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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    All modern Dragon coins in Silver

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  1. Bagenz

    What's the point of capsules?

    I find it weird that almost all of my silver coins in capsules dont fit, 1kg year of the Dragon, 10oz queens beasts and issues from perth mint rattle in there capsules, not sure if this will cause scratching Weird thing is I have one round the Dragon from the Destiny series and this fits in its capsule like a glove, so two of the top mints cant get theres to fit but others can. I originally assumed it moved because it needed some air in with it for some reason, I guess the best capsules have inserts to protect from movement. Just seems a shame paying hundreds of pounds for a coin that doesnt fit its capsule. Does this also happen with gold coins?
  2. Bagenz

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Congratulations on becoming a Dealer, its well deserved, they should be paying you for all your unboxing video's Bagenz
  3. Bagenz

    GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)

    1 oz Gold Krügerrand 2018 - Das Original - 15 Euro Rabatt ab 3 Stück 140 euros, sounds weird,dont shoot the messenger, seems a bit cheap but you never know. I only buy silver so no idea about this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-oz-Gold-Krugerrand-2018-Das-Original-15-Euro-Rabatt-ab-3-Stuck/323350418203?hash=item4b492fd31b:g:iLgAAOSwUu9bSwhn
  4. Bagenz

    Extra shiny 1/2 p

    Yip it looks like my 1/2p is plated, your little plated Wren also looks nice, thanks for sharing. Bagenz
  5. Bagenz

    Today I Received

    Today i got Another Dragon, the 5oz Tuvalu, I put the 2oz so you can see size comparison, It really does look nice . COA 487
  6. Bagenz

    Extra shiny 1/2 p

    Its non magnetic
  7. Bagenz

    New Coin from Scottsdale - Sea Horse

  8. Bagenz

    Extra shiny 1/2 p

    Possible just mine looks more yellowy metal in real life not like a brand new copper coin
  9. Hi, years ago I used to pick-up all the 1/2 p coins people would throw away, I kept them in a Quantro bottle, Recently my daughter poured the 500 or so coins out and one stood out. All the coins were brown except 1 extra copper coloured 1/2p Any idea why it hasn't discolured after all thus time? Coin has never been cleaned, probably found around 1980 and stuck in a jar all that time
  10. Bagenz

    Today I bought.....

    Today, I purchased the last Dragon 2018 5oz Silver Antiqued Coin from the Perth mint they were only available to buy for 7 hours, I also ordered 1 on eBay, guess the next 1 will be the 10oz version in 2019
  11. Bagenz

    Today I Received

    Today i got some Dragons
  12. Bagenz

    Dragon 2018 5oz Silver Antiqued Coin

    Tried ordering another 1 from Perth mint it only just went on sale, it went out of stock in the middle of purchase, so much for having it in my cart, anyway I did this as I read that my seller has previous for cancelling the order. I would order asap, only 500 in the mint Fingers crossed I still get mine. Edit- went back in and it showed available again, it had stated first time in checkout that stock was 0 Update: Its been posted will be here on Tuesday
  13. Bagenz

    Dragon 2018 5oz Silver Antiqued Coin

    NICE. this is a 5 Oz version of the 2oz tuvalu dragon antique proof, Ironically I just purchased the 2oz tonight. Check it here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tuvalu-2018-Dragon-Flaming-Pearl-Mythical-Creatures-5-5-Oz-Silver-Antique-HR/153082961875?hash=item23a4749fd3:g:MM8AAOSwGgBbOUEV#viTabs_0 Or here https://www.perthmint.com/catalogue/dragon-2018-5oz-silver-antiqued-coin.aspx Or here https://www.lpm.hk/2018-5-oz-tuvalu-dragon-9999-silver-antiqued-coin.html Ordered 1 Received my new Baby Dragon today
  14. Bagenz

    Dragon 2018 5oz Silver Antiqued Coin

    Bottom of the list New coins released from 8:00am (AWST) Tuesday 3rd July 2018 Australian Kangaroo 2018 5oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin Australian Kangaroo 2018 1oz High Relief Silver Proof Coin Australian Kangaroo 2018 1oz Gold Proof High Relief Coin Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle 2018 1oz Silver Proof Coin Puppies - Golden Retriever 2018 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin Good Luck Rotating Charm 2018 1oz Silver Antiqued Coin Diwali Festival 2018 1g Gold Coin Diwali Festival 2018 1oz Silver Coin Stock Horse 2018 5oz Gold Proof Coin Star Trek: The Original Series – Ships 2018 2oz Silver Proof Coin Dragon 2018 5oz Silver Antiqued Coin
  15. Hi, Just wondered if anybody has any details about this new coin from the perth mint, It looks like a date of 3rd July https://www.perthmint.com/forthcoming-releases.aspx Bagenz