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  1. The back of the coin looks better IMO.
  2. Haven't sold yet so dropping the prices to $375. Still cheaper than any dealer or eBay.
  3. Still available and at a great price. Cheaper than anything I could find online.
  4. Received the new Destiny round "Mors Draco" proof and antiqued (the two on the right). I was going for the complete set in antiqued, but picked up some proofs along the way. Still deciding if I want to call it here or pickup the blacksmith and whatever comes next.
  5. Unfortunately, what you have now is a "cleaned" coin. It looks like you just rubbed part of the surface off. The raised areas (the eagles) on the BU libertad have a frosted like finish. In your after shot they look polished now, and you can clearly see the cleaned areas of the field. I'm glad you are happy with the result, but if you do ever decide to sell the coin, please list it as cleaned. I would be pissed if I purchased a coin listed as a BU gold libertad and it turned out to be cleaned like this. I would prefer red spots to cleaned. I also consider Libertad BU gold to be semi numismatic because of the low mintages. Though 2015 isn't a super rare year for the BU coins, that is still 1 of <5000 and would have had a premium.
  6. Item Price 2016 1/4 oz Gold Queen's Beast Lion (In Capsule) $375 2017 1/4 oz Gold Queen's Beast Griffin (In Capsule) $375 Payment via PayPal FF or GS(+3%), Zelle. All items plus shipping. USPS shipping starts at $3.50, up to $8 for SFRB. Will ship internationally at cost. Open to reasonable offers. Please PM me with any questions or if you want to use other forms of payment. Thanks
  7. @Moocher I package very well and discretely. Lots of bubble wrap and tape. Perth mint coins in capsules will have a slight rattle no matter how well I pack. I have only shipped to the UK once before (for the Christmas gift swap). It was a few ounces and cost around $20. Send me a PM with what you are interested in and Ill try and get you an accurate shipping cost. There will probably also be customs fees involved on your end. For the Christmas gift, I labeled it as a gift, but I think they still had to pay some fees.
  8. Ticket #3 Added 0 minutes later... Ticket #4 Added 0 minutes later... Ticket #5
  9. Australia Perth Mint Silver Item Price 2018 Swan $36 2015 Kookaburra (x5) $20 2015 Kookaburra w/ Goat Privy $25 2016 Kookaburra (x2) $20 2014 Koala (x8) $20 2015 Koala (x3) $20 2008 Lunar Mouse $32 2015 Lunar Goat $28 2015 Lunar Goat (2 oz) $45 Payment via PayPal FF or GS(+3%). USPS shipping starts at $3.50. Will ship internationally. Some capsules may have slight scuffs or scratches.
  10. 2016 Silver Chinese Panda (x3) $22 Payment via PayPal FF or GS(+3%). USPS shipping starts at $3.50. Will ship internationally.