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    Au79 got a reaction from Foster88 in Buying antique 18ct and 22ct gold rings? Gold is gold.   
    An excellent choice for yourself. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Thank you for sharing so that others may know themselves.
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    Au79 reacted to Foster88 in Buying antique 18ct and 22ct gold rings? Gold is gold.   
    Hi all,
    With the recent surge in the gold price and like many of you I’m wondering when it will stop rising. 
    Ive started to buy antique gold rings, the plain bands which sadly many seem to be antique wedding rings, mostly 22ct gold and a few 18ct gold. 
    I know they’re not as nice to look at as a new sovereign or a new Krugerrand but with sovereigns slightly out of reach of my budget at the moment being £275+ each, I seem to be able to buy antique rings for around spot price. 
    If the gold price does continue to grow it could be a wise investment. 
    Gold is gold after all. 
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    Au79 got a reaction from DarkStacker in Confessions from an American newbie (eagles)   
    Silver is silver. Silver is not able to think for itself. As long as silver serves you the master for your intended purposes, that is all that matters 😆
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    Au79 reacted to Norskgeld in Confessions from an American newbie (eagles)   
    I remember a quote that broke down stacking into 4 basic laws:
    1. You like it.
    2. You don't like it.
    3. It makes money.
    4. It loses money.
    If you like what you stack it makes it more enjoyable but the downside can be you become attached to it which can make selling it emotionally problematic.
    My mate Scotty is in this dilemma right now...he needs to sell some gold but can't bring himself to part with it.
    I think it is better to try put your likes / dislikes aside when designing a stacking strategy purely for investment purposes rather than collecting.
    I would recommend getting used to the idea of holding PM's for at least 5 years to expect an upside as inflation eats away at the value of "money".
    Silver is notoriously slow to move in any direction so maybe Gold would be a better choice?
    I know the US is a different scene than the UK as you can still find circulating coins containing silver.
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    Au79 reacted to terakris in "WHat's in the package?" - Royal Mail Special Delivery   
    I've been asked a few times, depends on the person but was asked recently and I said "a coin"... "a coin, what sort of coin like a normal coin?" To which I replied " it's a ngc graded pf70 ultra cameo 1/4 oz gold proof tiger, one of only 4 graded at 70". She said "ok, so not batterys then?" and since has not asked me again.
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    Au79 reacted to GoodAsGold in What happens with Commonwealth bullion when the monarch dies?   
    The Queen probably has a fair bit of mileage left in her @Bimetallic and may well live past 100 years of age like her own mother did. Charles is over 70 himself so there's no guarantee that he'll outlive the Queen, but if he does, his own reign may be short. This isn't the first time this discussion has surfaced and I think your train of thought is correct in that the new Monarch should appear on the following year's coins, whether circulated, proofs or bullion. 
    What should change is that the new Monarch will face the left side of the coins, whereas the Queen faces right. It alternates from Monarch to Monarch.
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    Au79 reacted to Pete in Gold:Silver Ratio - Is silver too cheap or gold too expensive?   
    Who would have thought that one of the star investment fund managers - Neil Woodford - endorsed by Hargreaves Lansdown until a few days ago, would find his champion fund ( was around £10 billion at one point ) frozen so investors could gain some breathing space as vast sums are taken out of a poorly performing investment. Having a chunk of my pension pot invested with this guy I am not at all happy right now. Only goes to show there are no guarantees with anything these days and that stretches to PMs. Gold is trading higher than of late and silver remains priced very low; both PMs could flip overnight and equally so the widening Au/Ag ratio can continue. The only advice that is solid advice is DIVERSIFY and don't always bet on the favourite or follow the herd.
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    Au79 got a reaction from goldmember44 in most popular gold coin by volume   
    Crown gold 22k has been in leadership for decades of generations until the arrival of 24k fineness gold for the modern generations. Each generation has their popular trends. Since generations overlap, so does the popularity. Each has their own rights 😄
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    Au79 reacted to Paul in Advice on £4k Diversification   
    As most will agree here, im a black sheep a lone wolf.  I dont follow the herd. Think for yourself.  School and uni's learn you to be one of the heard another tax payer another useless eater 
    Firstly it is very, very rare you will become rich working for someone else unless you make it up the greasy pole to the top CEO etc
    Instead, create yourself a mathematical equation that "scales", then work that equation to death while acting, assessing, and adjusting along the way.
    Few people understand that all of our actions and career decisions implicitly tie us into an equation.
    This equation can be relatively simple or extremely complex.
    At the end of the day, it will be your self-directed EQUATION that determines how much wealth you can (or cannot) accumulate.
    Equations that scale make their owners rich.
    Equations that do not, make their owners slaves to the system of “trading time for money.” ie working for a set wage each week/month
    The beauty of this equation is that you can control its basic variable parameters.
