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    Fastnick reacted to swanky in Lidl Coin Cases   
    Here they are on Lidl's website, in their 'Coming up' section -> 'Great Gifts' subsection: https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/p/great-gifts/aluminium-coin-case/p28105
    They say from Sunday 15th.
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    Fastnick reacted to Rat in Lidl Coin Cases   
    Thanks mate - On sale from Sunday 15th December
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    Fastnick reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Lidl Coin Cases   
    These are back this week! 

    Added 0 minutes later... @Pete
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    Fastnick reacted to trp in Does it bother you in the U.K. that the queen is on coins?   
    I wouldn’t personally say it annoys anybody from the U.K. it’s our Monarch, a symbol of our country and we are as use to seeing as the sky is blue!  Can’t speak for the people from the Commonwealth and how they feel about it...
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    Fastnick reacted to AgD in 1st Feb 2020: The Silver Forum Lounge with Numistacker @ London Coin Show   
    I second @5huggy comments  was a great day and nice to meet the faces behind the names depending on work I will see if I can make it again 
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    Fastnick reacted to 5huggy in 1st Feb 2020: The Silver Forum Lounge with Numistacker @ London Coin Show   
    I will promote though!
    The last one was SUPERB - It allowed sales, putting names and faces - and was an awesome day out!
    And promoted the heck out of the "SILVER FORUM"!  
  7. Haha
    Fastnick reacted to Melon in Treasure hunter finds Britain's biggest-ever nugget of 22-carat gold   
    Either that or the newspaper exaggerated. But I can't imagine an established and well respected news outfit like the Daily Mail using exaggeration to drive views 😂
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    Fastnick got a reaction from Agpanda in How to p*ss off the wife   
    I don't even have to go to the trouble of 3D printing anything in order to p**s my wife off.....
    My very existence seems to be sufficient to frequently do the trick 
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    Fastnick reacted to Melon in 1/10oz gold Britannia’s   
    Hi Foster! You're right, genuinely you pay a premium to buy in small quantities. This is because the cost of manufacturing the coin remains the same aside from the raw material, the dealer still needs to make a bigger % margin to make the smaller sale worthwhile, and the cost of postage is also a factor in adding to the premium when buying a single small coin. So yes - it can be more expensive.
    However, I think many people start that way, and there can be advantages too. In real terms you need less capital to get started and try it out, and if you end up selling down the line you have the option to sell small denominations. 
    Aesthetically 1/10 oz Britannia coins are small but attractive - they have a diameter of 16.5mm. It's roughly half the diameter of a full 1 ounce coin, as bear in mind thickness of the coin plays a big role in the weight. 
    There happens to be some really good fractional gold deals popping up this week with very low premiums at Hatton Garden Metals who have a Black Friday sale. It's a well known London dealer, although bear in mind they are selling bullion condition coins. If you're near Hatton Garden you can even pick up in person to avoid postage costs. They tend to get stock in daily as people sell to them, so it's worth keeping an eye on their website to see if any 1/10 oz Britannia's pop up there. They had a couple earlier in the week at 1% over spot price which is really good. A half sovereign contains a similar amount of gold (slightly more) and may also be a good option to consider as there is a few in stock right now at 1% over spot;  
    Another good option is to see if you can buy what you need at a good price off another forum member. There's a sales section on the forum, although priority is given to subscription members. 
    Hope that helps! 
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    Fastnick reacted to Martlet in Sovereign vs 1/4 ounce Britannia.   
    Buy both.  See what you like, 5% difference doesnt really matter much in the long term. 
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    Fastnick reacted to Notafront4adragon in Sovereign vs 1/4 ounce Britannia.   
    I've often found sovereigns to have a much lower premium (more than 5%) over Britannias. 
    In my opinion the Britannia is a nicer coin design however the history of the sovereign and the fact it's a very well recognised coin worldwide means it's probably the better choice.
    One thing to consider is the price dealers will pay you if you want to sell them. Again it would seem sovereigns win.  Hatton garden metals will pay 35.83 per gram on a 1oz pure britannia coin 35.80 for 22kt types and less for a quarter oz brit at 34.88. For a sovereign it's 35.96 per g of pure gold.
