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  1. I knew both companies were in Bournemouth - but it's very odd how H&B orders are delivered really quickly, yet those from Buckingham take several weeks; most strange...…..
  2. All I got was a text on Thursday last week to say that my Sov would be delivered by Signed For post "shortly" - and it arrived the next day
  3. Joking aside, the condition of my Buckingham Sovereign was absolutely first rate - whereas one of the three that I had from H&B was definitely "bullion" grade...….
  4. I think that I'm a bit late to the party.... The link to the £224 deal is no longer working Cheapest I can find on the H&B website now is £249
  5. Have just arrived home from a quick trip to Holland, and.... yep, it was here waiting for me
  6. And with gold just having crept North of £1,057 an ounce, the timing of their delivery is doing wonders for the "feel-good factor"
  7. Just had a text to say that mine is being delivered tomorrow, so all good
  8. For the record, I've just checked H&B and The Buckingham Collection's websites..... The former is not currently offering Sovereigns, whilst the latter are doing the 2019 uncirculated Sovereign for £249.99, with free P&P.
  9. Ordered mine 28 May, so it should rock up in my letterbox fairly soon.......
  10. Today saw the arrival of my final cheap 2019 Sovereign from H&B, ordered via a good friend of mine.... Sad to see the offer come to an end - but it was great fun whilst it lasted
  11. And still my BUNC collection grows..... I had Jane Austen drop onto my doormat his morning
  12. I believe they also try and flog stamps as "investments", so the numismatic side is just one part of several within their company?
  13. I did make mention of this in another post, so my apologies to those of you who are already aware of this..... In February I was treated by a kindly friend to one of the organised visitor tours of The Royal Mint, and during the course of the day our guides informed us that the decline in the amount of cash transactions is having a direct impact on their core business - hence the reason why The Royal Mint is having a big push to secure orders to produce currencies for other countries, as well as increasing the number of special edition/commemorative coins that will appeal to collectors.