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  1. Another little add-on to my silver stack. 2 x 2019 Welcome Stranger and 1 x Koala 2009. Thanks to @arshimo2012
  2. A tiny add-on to my stack. 3 silver Baird rounds, Thanks again to @arshimo2012
  3. Thanks to @arshimo2012 7 2012 Britannias added to the stack
  4. It's a late 2019 release and some way or the other I really need to get my hands on one of these American Eagles Enhanced Reverse Proof coins (mintage only 30,000 which is practically nothing for US market): https://catalog.usmint.gov/american-eagle-2019-one-ounce-silver-enhanced-reverse-proof-coin-19XE.html?cgid=silver-coins#pmax=100.00&pmin=50.00&start=1
  5. Two thirds of my silver consists of generic bullion coins, the other of collector coins from the Perth Mint, Pandas and others. That is my strategy for diversification. Just in case the silver price manipulation by JP Morgan and other banks does continue for another few decades, at least my collector coins do go up in value. For example, some collector coins I bought in 2012/2013 have doubled in value so far. I see my silver as an insurance against a shtf scenario and if that does not happen, then it will be for my retirement. Buying just bullion silver, like the Britannia, I consider as "putting all eggs in one basket." I think it will work for me as my silver investment is for the long-term; it might not suit everyone.
  6. I am sitting only on about 500 oz of silver. Can't wait for price to drop to the $13 range Cost average effect: I'd buy a whole lot more!
  7. Personally I like "junk silver" as well. Especially Mercury and Roosevelt Dimes. I am really hoping for a tariff free zone between US and UK - would place a big order at Apmex right away. In the meantime, I keep stacking UK capital gains tax free silver. Who knows - maybe one day JP Morgan will lift all of their paper short contracts and silver might skyrocket. Don't intend to pay any taxes on my profit in that scenario. Sometimes I still pick up some US junk silver on Ebay when it is reasonably priced just for diversity and in the hopes to get some coins with a missing mint mark or double mint mark or other variety that I could send to NGC.
  8. Precious metals are for me an insurance against the possible scenario of a crash/ hyperinflation. So if it does happen I at least do not lose everything. But this is what could happen: I am sitting on 500 ounces at the moment - next target is 1,000. Who knows how long the crisis might last?!
  9. My humble opinion - the FED through interest rates can and does control the economy and booms and recessions. And the next crisis will destroy most people's wealth. I am following the smart money: JP Morgan buys silver, central banks are buying gold like never before. I have an average income but I am living with 40% of my salary, unlike many of my colleagues who waste their salary as soon as they get it; like there is no tomorrow. So I keep stacking both gold and silver and when we do have a crash I am looking to buy blue chip stocks at bargain prices. Let's see what happens. I prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
  10. My Christmas present to myself. 2 x 1/10 oz Britannia and 3 x 1/2 oz silver Perth Mint.
  11. Yes, doesn't get any cheaper than Degiro fees as far as I can see. The next stocks I am looking to buy, but only at bargain prices, are: HSBC Vodafone Shell SSE. All of them have paid out high dividends over the past decade.
  12. In april I opened an account with the broker degiro as they have the lowest fees by far. Bought 300£ of gazprom and mobilne telesystemy stocks. Both gave me around 8% dividend. Now I am waiting for the stock market to take a dive (50% crash will happen sooner or later) and then I will invest around 5k in high dividend uk stocks such as hsbc. For me it is speculation and generating income as well. After the crash, which we do hear about will "inevitably" come - I am investing one time 5k and then keep buying monthly as well. Dividends will be reinvested. That is my strategy, which suits my needs, goals and income. It is not for everyone obviously. You will have to formulate for yourself what you are trying to accomplish and what risks you are willing to take.
  13. That is a good price! Are you also by any chance selling Britannias? I am looking for CGT free silver.
  14. Added another 25 Britannias to my stack. Total count 424 ounces plus 1000+ US junk silver coins. Thanks @arshimo2012