    For me the head says sovereigns the heart says Britannia (actually it says queens beasts)
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    Fastnick reacted to trp in Compare Gold Prices (UK) - FREE Website   
    This is a majorly handy site. Love it. 
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    Fastnick reacted to Darr3nG in Compare Gold Prices (UK) - FREE Website   
    Thank you for the suggestion.
    Added, for each of the 'fractional' coins.
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    Fastnick reacted to mr-dead in Glint Gone Into Administration   
    thanks for the heads up, I did have several thousand in there not so long ago, current balance until I read this was £9.25.
    Just went online shopping and spent the remaining balance without issue.
    To reiterate the old saying, if you dont hold it you dont own it!
  15. Haha
    Fastnick reacted to Goldmick in Royal mint phone call   
    Yer think so she sounded like she was from India and asked for my bank details im sure it was all ok lol
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    Fastnick reacted to Augustus1 in Favourite Queen's beast's design so far?   
    dragon, and I am not welsh!
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    Fastnick reacted to Darr3nG in Compare Gold Prices (UK) - FREE Website   
    Hi All. I've made a few updates to the site, added some more coins and some error detection (still in testing).
    If you do find any issues or missing / incorrect links, please let me know.
    ^added all these + the Mexican Libertad... Enjoy
    @AndrewSL76, thank you for the suggestion to contact the dealers. While it may encourage competitiveness and even generate potential referral income, it would make this something more than just a hobby site (to share with my fellow TSF stackers). I would have to implement a level of quality control and a guarantee of service, etc.
    Hopefully some of the dealers on the forum have already taken note and may want to adjust prices to get to the "coveted" top spot?
    @tallyhojim / @Miganto - this was my motivation!!!  
    In fairness, I did like @S2G's site and visited regularly to get an idea of current prices among dealers. Now I just visit my own!
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    Fastnick reacted to Abyss in Compare Gold Prices (UK) - FREE Website   
    @Darr3nG your website even though relatively new beats the competition hands down here is a side my side comparison. I can only see it getting better and when you have time and inclined may want to include other popular government minted coins (American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Kangaroo, American Buffalo, Austrian Philharmonic).
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    Fastnick reacted to TheGeneral in Switching to gold?   
    Also go for pre owned bullion over new to save a few quid here and there. 
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    Fastnick reacted to TheGeneral in Switching to gold?   
    Hi James, 
    i switched my attention back to gold his year. I have a slightly better budget than you (150-300 a month) but like everyone else It often takes a hit from unexpected bills. 
    I think your best option would be to buy a gold Sovereign every two/three months. Also keep your eye out on deals on the halves. The halves normally hold a higher premium but I have bought two halves in stead of a full twice this year as the price was better. 
    Good luck and hope this helps.  
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    Fastnick got a reaction from Tn21 in Favourite Queen's beast's design so far?   
    The dragon - miles ahead of the rest IMHO
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    Fastnick reacted to silverdocket in silver stack poll   
    just a bit of fun
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    Fastnick reacted to Ansel in Where do you buy your sovereigns?   
    Agreed, they are my go to most the time. I have never been asked for ID, very friendly and they found me a 1959 recently to complete my first date run. 
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    Fastnick reacted to TopHatsTales in Where do you buy your sovereigns?   
    Tbh I dont know that you can....as such.
    But when they bring them out, you can see them and say you dont want them, if they are tatty.
    I think the sovs I've had from there have been ok. A Brit was quite old, but ok condition, but a Krug looked like it had been tested by having the edge ground off.
    Only been to Bairds once, last week. Nice showroom, with lots of shiny stuff in it. Got a couple of Brits, they got what they had out, was all 2017, which as I wasn't looking for specific years, it was fine. But as they had 2020 on their website, hoped to get them. Was told if I'd called ahead, they would have got them from their other site, or could have them there the following morning. 
    At that time, they were lower cost than HGM, so couldn't go wrong.
    Those 2 are ideal for me. A few minutes from Farringdon. 
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    Fastnick reacted to Darr3nG in Compare Gold Prices (UK) - FREE Website   
    I'm just pushing manual updates, right now - still working on the automation part. Watch this space.