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  1. I have four bullion grade 2019 full Sovereigns (with capsules) for sale at £284 each, or £1,126 for all four. Payment by bank transfer only. Buyer pays postage - Royal Mail Special Delivery £7.50
  2. @Alun here on the Forum makes truly superb cases for 10oz coins - I can't recommend his cases highly enough
  3. Also, if you ever fancy picking up a little bit of Platinum to add to your stack, you can get 1/10th Platinum Britannias - goldsilver.be usually have them at a decent price.
  4. Half Sovs almost every time for me - the premiums are lower, and if you are prepared to put the time and effort in you can pick up some at VERY keen prices. I've got a few 1/10 Britannias, but they are more of a "personal indulgence", rather than an investment......
  5. Very true, @KDave - I'm sure that we have seen a greater number of things change (and at a greater/faster rate of change) in the last 50 years or so, than at any other similar period of time previously in history
  6. The dragon - miles ahead of the rest IMHO
  7. I can only speak from my personal experiences with both these companies...... Harrington & Byrne sent my coins out to me very promptly, the limit of 3 Sovereigns a year per household is very tightly enforced (my subsequent additional orders were politely declined), and I still receive regular mail shots from H&B trying to entice me to acquire much more expensive proofs. For some SF members the latter seems to be a major issue; personally, I find it no hardship at all to put these mailings into my recycling bin (and definitely worth it to acquire what were 3 extremely well-priced Sovereigns) The Buckingham Collection were much slower in dispatching my orders (although the delivery time-scale was pointed out to me when I placed my order by phone, and it is also in their T&Cs), but the coins did arrive after a few weeks and again, I was delighted with the price I paid for them. I did receive 2 or 3 sales phone calls after my first order, but I simply asked not to be called again and for my number to be removed from their database, and have had no more phone calls since then - SIMPLES!
  8. It looks as though Harrington & Byrne are undercutting them with their price of the 2019 Sovereign coming in at £279 (inc. P&P) https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2019-united-kingdom-gold-uncirculated-sovereign-3850.html
  9. "Superb" and "Thank you!" are the words that come to mind.....
  10. @itslikegolddust Have patience! Don't even think about buying a box from anywhere else apart from @Alun! His boxes are the absolute very best you will find, are very sensibly priced, and if it means waiting a little while for the next batch, it will be time well spent. Any other boxes are a false economy (believe me on this! I have previously made the mistake of buying one from abroad and the workmanship and quality was to put it politely, "at best, average")
  11. I don't even have to go to the trouble of 3D printing anything in order to p**s my wife off..... My very existence seems to be sufficient to frequently do the trick
  12. Well, at least they invested that last 1% wisely then!