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    Fastnick reacted to ChrisSIlver in Buckingham Collection - Sneaky   
    If this topic gets out of control it will be locked. Please do not make any personal remarks about other members, abusive remarks are strictly not in the spirit of the forum and you risk repercussions against your account status. Please refer to the forum guidelines.
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    Fastnick got a reaction from 5huggy in First Gold purchase - 1/4 Britannia or Full Sovereign?   
    Sovereign all day long and every time 
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    Fastnick reacted to 5huggy in Today I Received.....   
    Another AWESOME deal/exchange  was done between myself and @Robjw - thanks Rob
    and these 3 ladies landed today  - - -  ->>>

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    Fastnick reacted to 5huggy in Today I Received.....   

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    Fastnick reacted to MikeG1978 in Today I Received.....   
    Got to love half crowns  plus a lovely gold coin 
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    Fastnick reacted to goldmember44 in Pep talk: don't sell your PM now   
    Ahh... yes... the more wealth we have, the more worries... very very true.
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    Fastnick reacted to goldmember44 in Pep talk: don't sell your PM now   
    The thing with holding physical gold is, the only risk there really is, is if someone steals your goods. Prices may go up and down, but because you own the gold, you will never receive a margin call from a broker, wanting more cash to maintain your gold holdings... hence if you are in it for the longer haul, it is a nice and peaceful investment, you don't have to lose sleep over it. I certainly don't. If the price goes down, it makes me happy because then I can buy more gold for cheaper. And if it goes up... well then my net worth increases along with the gold I already own. So as far as I'm concerned it's a win-win scenario. Gold is also very liquid and you will always find a buyer for your gold, for more or less spot price, if you ever needed cash for an emergency. I remember when I dabbled in the stock market, I was a nervous wreck and watched the prices all the time.
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    Fastnick reacted to vand in Pep talk: don't sell your PM now   
    While I am a fan of PMs, I am also scrupulously fair to other investments, and what you say is not entirely accurate. Gold tends to be more volatile than stocks, which tend to be more volatile than bonds.
    Yes, gold is proven very long term store of value, but its shorter term cycle swings can be wild.
    That is why in most asset allocation plans they allocate quite a small chunk to gold and much larger quantities to bonds. It is because of the inherent volatility of these assets classes.
    While I think PMs are well positioned to deliver strong gains, it will be a wild ride with plenty of corrections, and you should not hold more than your risk tolerance allows. This is true of any asset. Humans are emotional creatures; losses hurt more than gains make you feel good, meaning that most people are best served with a balanced and well diversified portfolio that smooths out the ride while still capturing much of the upside.
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    Fastnick reacted to Abyss in Why is gold so sexy?   
    Answer question why is Gold sexy better demonstrated with a picture because which would you prefer the stack of bank notes or 5x 1 oz Gold QB Griffins. I bought these back in October 2018 one of the best deals (in hindsight) but Gold lot more sexy than paper money.

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    Fastnick reacted to 5huggy in Why is gold so sexy?   
    Lustre , weight for size = feels substantial ,and best of ALL - - - - >>>

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    Fastnick reacted to 5huggy in Gold high spot price   
    @Tickety my friend - - whats to be nervous about  - - if you physically "HOLD" PM's - then you have a store of value that CANNOT go to ZERO! IMHO
    Just enjoy the ride that has only just started
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    Fastnick reacted to RoughDog in Safes and PM storage   
    The best safe is one that can't be found.
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    Fastnick reacted to Tn21 in Pep talk: don't sell your PM now   
    There's always light at the end of the tunnel. 
    Im in the same boat, but there is money to be made out there. Get the fractionals of gold. 
    Thanks @vand for the motivation and reassurance.
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    Fastnick reacted to JunkBond in Pep talk: don't sell your PM now   
    You know what Truman said about economists.
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    Fastnick reacted to goldmember44 in Pep talk: don't sell your PM now   
    Actually, gold is low risk... the opposite. That's why during times of turmoil and uncertainty, investors pile into gold... it's a "safe haven". Gold is similar to cash, but not dependent on volatile exchange rates.
    There was another guy who was scared of gold, In December last year I think, and he sold all his gold... ouch. 
    Of course nobody has a crystal ball, and you may end up being right. Time will tell.
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    Fastnick reacted to goldmember44 in Pep talk: don't sell your PM now   
    Gold is still cheap...and so is silver.
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    Fastnick reacted to vand in Pep talk: don't sell your PM now   
    A plea to you all: sit on your hands.
    We stand on the breakout of what will very likely be one of the greatest bull markets of our lifetime. Think about what has happened over the last 10 years: unprecedented level of stimulus into a monetary system that is no longer fit for purpose. This is much worse than the abuse of the system that drove the prior PM bull markets of 1971-1980 and 1999-2011. 
    The fallout from this crazy experiment will drive the price of gold by similar factors over the next decade, just as it did during the previous bull markets. Bull markets always run longer and further than nearly all their early adopters think is possible.
    PMs will be valued many multiples higher in the years to come. Scoot on over to a "mainstream" investment site like MrMoneyMustache or MoneysavingExpert and gold doesn't even figure on the radar. They are ALL about passive index funds and chasing the stock market. They worship VTSAX. If you are lucky you might find someone holding 20% bonds. They won't even look at gold until it has at least doubled from current levels, and even then they will be some of the earlier adopters. 
    There will come a time to sell your PMs and buy something that is better value, but that time is still years away. It will be when everyone thinks it is a good time to be overweight on gold, when Dow/Gold is somewhere between a half to a quarter of its current level.
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    Fastnick reacted to HighlandTiger in Anyone looking for scales   
    Oi, bugger off posting links to auctions I'm interested in. The less people know about it, the less money I have to pay.

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    Fastnick reacted to goldmember44 in Gold high spot price   
    The reason for the drop is because Trump said he is delaying some of the China tariffs until December. Stock market also shot up by 500 points. However I doubt this will fix the whole trade war issue... prices should gradually crawl back up again. Great buying opportunity.
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    Fastnick reacted to DarkChameleon in Gold high spot price   
    And it all came tumbling back, as I stood there and watched it in the coin store....then when it turned slightly back up I bought, eagles for $18.50 each....sweet....give me more...I love it.
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    Fastnick reacted to Zhorro in Gold high spot price   
    "Actually super easy, barely an inconvenience."
    Next target?
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    Fastnick got a reaction from 5huggy in Gold high spot price   
    Looks as though there's every chance it will break through £1,265 at some point today......
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    Fastnick reacted to Goldmick in Gold high spot price   
    Gold is gunna be double the price of platinum soon. Now that would be strange 
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    Fastnick reacted to JunkBond in Gold high spot price   
    Just popped over £1250
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    Fastnick reacted to KDave in Gold high spot price   
    I keep getting emails from various dealers asking me to sell my gold. Bullion dealer crystal balls must all be saying higher.