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    jultorsk reacted to SilverStan in Geiger Squares Full Box 30 x 20g Plus Box.   
    New weight Nice These.
    Full Box 30 x 20G 
    In original Mint Box
    These are very new.  Just Landed.
    £435  Posted Insured UK
    Thanks All

    Added 0 minutes later... Sorry Paypal Friends Or Transfer please Thanks.
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    jultorsk reacted to brixtonh24 in 4 x Zi:Sin Scrofa   
    Hi all,
    I have 4  x Zi:Sin Scrofa for sale.
    £20 ea.
    Postage of choice.
    BT or PP f+f
    Edit: 2 left now

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    jultorsk reacted to Guybrush in 2018 1oz gold Britannia Oriental Border   
    I have a 1oz gold oriental border Britannia for sale.  Bargain at £1025 delivered special delivery.
    Payment by bank transfer

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    jultorsk reacted to CadmiumGreen in Silver price about to plummet   
    My analysis has it trending like it has trended the past 24 hours...
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    jultorsk reacted to motorbikez in 1oz Britannia & limited edition print £245 lol   
    The Royal mint IMHO is in 5th gear taking the p--s at the moment, no offence to anyone who likes this, I do myself but for about £50 not £245.
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    jultorsk reacted to PansPurse in Taking The Plunge   
    Welp, that's it. I've registered a hallmark with the assay office. I guess that means I've got to set up an etsy shop now, right?
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    jultorsk reacted to Marc in Today I Received.....   
    Thanks Richard. I will send the box in a while. Hope yuo do not mind waiting. Yes I must agree it is a really beautiful coin. I have a matching pair of Sth African half sov and £1 coins 1960 as well that are equally nice. For a 1966 coin which came loose in its box, a PF66 grade is very nice. The highest grade i have in that coin is a PCGS PR69. 

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    jultorsk reacted to Pampfan in Today I Received.....   
    This beautiful pamp gold honeycomb bar found its way into my hands today. I have seen this bar a lot in silver but this is the first one I’ve seen in gold. Very rare bar

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    jultorsk reacted to Wolves in Today I Received.....   
    Received today, my first graded coin to start my new collection ☺️     
    The coin was purchased form Drake Sterling.
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    jultorsk reacted to *tada* in 1989-2017 Special Reverse Design Gold Proof Sovereign collection   
    At long last I’ve completed the collection and successfully convinced PCGS to create a set registry to acknowledge this more and more popular collecting trend. I had a lot of fun finding each of these coins and enjoy the beauty they are. My personal favorite are all the five pound coins.
    My completed set with TrueView can be seen here:
    Gallery with comments here:
    This gold proof set contains 1989, 2002, 2005, 2012 and 2017 and includes the five sovereign, double sovereign, sovereign, half sovereign and from 2012 the quarter sovereign. I hope you like the set and also I hope this registry helps you locate the coins in PCGS census! Here’s a quick description from the Royal Mint:

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    jultorsk reacted to ZatStackz in 2019 Perth Double Dragon!   
    The Tiger and Dragon is my favorite so far.  The new one just doesn't do it for me.  Id rather see a second animal.
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    jultorsk reacted to Kman in Milk spot on my Britannia   
    My 2014 silver Britannia has been just kept in the back of a draw in its box the last 3 years
    In humidity that room gets to chocolate melting hot and in winter very cold 
    It really does seem like if they're going to spot they're going to spot, however you keep them. 
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    jultorsk reacted to mr-dead in Any decent car related coins, bars etc   
    About £90 on ebay.

  15. Haha
    jultorsk reacted to ZatStackz in Any decent car related coins, bars etc   
    There is a whole set of Cars coins  
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    jultorsk reacted to SovTracker in 2018 India Gold Sovereign   
    India Sovereign Mintage s.   I thought you might like these official numbers I got from a contact at The Royal Mint.   Sovereign
      On the Silver Forum @westmintrel had kindly posted similar numbers except for the 2013i.  The reason was that 60,000 where minted in Certicard's and the balance sent to NGC for gifting to dignitaries at the launch in 2013i and labelled up by NGC as GEM UNCIRCULATED.   I understand that the number above is the correct one, not the 90k+ previously shown elsewhere and after talking with @westminstrel we came to the same conclusion about the 2013i and NGC's involvement.   I actually spoke to one of the production team at PAMP when the coins were first struck and he confirmed the initial figure of 50,000 to be put in Certicard's. About 2 months later that figure rose to 60,000 due to demand.   I'm told that 2018 could be the lowest mintage yet as interest is waining a little and it isn't as popular as it was in India.   I'm told the 2017 mintage numbers won't be available until next year.   I hope that helps anyone who is interested.
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    jultorsk reacted to Sovsaver in 1883-S Half Sovereign for sale   
    Due to OCD I’m selling this quite worn 1883 Sydney Mint half sovereign. I guess we are aFine on both side, and it has consequently lost a little weight, it weighs in at 3.92 g, so 0.07 g of gold missing, full disclosure.
    Bought here on the forum, after some haggling last year but due to a change of direction I want rid of it.
    There were 220,000 of these minted Marsh 467.
    I’m looking for £115 plus however you want it delivered.

