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  1. Fastnick

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Apologies - I missed that; thank you for flagging that up
  2. Fastnick

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Are the any plans for a July group order? Or will the next one be later on in the year?
  3. Thank you for your thoughts and comments, guys - much appreciated.
  4. I've just made my first departure from gold and silver coins, and have purchased a few copper Maple rounds from BYB. what are peoples' thoughts on my choice, and I'd also be interested to hear your thoughts on what other copper coins/rounds I should be considering.....
  5. Fastnick

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    As a newcomer to the forum, this was my first group order and so I'd like to offer a few thoughts and comments on the process from a first timer's perspective: * Very easy process * Very quick & efficient (I was genuinely taken aback at how quickly my order arrived!) * Am REALLY happy with the quality of what I received * Thank you! * Whilst the VAT-free window remains open, this has got to be one of the best ways for UK residents of buying comparatively cheap silver
  6. Fastnick

    Newbie in the UK

    Just a quick post to say "Hi" to everyone. I've recently started using small amounts of spare cash to buy gold and silver coins as part of my long term investment/pension strategy, and am hoping that now having joined The Silver Forum I will be able to pick up some worthwhile hints and tips from other members.