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  1. Ticket #3 Feedback received from @ali187
  2. I recently submitted 2 coins for NCS but 1 didn't need it, and I was only charged for the one. You should be able to call them and sort it out.
  3. I do have another swan, though shipping to the UK can be pricey. Send me a pm and we can work it out.
  4. They make low mintage high relief coins that start @ around $200 and up. Some really nice pieces like the Gods series (Ares, Poseidon) that now go for over $1000. https://www.powercoin.it/en/203-mennica-polska-poland-mint
  5. Nope, not for $250. This isn't a mint of Poland coin!
  6. Me too! I was a bit upset when I missed that sale. Nice coins btw.
  7. I list in the USA section of the buy/sell trade forum here, but I have only sold a couple coins so far (on this forum). I'd like to think that my asking prices have been very fair. I list the same coins at the same prices on reddit's r/PMsForSale and I get a lot more hits there. I recommend that as an alternative, though it does take some time to build up a reputation there. They have a feedback system for buyers and sellers, and that reddit forum is mostly US based. I have heard good things about facebook groups, but I despise facebook, so I have not tried that yet. I also recently started an instagram account @zatstackz. I'm not selling on instagram, but I have seen sellers on there as well. Not sure how well they do. Chris has been offering prizes for sellers in the USA section to try and build it up and get more traffic. I do envy the speed that things sell in the UK section. Premium membership is not necessary to sell in the US section. The sell threads are not blocked for a day like they are in the UK section for non premium members.
  8. NCS doesn't reveal their secrets, but its definitely not done with acetone. I have seen something on youtube about removing red spots with a butane torch that is not hot enough to affect the gold. I'm not willing to try that on any of my coins. I would rather let the experts handle it. https://www.ngccoin.com/ncs-conservation/
  9. I have a general NGC question and I figured this would be the best place to ask. Pinging @Numistacker as our resident expert. I'm curious if there is any rhyme or reason to how NGC labels the coins they grade? I had a couple of reverse proof Libertads graded and they each came back with a different label/designation (see picture below). I have seen a variety of other labels for reverse proofs and I have no idea how NGC chooses which label to use. Are we supposed to provide the terminology that we want on the label when submitting the coin for grading? Some of the different versions that I have seen are: PF 70 REV PF RP 70 REVERSE PROOF 70 REVERSE PF 70 Here are the two labels that I have. There were from separate submissions. Thanks for any info that you can provide!
  10. I didn't like that the lunar II 1 oz's were not a standard 40mm. They don't fit into my capsule tube with everything else.
  11. ZatStackz

    Any new series??

    There are tons of new series. You might have to be more specific. Perth had the Bird of paradise and Emu series start last year. Lunar series 3 started this year. For rounds there is the World of Dragons and Warriors series, both fairly new and plenty of others. Mint of Poland is constantly putting out new high premium artistic silver. I like the new Assassin's series, and God's of Anger.
  12. Ticket #1 Not sure if this technically counts as a sale. Forum member needed to source an item from the states. He paid me upfront, I bough the item and shipped it to him. Feedback given on both sides. If this doesn't count, please disregard.
  13. Sorry, that one has sold (I also listed the same items on Reddit). I updated the OP.
  14. Up for sale are some premium Perth mint silver, Pandas, and a few other goodies. All coins are 1 oz fine silver and in capsules. Unless otherwise noted, the coins are all in BU condition. Proof Album Note: Imgur reduces image resolutions on mobile, so use desktop browser to see the hi-res pictures! Item Quantity Price 2014 Koala 3 $21 2015 Kookaburra 2 $21 2015 Kookaburra w/ Goat Privy 1 $24 2016 Silver Panda 3 $21 2012 Silver Panda (small milk spot on temple) 1 $22 2018 Niue Double Dragon (Beautiful dragon scale fields) 1 $22 Payment via PayPal FF or GS(+3%), Zelle, Venmo. All items plus shipping. USPS shipping starts at $4, up to $8 for SFRB. International shipping available at cost. I'm always open to reasonable offers if you buy multiple. Some capsules may have scratches. Please PM me with any questions or if you want to use other forms of payment. Thanks