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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    All modern Dragon coins in Silver

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  1. Great looking Rounds, note they fit really tight in the Lighthouse Leuchtturm 39mm capsules. The copper rounds are cheap and great to hold. I will hopefully get them all.
  2. Anybody got 1 or 2 for sale
  3. Yip, thanks for letting me know, I hopefully willget the set Mmmm tried ordering, seems to only accept US addresses, cant seem to get an order in
  4. Its like christmas were all sitting up waiting for the postie to deliver our presents from all at ByB. I just feel sory for the poor guy delivering them.
  5. I received my Box today, pretty heavy and wrapped like a xmas present, box was badly dented from a fall but it was so well packed nothing was damaged, packed with care, Thanks again to you and mrs ByB. Bagenz
  6. Thanks, just felt like a little ditty to show all our appreciation for all the work that goes into a group order, and that darn sturdy table. Bagenz
  7. I would like somthing like this that takes 40mm coins
  8. Mate you did a grand job especially finishing with 10 fingers, god thats a mighty knife. You say at the end of the video to give you a thumbs up well here you go Just one thing did the delivery guy not say what the f#@$ you got in these boxes?
  9. Nice one, hopefully my Dragon Tiger did good also
  10. Got a 2oz Tuvalu Dragon PF70 £198 delivered. I was swithering but the 10% off did the trick Thanks
  11. Bagenz


    I have had 3 orders so far. All went good but fed ex will bill you 20% import duty 3-4weeks after delivery, del from Hong Kong to the UK was tracked so you can watch the progress. Shipping was fast, packaging first class, bottom line look about in Europe first, mayby after brexit they will be more competitive.