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    sprd17 got a reaction from BackyardBullion in silver proof coins   
    like your vids bud alot of work goes into what you do 
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    sprd17 got a reaction from PansPurse in silver proof coins   
    cool i have watched quite a few of his vids but not seen that one. i do like the new tetris sets also, alot of time and effort gone into those  fair play to him. i will have to look into milk spotting as rather new to thisn thx for the reply PP 
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    sprd17 reacted to BackyardBullion in silver proof coins   
    Here is the video in question
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    sprd17 reacted to Agpanda in HI ALL   
    Hi and welcome to the forum
    a tip is to read old treads, lots of info there
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    sprd17 reacted to Xander in HI ALL   
    Hi, welcome to the forum. Give impulse buying a miss.
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    sprd17 reacted to MickD in HI ALL   
    Hi, from my fairly limited experience, I would avoid silver commemoratives. 
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    sprd17 reacted to richatthecroft in HI ALL   
    Hiya Mate, welcome to the Forum. 
    My advice is giving a wide berth and miss seeing your wife for a few days after making any big purchase...