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    jultorsk reacted to MikeSol in 1887 Jubilee Head Half Sovereign   
    I have for sale an 1887 Jubilee Head half sovereign.
    Price is £140 + Postage
    Payment by bank transfer or PayPal F&F

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    jultorsk reacted to Marc in Selling some of my lower graded sovereigns   
    Here is a partial list of some of the ones I want to get rid of. Some are in Japan some are in the UK.
    1821 George IV sovereign PCGS XF45
    1826 George IV sovereign
    1829 (scarce) sovereign NGC XF45  - 
    1831 Sovereign s-3829 NGC XF45 
    1844  Shield Great Britain (Scarce)  #27 mintage 3,000,415 - NGC XF40 
    1852 Sovereign NGC AU55  SOLD.
    1859 sovereign NGC AU58 
    1865 Young victoria Shield Back Sovereign die #18Scarce 1.45M minted,
    1866 Young victoria Shield Back DIE #52 mintage 4,047,288 Sovereign 
    1869 Die 6 Young victoria Shield Back Mintage 6,441,322 Die # 6 Sovereign
    1870 Young victoria Shield Back Mintage 2,189,960 Sie # 92,  Sovereign AU53 
    1871 Victoria Young Shield Soverign, Die 5 KM-736.2 VF. Diameter 22mm, 7.9grams of .917 fine gold. 
    1872 Young victoria Sovereign NGC MS-63 
    1872 George and dragond Young victoria Sovereign 
    1874m Shield Young Victoria Sovereign 
    1877s Young victoria Shield Back Sovereign MS61 australia Mintage 1,590,000
    1874m Young victoria Shield Back Sovereign Mintage 1,272,298 
    1879 sydney mint Young victoria Shield Back Sovereign NGC AU55 
    1880s (scarce) Young victoria Shield Back (Sydney Mint) Sovereign NGC AU53 
    1880s (scarce) Young victoria Shield Back (Sydney Mint) Mintage: 1,459,000 
    1880s  (scarce) Young victoria Sovereign George & Dragon small BP initials  -Sydney Mint-
    1880m Young victoria Sovereign George & Dragon -melbourne Mint-
    1880 full sovereign and 1897 half sovereign in pendant set
    1881s (scarce No BP initial) Young victoria Sovereign George & Dragon  -Sydney Mint-
    1881m Young victoria Sovereign 
    1882s Young victoria Shield Back (Sydney Mint) mintage: 1,298,000
    1884s Young victoria Sovereign george and dragon 
    1884s Young victoria Shield Back Sovereign ms61 Mintage 1,595,000 
    1886m Young victoria George and dragon 
    1887m Young victoria Sovereign george and dragon
    1890s Victoria Sovereign small crown S-3868B 2nd Obverse PCGS MS62
    1890 gold sovereign 
    1892 Jubilee victoria sovereign George and dragon 
    1893 sovereign 
    1895 sovereign PCGS AU58
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    jultorsk reacted to FoolzGold in Perth Mint 2019 silver swan   
    First image I've seen of the Perth Mint 2019 silver swan (bullion). I liked the first two but I'm not so keen on this one.