    But most people DO NOT because most people don’t even realise this equation exists as you are not taught it in school 
    If you decide to get a job at McDonalds/Tesco and are paid £10/hour — congratulations, you just created yourself an equation to which you are now bound to:
    Monetary Wealth = (rate of pay) x (hours worked)
    If you work 37.5 hours, your equation is £10 X 37.5 hrs, which equals £375
    If you go to uni and accumulate £50K in debt so you can have the privilege of earning £40K/year, congratulations, that’s your new equation.
    Monetary Wealth = (hourly salary) X (years worked)
    To complicate the mix, you are then suggested to save your money and give it to Wall Street/Stock Market.
    There you get another equation:
    Monetary Wealth = Market investments X annual ROI
    This mainstream advice is the standard prescription for mediocrity.
    And it’s clearly not a method to create monetary success in the short terms but the long term
    As you can see, the problem with “trading your time for money” or “Wall-Street” as a conduit to wealth is that the variables are extremely limited and uncontrollable.
    You simply cannot work x3,000 hours at McDonalds in one week.
    You cannot force McDonalds to pay you £1,000+ per hour.
    You cannot ask Wall Street to give you a +4000% return.
    There are only so many hours in a day, and years in a life.
    And herein lies the lie behind uni: Young people are told to go to uni so they can increase their PER HOUR rate from £10 to, say, £25 or even£30 may be considered a good hourly wage.
    Or if they go into more technical fields (STEM stuff) they get away from hourly to annual pay. Now instead of making £50/hour, they make £50,000/year.
    The problem STILL remains.
    You cannot work x1000 hours in day.
    You cannot live to be x500 years old.
    You cannot ask Wall Street to give you a +4000% return in one year.
    You cannot ask your employer to give you a raise from £50K/year, to £500K.
    Your hands are tied because the equation you’ve given yourself SUCKS.
    Instead of trying to scale time (more debt to earn a better education to earn a better paying job under an annual salary regime) start scaling units— units separate from your time.
    This means you become a creator of relative "value".
    Value ££ is the result of people pleasing or problem solving.
    Creators produce products, services, books, information, inventions, it doesn’t matter so as long as:
    A) Your creation can eventually become separate from your time.
    You can scale your creation to a level that can change your life.
    The other metric is relative value.
    Sure your blog full of fitness tips my be valuable— but it isn’t relatively valuable because the web is filled with ‘em.
    Whatever you create, it must be relatively valuable in the global pool of options.
    This doesn’t mean you have to be the next Steve Jobs — it just means to skew value on one or two attributes; faster shipping, improved operation, better logistics, better service, better UI, better this, better that.
    Entrepreneurship is about improving, more so than inventing the next hot thing.
    So let’s assume you invent a cool new widget that appeals to women who are mothers.
    Your equation now becomes:
    Wealth = Widget Profit X Widgets Sold.
    This is where things change.
    Now you can SCALE a part of your equation. There are billions of mothers on the planet. Additionally, you control your widget operations and can fiddle with pricing, sourcing, and other operations integral to your widget.
    So if you sell 100,000 widgets at £5 profit each, you just earned £500,000.
    If a IG influencer raves about your product in IG and you get a rush of traffic for 1 week, selling +4,000 units, you make £20K+ in week.
    Your ceiling for wealth can be influenced by your execution, marketing, and decision-making. You cannot do this under a “time trade” regime.
    This is how you create wealth beyond the BS preached in the mainstream (get a job, save your money, invest with Wall Street for 50 years blah blah)
    Of course I’m not suggesting this is easy.
    The key is to change the equation, change the probability, and change your potential outcomes. Nothing is easy, but neither is getting up at 6AM, fighting traffic for 50 years, and retiring with a gold watch on 50% of your income.
    And when you move to a “unit” metric, your markets expand beyond your local city — so what not appeal locally, might appeal globally. 
    Here’s my SIMPLIFIED equation for wealth currently. (Actually it’s much larger but I think you get the picture.) The sum is its many parts and always in development.
