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  1. That is a good price! Are you also by any chance selling Britannias? I am looking for CGT free silver.
  2. Added another 25 Britannias to my stack. Total count 424 ounces plus 1000+ US junk silver coins. Thanks @arshimo2012
  3. Hello, looking to buy 10+? 2 ounces of Queen's Beast Griffin edition. From a seller within the UK. Please send me your offers. Thank you very much.
  4. I'll take it! Please pm bank details.
  5. Central Banks are buying more gold - so I countered with a small purchase 2x 2 ounces Queen's Beast + 1/10 ounce Britannia
  6. Have over 1,000 US junk silver coins. Went through them last weekend. But nothing special in there, no doubled dies, no key dates, no missing mint marks Was time to get some higher quality coins. Got these 4 from Ebay.
  7. Good morning Numi, could you tell me how much it would cost to have a 5 ounce silver proof 2016 graded? The coin will also need conservation. Thank you very much.
  8. 5 ounces Libertad proof and a few pre-1965 US silver coins. The Libertad will go to NGC if Numistacker says A+ on the grade
  9. Wow! May I ask from what dealer you got that beauty?
  10. 106 Silver Mercury and Roosevelt Dimes incl. shipping 95 Pounds. Good deal! 😀
  11. 25 Britannias = 385€ incl 18€ shipping. I included 3 x 10 ounces Queens Beast to lower the cost of shipping per coin.
  12. No they don't. I moved to the UK recently and I still purchase my silver and gold from non-UK dealers. I like goldsilber.be, Heubach Edelmetalle and silber-corner.de. The last two are in Germany. But so far goldsilver.be has the best prices incl. lowest shipping costs.
  13. Just received my second part of the order at GoldSilver.be. One tube of 25 Brittanias 2018. Silver ounces total: around 430. Still ways to go:)
  14. Just received my first order from GoldSilver.be: 3 x 10 ounces Queens Beast.
  15. My very first submissions to NGC! The 3 cent, Thailand and Ionian Island coins are mine. No great results, I had higher hopes, but an Au58 on the Thailand Baht adds a nice premium which covers the cost of grading the 5 coins.