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  1. ZatStackz

    Loading Up

    Thanks a bunch. This change has fixed my problem as well. I have allowed this site for both AdBlock and Ghostery, but for some reason I was still getting the popup unless i turned off Ghostery completely. Works great now.
  2. ZatStackz

    World coins & medals

    2018 Around the World Set Being that this is my first year collecting, I wanted to complete a set of the coins that I like for 2018. I think the St Helena Guinea is my favorite.
  3. ZatStackz

    Today I Received

    Barbados Silver. I really love the Trident.
  4. ZatStackz

    Today I Received

    I think this is my best looking bar yet. I might have to get a few more.
  5. ZatStackz

    How to best store silver

    This question seems to come up every few weeks. There are tons of you tube videos on the subject and here is the latest thread on this forum. I use air-tite brand capsules with tubes and an airtight ammo box. Stuff I like to look at go in a display box (in capsules). I do use silica packs and anti-tarnish strips. Can't hurt right!
  6. Simple google searches could answer most of these questions. https://www.google.com/search?q=silver+pvc+damage Over time as the plastic deteriorates it releases a gas that causes a green corrosion on the silver. You normally don't want to have to clean silver coins so the best bet is to not store them in PVC. https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/pvc-damage-on-coins-768300
  7. ZatStackz

    World coins & medals

    2018 South Korean Chiwoo Cheaonwang & Zi:Sin Canis
  8. ZatStackz

    Today I Received

    Korean beauties.
  9. ZatStackz

    Today I Received

    Received my Marvel box today. Looks great! Thanks @Alun
  10. Updated Prices! 2016 Mexican Libertad 5 Coin Silver Proof Set #108/1000 w/ Box & COA (1.9oz) - $195 $185 https://imgur.com/a/m1Gfn3d 2017 Australian 1 oz Dragon & Phoenix High Relief Silver Proof Coin #2506/5000 w/ Box & COA - $85 $80 + shipping Provident Egyptian Gods: Cleopatra 2 oz Ultra High Relief Silver Antiqued Coin NGC MS69 #165/500 (w/Egypt Label) - $110 $99 Anubis 2 oz Ultra High Relief Silver Antiqued Coin NGC MS69 #52/500 (w/Egypt Label) - $125 $115 https://imgur.com/a/XzVnG8X Payment via PayPal.
  11. ZatStackz

    World War 2

    I've seen this one at a number of dealers. I think there was a half ounce version as well. https://monumentmetals.com/2015-australia-1-10-oz-gold-war-in-the-pacific-coin.html
  12. I really don't understand the first strike or early release labels or why collectors are willing to pay additional for those, especially on a coin like this. The coin sold out in 5 minutes, so EVERY coin is a first strike and first day release. Paying extra for a coin with that label is stupid.
  13. ZatStackz

    Air-tite capsule for St Helena Spade Guinea

    I use H39 and they close just fine. All the specs I have seen on the coin show it at 39mm. The reason yours doesn't close is because the H38 capsule is actually an H39 with a very small plastic ring around the inner bottom, so 38mm coins will stay centered and not shake around. The inner wall is the same as the H39. My guess is that since the coin is 39mm, its not clearing the ring and is sitting a bit elevated and causing your capsule to not close fully. If you look really closely, you should see the ring.
  14. Yup, sold out in 5 mins. Luckily I was able to get one. Lots of dealers were asking for people to buy and resale to them. I'm trying to decide if I should sell it immediately and make a quick $200 or hold onto it for possible more value in the future. I was originally planning on buying it for my own collection before the offers came in. Not sure how the prices will do if the market suddenly becomes flooded with the dealer graded coins in about a month. I have 3 hours to think about it before the offer expires.