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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Sixpence, Crowns, Maundy & Sovereign coins.

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  1. Last few hours.... *BUMP*
  2. Final bump before being taken down tomorrow. Last chance for a great set at £200.00!
  3. Ok I know I said no negotiating but I did neogotiate with myself and agreed to drop the price down to £200.00. *BUMP*
  4. George VI 1952 Maundy Money Set with very attractive toning. Great little addition to a collection. Please note this set was distributed by Queen Elizabeth II. Reluctantly selling to fund something else. If not sold in by 16th May then will be withdrawn. Looking for £225.00 which includes postage (special delivery). Price is non negotiable sorry. Payment by Bank Transfer preferred. Please see photographs. (will come in a flip)
  5. Bump. Final reductions before advertised elsewhere. Two great coins. Price been updated on original comment.
  6. NGC PF70 2016 Alderney £5 coin Silver proof. £90.00. Comes with box and COA. NGC PF70 2015 Piedfort Royal Arms £1 coin Silver proof. £100.00. Comes with box and COA. Prices includes special delivery postage. Would like payment bank transfer only.
  7. Nope, not thatI can see. Just my poor camera.
  8. Only recently bought this but unfortunately something has come up so I need to sell. 1912 London George V Full Sovereign. Postage included in price (special delivery) £245.00 Payment by bank transfer and can post out on 14th. Thanks for looking.
  9. Hi all wondered if you can help? I've been trying to find out if there are Silver Proof Annual Coin Sets for 2017 onwards. This is where I've become stuck. I called Island coins and stamps, they said to contact Westminster, they said to contact IOM post office, they said to contact Island coins and stamps. Next step I thought would be to contact the mint direct directly. This being The Tower Mint. They said to contact Island coins and stamps. As you can see im just going around in circles. Any help woukd he greatly appreciated.
  10. Final bump to £110.00 if this doesnt sell then off to ebay for the set.