  21. Haha
    jultorsk reacted to caloundracats in Gold Silver not very PC !   
    Received the reply below to my question about assuring delivery prior to 12th April.  
    I am surprised a business is allowed to comment on such matters as Bretix. This from a non-British company!
    Dear customer,
    Thank you for contacting GOLDSILVER.BE      Most parcel leave within 24 hours of receipt of payment.     Brexit 12th April ? We doubt it. There's no place for democraty in the EU. May is the EU's puppet. In one year discussions will not be over yet. That's how thing go in EUSSR.     Best regards,
    Customer service
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    jultorsk reacted to BackyardBullion in Good & Bad news from Mr & Mrs Backyard Bullion   
    Hello everybody!
    Mrs Backyard Bullion and I have some good and bad news to share with you all.
    First, the good news. Backyard Bullion (the business) has been growing well and we are excited at what the future may bring.
    This leads us onto the bad news. With such success and growth comes the inevitable attention from the tax man. As such Backyard Bullion is required to register for VAT (Sales tax for those non UK/EU readers).
    This will of course have some significant effects on our business but more importantly for you as our customers.   We have always been and always will be, fully committed to the strength and quality of the Backyard Bullion brand and products. The pieces we make are and will continue to be of the highest possible quality. We are a small business (Mrs BYB and myself) and have no plans or desire to hire staff. Each piece we make, be it small or large, will be unique and have been made by us with the same love, care and attention we have always put into our work.
    This means that effective from 1st April 2019 we will be increasing our pricing to accommodate for part of the VAT liability we incur for our sales. 
    Any items that have been pre-ordered but not paid for will have their original prices honoured even though the payment date might be after 1st April 2019. This seems the fairest thing to do for these pre-ordered items. However, for items ordered or purchased after the 1st April 2019 you will notice the price change. The most obvious product to be affected at this stage is the “1 oz & 250g Silver Forum Bars” that have not yet been reserved/paid for already.
    VAT registration is something we never envisaged happening at the outset of this business but it is now a reality that cannot be ignored.
    Whilst the bad news is certainly bad and only time will tell the true effect on the business we are confident about our brand and are excited about future projects we will try to bring to you.
    We want to finish this announcement with a very large and heartfelt thank you to everyone out there that has supported the brand, be it through our hand poured silver, YouTube channel and group orders over this last 3 years. Your support means the world to us and we will endeavour to continue to bring you the best quality video entertainment and hand poured silver in the future!
    If you have any comments or questions then please feel free to ask them here on this thread or contact me directly.
    All the best to you all!
    Mr & Mrs Backyard Bullion
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    jultorsk reacted to Harry in Gold Sale!   
    Hello SF Members,
    I am selling the following items I have just purchased as part of a big job lot of gold goodies - I will list on here for a week or so before I take to eBay with any unsold items. 
    Happy to accept Paypal or bank transfer. Prices include special next day delivery 
      1989 Full Gold Proof Sovereign - WITH box and certs - £1100 2005 Full Gold Proof Sovereign - WITH box and certs - £525 2007 £2 Gold Proof Abolition of Slave Trade WITH box and certs - £595 2014 £2 Double Sovereign BU - Celebrating George 1st Birthday WITH box and certs - £895 2016 Full Gold Proof Sovereign - WITH box and certs - £595 2017 Full Gold Proof Sovereign - WITH box and certs - £670 2018 Full Gold Proof Sovereign - WITH box and certs - £440 2018 Lunar Year of The Dog - Tenth Ounce BU - £175 2019 Full Gold Proof Sovereign - WITH box and certs - £410 Will upload pictures in due course, happy to take on request - all coins with boxes have come direct from the mint. Purchased from a life long collector so coins in very mint condition.
    Any questions, please do let me know as ever! 
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    jultorsk reacted to Marc in 1821 sovereign PCGS XF45   
    1821 George VI sovereign PCGS XF45 (This coin may benefit from conservation and crossover to NGC and I have included some high resolution pictures to stress this possibility). £950 including registered postage. If you think about it, not much more than a modern proof and this coin has enormous numismatic value as well as being nearly 200 years old. For those willing to take a chance, conservation and crossover to NGC may allow it to jump a grade.

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    jultorsk reacted to CadmiumGreen in Scale Model Millennium Falcon Build   
    I have been working on building the official model of the iconic Millennium Falcon, a 1:1 replica of the original “Empire Strikes Back” movie prop, for several months and have made some progress...As of late I haven’t gotten much done and I was going to see if this post will keep me honest and make this through completion.
    The model is a complete 1:1 scale replica of the Millennium Falcon from The “Empire Strikes Back” produced by DeAgostini models. It is a monthly subscription program, which now you can purchase the complete set at one time. 

    This build will be a whopping size!
    Length: 808mm
    Width: 596mm
    Height: 192mm
    Weight: Approx. 24 pounds
    Along with this build there are aftermarket detail parts that you can buy from the 3D printing source Shapeways, and also photoetched metal parts from Paragraphix. 
    Thus far I have completed the cockpit section and have a good majority of the main hold built out. 

    I have some new 3D printed parts for the main hold coming in the end of the month to build out one of the maintenance pits that I cut completely out of the floor base. 
    Just wanted to have a venue keep me motivated and keeping on track with the build. 
    I will provide periodic updates with progress. Thank you and hope you find this interesting to follow along!