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  1. NCS conservation can remove the spots. I've had a few copper spots cleaned up on some coins I had graded.
  2. I've bought from them before. Didn't have any problems.
  3. I would be happy to take that off your hands. Will send PM
  4. Got the latest 10 oz Queens Beast recently and added it to my box. I'm halfway through!
  5. Not sure where to get them in the UK, but these work. https://www.providentmetals.com/2-oz-capsule-next-generation.html https://www.airtiteholders.com/store/p851/X6D40mm.html
  6. Kinda looks like milk spotting, but I don't really know what PVC damage looks like.
  7. I just discovered today that they have made counterfeits of the Anubis coin from the Egyptian Gods series. Crazy. At least its listed as Zinc Alloy. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2x-God-of-Death-Egyptian-Mummification-Anubis-Coin-Badge-Collectible-Gold-Silver/122920145102
  8. ZatStackz

    Perth mint

    No thanks.
  9. Did you take advantage and sell when the prices jumped?
  10. I hadn't heard about the original Hatton Garden heist until today. Short article on it. https://www.foxnews.com/world/bad-grandpas-heist-hatton-garden-london
  11. Resurrecting this thread. The next dragon is being released on May 1st. There is a drawing of it up. If it actually looks like that in the flesh this may be my favorite Chinese themed dragon coin yet. https://www.providentmetals.com/the-chinese-1-oz-silver-round-world-of-dragons.html
  12. Picked up some rounds from Intaglio Mint. I really like the Modern Tribute collection. 2 oz high relief rounds of various american coins. The detail, high relief and texturing is really nice. Also more Cryptozoology rounds for my set and some antiqued Spartan Rounds (Molon Labe). The werewolf round is really nice in person with high relief. The antiquing is not the best. Probably because the coins have so much detail, maybe its hard to get in all the crevices.
  13. Sounds like its just a colored silver eagle
  14. Maybe something from Lighthouse (its english name). Its a german company. Looks like they have websites for a bunch of different countries, though they appear to have a larger selection on the US site. This box also holds way more then you're looking for. https://www.leuchtturm.de/muenzkassette-volterra-trio-deluxe-fuer-slabs.html