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  1. A 1908 Half Sovereign that has previously been worn on a necklace/as a pendant, and so has a small hole drilled in it (see photos) Priced to sell at just £150 Payment by bank transfer; buyer pays postage.
  2. Two 1913 full Sovereigns - £298 each with capsule Payment by bank transfer; buyer pays postage.
  3. I'm afraid not - I've priced them to sell and therefore am not open to offers; also, the '87 has just sold.
  4. Thank you for the heads-up on that, @JunkBond - much appreciated
  5. 1982 Half Sovereign, complete with capsule - £149 1987 Half Sovereign (with an almost "proof-like" appearance, and complete with capsule) - £156 Payment by bank transfer; buyer pays postage.
  6. An absolute bargain at just £289 (plus postage), and including capsule Payment by bank transfer, please
  7. The European Mint sell them: https://www.europeanmint.com/10-oz-queens-beasts-coin-capsule/
  8. Two 2018 Full Sovereigns for sale at the bargain price of just £290 each (plus postage). No offers and payment by bank transfer only, please.
  9. Another SF member has already reserved them pending sending payment to me this evening when he gets home. I may have a couple of other Half Sovs that I can sell - I'll send you a PM this evening or tomorrow
  10. Two uncirculated 1982 Half Sovereigns First come, first served – don’t delay! Bank transfer only. Buyer pays postage
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