    (bup)(bs1)(bc1) + (bup)(bs1)(bc2) + (bup)(bs1)(bc3) + (bup)(bs1)(bc1) +(bup)(bs1)(bc4) + (bup)(bs1)(bc5) + (bup)(bs1)(bc6) + (bup)(bs1)(bc7) +(bup)(bs1)(bc8) + (bup)(bs1)(bc9) + (bup)(bs1)(bc10) + (bup)(bs1)(bc11) +(roy1)(bs1) + (roy2)(bs1) + (roy3)(bs1) + (roy5)(bs1) + (roy6)(bs1) + (roy7)(bs1) + (roy8)(bs1) + (roy9)(bs1) + (roy10)(bs1) + (roy11)(bs1) + (roy12)(bs1) + (roy2)(bs2) + (roy2)(bs2) + (roy2)(bs2) + (bup)(bs2)(bc1) + (bup)(bs2)(bc3) + (bup)(bs4)(bc2) + (bup)(bs5)(bc2) + (bup)(bs2)(bc6) + (bup)(bs2)(bc2) + (bup)(bs2)(bc2) + (bup)(bs2)(bc10) + (bup)(bs2)(bc2) + (wt)(webconv)(ad1) + (wt)(webconv)(ad2) + (wt)(webconv)(ad3) + (webtraffic)(insconv)(insfee) + (inv1)(roi1) + (inv2)(roi2) + (inv3)(roi3)+(inv4)(roi4) +(inv4)(roi5) + (inv5)(roi4) + (inv5)(roi5) + (inv5)(roi5) + (inv6)(roi6) + (res)(avg-app) + val(biz1)(pe) + val(biz2)(pe) + val(biz3)(pe) + altcoins(value) + altcoins(value) + altcoins(value) + altcoins(value) + btc(value) + eth(value) + …
    Most of those variables listed above I can CONTROL and SCALE.
    1) Create relative value.
    2) Don't chase Money ££,  money/cash is a direct result of being a "People pleaser", a solver peoples pain points and problems.  Money is everywhere and people will gladly throw money in your direction for pleasing them and solving their pain points whoever big or small.
    3) Recognize your equation.
    4) Work the equation.
    5) Act — Assess — Adjust
    6) Repeat +
    That my friend is how you create monetary wealth QUICKLY
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    Au79 got a reaction from SiliconToad in How much silver is too much silver ?   
    The silver you own is too much when the silver in your mind is full and you start thinking how to unload silver off your mind.
    Beware the mental silver weight! 😄
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    Au79 got a reaction from Serendipity in NGC Slab under intense heat   
    NGC slab under intense heat. 
    Would precious metal coins survive better under their original packaging or survive better under NGC or PCGS slabs?
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    Au79 got a reaction from FFkook in If you were to start stacking again from scratch, what would be your first purchase?   
    If starting again from scratch with a predisposition of precious metals preference, one should purchase with regards to that bias. 
    if starting again from scratch with no attachment to precious metals preference. A balance value purchase of both gold & silver is a good start. 
    “ There are three reasons why people change:
    (1) They have learned a lot
    (2) They have suffered a lot
    (3) They got tired of always the same thing”
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    Au79 reacted to DarkChameleon in Gold Stacking - post your own stacking goals   
    How dare you call sovs generic bulion, they are the coins of british history, aristocracy would carry them, a sign of wealth respected around the whole world, dickens will have used them, kings and queens demanding their perfection in likeness, generic?..hold your tongue and say ten hail Mary's backwards.
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    Au79 got a reaction from goldmember44 in What is the best size gold to stack?   
    Stack gold according to the size of your free pocket. Deep free pockets enjoy lowest premium. Shallow free pockets prefer liquidity. Free size pocket enjoy flexibility.
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    Au79 got a reaction from Derv in When buying gold, silver think ahead   
    One man’s treasure is another man’s rubbish.
    Not all treasure is silver and gold.
    The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit.
    Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
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    Au79 reacted to Harry in 2019 Gold Proof Sovereign with box and certificate   
    As I continue to look to reduce my collection of gold sovereigns, here I am selling a 2019 Gold Proof Full Sovereign at £400.00 including postage.
    Purchased new from the royal mint, condition of the coin is sold as per my pictures. I don't sell ugly coins
    I wonder how desirable this coin will become if he manage to leave the EU in October? Might just be a significant year this. 

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    Au79 reacted to DarkChameleon in Silver price about to plummet   
    Im thinking of going long and short to cover it all.
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    Au79 got a reaction from AgCoyote in Oriental Border St George & the Dragon   
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    Au79 got a reaction from Zhorro in Oriental Border St George & the Dragon   
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    Au79 reacted to trozau in Best Looking Coin   
    A medal, NOT a coin. But way on top of my "want list"...
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    Au79 reacted to trozau in Oriental Border St George & the Dragon   
    Looks like a repro of the William Wyon medal of 1845
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    Au79 got a reaction from Abyss in Oriental Border St George & the Dragon   
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    Au79 got a reaction from Guybrush in Oriental Border St George & the Dragon   
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    Au79 reacted to ZatStackz in Oriental Border St George & the Dragon   
    I would buy that in Silver.  Looks better than the Valiant & that high relief is amazing.
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    Au79 reacted to DarkChameleon in Oriental Border St George & the Dragon   
    Nice, I'll maybe have to see what my 3d printer can do.