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  1. Jaw drops.. That is simply magnificent!!!
  2. @Investack I agree. JPM is custodian for SLV, the largest silver i-share. Their factsheet says they own 326 million ounces of Silver, which is about half of the rumoured JPM hoard (as JPM are custodian). Also while SLV can't lend out the physical silver in the trust to offset annual fees (some precious etfs do), it would be very easy for JPM as custodian to borrow SLV units themselves and support their (widely reported, but not proven) long-term short in the market. If the silver futures buyer wants physical delivery, JPM can just redeem the units for physical. It just about makes sense to short silver given the shape of the forward, but not a home-run, which means it has to be done in size. Oddly enough, to me this shows 2 things: There is a lot of demand for silver in the form of ETFs, which is good news. If JPM are actually as short as rumours say, then a fast $20-$40 rise brought on by some geo-political event (or other source of curve shape change), followed by support should carry them out pretty fast. Just my 2 cents.
  3. I agree to some extent BYB.. - the way he lines up the evidence is pretty one-sided and superficial. I also can't help think the book is a sales-tool for his precious metals business. Having said that, some of the conceptual pictures are interesting. I'm going to trawl the data for the UK and see what's what. It'll be interesting to interpret events like the UK falling out of the ERM in the context of Brexit. Will report back and I'll keep an eye out for your next bulk purchase! Capescale
  4. Hi there, I am new to investing in Gold and Silver and having bought a few sovs and Britannias to see how nice they are to hold in my hand, I thought I should employ some rigour to my precious investment strategy. To this end I bought Mike Maloney's book: Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver. It quotes lots of info like: When the Gold / Silver Ratio is above 80, but silver, when less than 50, buy gold (pretty universal I guess) Plotting the dow / gold over time to see when one asset is rich vs another and investing accordingly Measuring money supply (plus consumer credit) over time to help gauge inflation. Not sure if there has been a discussion on this forum that follows similar lines, but UK specific? Has anyone done similar research in the UK, especially post quantitative easing? If not, I am happy to go and do the legwork (and share), but thought I'd ask first. Capescale