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  1. that is correct, but I'm pretty sure when they are new they do not look like this. any ideas what it could be? missing lamination? I've seen something like this once before but i can't remember where and i can't find anything now.
  2. Just looking for some help identifying these two dimes I picked up from a new roll of 2018 p dimes. Thank you
  3. I’m trying to get an overall census on how everyone who collects graded coins feels about the new 100 point Ron Guth grading system and if you think this will be a viable new grading system or not.
  4. I am patiently awaiting the 2019. maybe even get a bottom on gold around that time and buy a whole bunch. (2) lol
  5. This is the First I'm hearing of this. Thank you very much for the information, extremely useful !!!
  6. looks genuine but i feel more awkward about possibly getting the gold coin for free now. why would one not send the appropriate documents to reclaim there item is still a mystery to me. and I'm sorry if i was off topic a little, thought this might help pertaining to eBay and all.
  7. Black background is obviously the coin I was supposed to get
  8. I interesting enough had just been in a situation where the coin that I had purchased did not fit the description ( another coin ). I had contacted the seller and had told them of the different coin and sent them pictures. They denied the coin being different in any way. I immediately opened a return for the item and sent eBay pictures as well. The seller insisted if I wanted to return the item I had to pay for the shipping. ( I’m in USA seller is in Canada.). I then called EBay when I was told that they will contact the seller and let them know that they are responsible for the return shipping and if they do not supply the return shipping by the date then I would be keeping the coin and will be reimbursed by eBay. So far the seller has not supplied a return label or provided funds in order to do so. In two days I will find out the outcome. Seems by calling eBay and supplying supporting documentation almost always ends positive. Pics included of the coin that I purchased.
  9. and for some reason i thought it was going to be a hound.... silly me
  10. i don't like it either. the others look very strong and mighty. this seems like if fell short of all expectations.
  11. Those horrible red spots !!!!! I fully understand what your saying. Thank you for your feedback