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  1. A week or so back I picked up a gold 1/10th Britannia off of eBay for £125 + £3.90 P&P, and I was very happy as: a) the coin was in absolutely first rate condition, and b) the price was a wee bit below spot Imagine then my delight when I checked my Nectar Points balance, and discovered that instead of 125 points I had somehow been credited with 12,500 points - worth £67.50! Needless to say, I immediately converted these into eBay vouchers, just in case someone later discovers the error/oversight and tries to take 'em back
  2. You've already got the Griffin - middle coin on the top row in your box
  3. Looking at some of the very impressive photos of other SF members' latest acquisitions, I feel almost embarrassed to post a picture of my modest little 10th ounce Britannia.... but I did manage to pick it up just below spot.... and it's gold.... and it's nice and shiny.... and so I love it
  4. I really like that! Bloody well done!
  5. It's hardly the "steal of the Century", but I'm pleased to have added this afternoon another half sovereign to my ever-growing modest stack - especially as I paid just £135 + £3 P&P for a 1912 coin in pretty reasonable condition
  6. Welcome! They're a really great bunch of people here on the Forum, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise that they're only too happy to share. If there's anything PM-related that you've got a question about, just ask - someone here will almost certainly know the answer
  7. Politics aside, the sheer pageantry and spectacle of a State Opening of Parliament is quite something to behold - no other nation does this sort of thing quite so well as this country.
  8. Given the parlous state of politics in this country at the moment, I would be truly amazed if anything in the Queen's Speech were ever to come into law anytime soon......
  9. Fastnick

    What to collect

    I'm definitely with @Pete on the 2oz Queen's Beasts series - I'm certain that these coins will have big legs over the coming years......
  10. @Goldmick Nice one, Sir - nice one!
  11. And that kind gesture speaks volumes - not just for @vicamy, but for the Silver Forum as a community of decent people with a common interest and a willingness to help each other out.
  12. And £5 of your princely sum will go straight away on the admission charge.....