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  1. Fastnick

    Starting out

    Hi and welcome You'll find pretty much everyone on the Forum is friendly, helpful and generous with their advice. I've only been stacking gold and silver since the start of this year and there are people therefore here who are much better qualified and more experienced than me, but if I may proffer just one small piece of advice - don't rush into buying anything right at the outset. Take your time, listen to what others here on the SF have to say, and have a good look around at the numerous bullion dealers (both here in the UK and abroad), peruse eBay (though do be careful of the fake stuff that sometimes crops up there), and generally do as much research into precious metals as your time permits. Actually, there is a second piece of advice that you might find handy - when you are ready, join in one of the Group Orders that a chap by the name of Backyard Bullion kindly organises for all of us here. There's another one coming up in the next week or so, though that might be a little too soon?
  2. Fastnick

    Tokelau Equilibrium series

    A few weeks back I acquired a BU version of this coin from a friend of mine, and I am delighted with it - great detailing and an innovative design. I haven't seen the bullion grade version of it and so can't really comment, but was quite happy to pay the bit extra for the BU one.
  3. 3 months in and my copper rounds from BYB are still looking nice and shiny My feeling is that they are something nice/different to add to my collection of stuff, but as an investment copper is not really practicable as one would need a huge warehouse in which to stack sufficient quantities of the stuff so as to make it viable.
  4. Do please forgive me if this question has been asked previously, but I'd be interested to hear peoples' thoughts on the following: If for a moment we assume that any orders placed with GS.be and the European Mint after 29 March 2019 will see VAT at 20% being slapped on our packages when the arrive in the UK, would the same apply if I took a trip over to Belgium/Estonia/etc., and returned with a quantity of silver (or platinum) coins that were legal tender in this country with a face value of less than £10,000 (i.e. below the statutory amount that must be declared under the various money laundering laws)? If I stuck to UK legal tender coinage (i.e. I didn't bring in any silver or platinum from any other country), surely that is the equivalent of me bringing the same amount of money into this country in the form of £10, £20 and £50 pound notes - and I wouldn't be charged VAT on notes, would I! Living down here on the South Coast, it's not a huge distance to the Channel Tunnel or Dover Ferry Port in Kent, and the idea of a trip over to the Low Countries, a spot of sight-seeing, a suitably "long lunch" maybe and then drop by GoldSilver.be to collect some coins is quite appealing. If 4 people made the trip and we took advantage of any special offers/off-peak rates, then the tunnel/ferry and fuel costs could be divided up equally, it might still work out to our mutual advantage - maybe even do a "Group Order on Wheels (and yes, my vehicle does have a very good size boot!) Or would UK Customs want a little chat with us when we returned to Blighty?
  5. Fastnick

    Today I Received

    The 500g Baird Silver Bullion Bar that I bought yesterday during the 10% discount on eBay. Paid for it at about 4.00PM and the postman delivered it before 11.00AM this morning - how's that for quick and efficient service!
  6. Fastnick

    Here we go again - eBay UK 10% off

    Has good feedback though, and there's buyer protection. If I hadn't bought something and used my 10% discount earlier, I'd be tempted.....
  7. Fastnick

    Here we go again - eBay UK 10% off

    There's still a couple of 500g Baird bars remaining through the same seller, if anyone else wants to take advantage (seller's name is chapeljewellers)
  8. Fastnick

    Here we go again - eBay UK 10% off

    Thanks for the heads-up on today's discount code - just pressed the button on a silver 500g minted Baird bar for £216 + P&P (£9.50), which combined with a shedload of Nectar points, 4% Top Cashback and an extra £2.50 Top Cashback bonus deal makes for a very nice way to start the weekend ))
  9. Fastnick

    Announcement 10oz Queens beast boxes

    Until I saw this post the other week, I wasn't aware that Alun made boxes. I today received one from Europe for my 2oz Queen's Beasts coins that is "OK" - but having seen the average quality and workmanship, I'll definitely be looking for a better "home" for my 10oz versions.......
  10. Fastnick

    Today I bought.....

    As an Irish citizen myself, I'm sorry to learn that we were bidding against each other
  11. Fastnick

    Today I bought.....

    Just pressed the button on a 10oz Queen's Beast Lion on eBay for £175 - £30 more than I paid for my other 10oz coins in the series, but it fills what would otherwise have been a sizeable and very noticeable gap in my collection.......
  12. Fastnick

    Royal Mints Britannia Minted Bars

    I quite like the minimalist/modernist design; Britannia almost has an "Art Deco" look to her I'd be tempted to get a few, as a bit of a punt if they're available "sans VAT" from the usual European outlets - at a decent price, of course!
  13. Fastnick

    Announcement 10oz Queens beast boxes

    Ditto that! And it saves me a lot of time trawling through various overseas websites looking for one, so many thanks for the heads-up
  14. Fastnick

    Royal mint 10oz Valiant silver coin out soon

    I love it and I want one 😎
  15. Fastnick

    Why do you buy silver?

    It was very, very difficult to pick just one answer - I'm into PMs for several reasons: * Firstly, I like them! Shiney stuff is good * Accumulating a selection of different metals ( in both coin and bar format) has become a part of my longer term investment plan/pension strategy) * It's a fun, interesting and enjoyable hobby * The S.F. community has taught me a lot and saved me a lot of money, and being a small part of a very "genuine" and trust-worthy community is a real bonus (and so much more fun than dealing with a financial/pensions advisor!)