against hyperinflation and if that does not happen, which would actually be a miracle, then my gold will be for my retirement. Can't rely on the governments to pay me (Germany and UK that is).
  2. Think we are in "bear trap." Meaning people buy on the current dips and then the markets fall to even lower levels. So I'll wait until we reach 2008/2009 levels for Dow, Nasdaq etc. Maybe there will be a BP and HSBC for 1 pound, a Vodafone for 50p and a Royal Dutch B for 5 quid.
  3. I like to buy from dealers, like Chards, that list on their website the premium for each gold coin. Makes it easy to pick the best deals.
  4. Gold Britannias and sovereigns are Capital Gains Tax free - gold bars are not.
  5. https://kingdomecon.wordpress.com/2019/03/20/bis-to-reclassify-gold-as-a-tier-1-asset-on-march-31-2019-what-is-the-implication/
  6. Last year the Bank of International Settlements (boss of all central banks) wrote that gold will be now be treated as a Tier 1 asset. And the central banks have been purchasing physical gold for years like never in history. So.... gold will be a winner in the future! They are the insiders, why would they buy something that will lose in value? Same goes for silver. JP Morgan would not buy physical silver if they knew it wouldn't go up big time!
  7. I've stayed out of the markets as I was aware that a crash was coming, different trigger though this time. In the next few weeks and months I will buy small packages of blue chip stocks (cost average effect) that might not pay dividends in the first 1 or 2 years but these are all stocks I intend to hold for a very long time for dividends. Let's take BP as an example. I'd love to get that one at 2 pounds, price might go up again in a few years to 6 and given a 5% dividend it will be a 15% dividend calculated on my entry. As goes with Royal Dutch, Allianz, HSBC, Exxon, Aviva etc. I will just need to have balls to jump in as stocks are cheapest when no one wants them and everybody is fearful
  8. Thanks to @arshimo2012 for the Britannias and the bar. And the sovereign is my first order from Chards. Cheapest I could find last week.
  9. Michal - give some of those to Keith Neumeyer. He'll be so happy and he will wonder why he was going through all these trouble for years to mine that silver when it can be had so easily instead ;)
  10. Yep, there is no silver shortage in the earth's crust - question is HOW MUCH DOES IT COST to get it out? (after all we do need it for hundreds of industrial uses)
  11. Think we're heading for a deflation and later for an inflation. Pretty sure premiums will come down and in the next coming months we can buy silver for £15 and lower. I could sell my 600 ounces of silver right now making a decent profit on ebay. But as I am still working, no time for that. So I just keep stacking and the lower the prices go the more I buy. Before an oz hits $100 I need to be sitting on 1k ounces
  12. This documentary tells you exactly what the agenda of the global bankster elite is:
  13. My first graded gold coin. Thank you to @Sovereign
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