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  1. ZatStackz

    for sale Perth Mint Lunar II BU

    Prices Reduced. or $255 for the lot.
  2. ZatStackz

    New Series - World of Dragons!

    The next dragon has been announced... The Welsh dragon. Releases Feb 1.
  3. ZatStackz

    Today I Received.....

    Cryptozoology series from Intaglio Mint
  4. ZatStackz

    for sale Perth Mint Lunar II BU

    Perth Mint Lunar II Silver for sale. 2015 2 oz Goat - $48 2012 2 oz Dragon - $55 2015 1 oz Goat - $30 2012 1 oz Dragon - $48 2011 1 oz Rabbit - $38 2008 1 oz Mouse - $42 All prices in USD. Shipping at cost. Will ship international. All coins in great condition. Slight scratches on a few capsules. Priced below all dealer and ebay prices I found online, but I'm open to offers.
  5. ZatStackz

    for sale Zombucks 10pc Complete Copper Proof Set

    Will take offers. PM if interested.
  6. Zombucks 10pc Complete Copper Proof Set 1. 2017 Walker * 2. 2017 Morgue Anne 3. 2018 Zombuff 4. 2018 The Barber 5. 2018 Murk Diem 6. 2018 Feast Dollar * 7. 2019 Starving Liberty 8. 2019 Slayed Dollar * 9. 2019 Dying Eagle * 10. 2019 Saint * 4 rounds come in capsule only. All other rounds (6) come in capsule with Box & COA. $35 $30 + shipping Can ship International. Paypal for payment
  7. Nice spreadsheet! It would be great if you could lock the left column so when scrolling its easy to see which dealer a price is for. Are you pulling these prices through some API or manually making this chart? There are similar tools like findbullionprices which compare the major dealers, though I think your list is more comprehensive (dealerwise). https://findbullionprices.com/p/2018-American-Silver-Eagle/
  8. ZatStackz

    Today I Received.....

    Received a nice Kookaburra box as a Christmas gift and put in my collection so far. Working on filling the box. You may spot an impostor hiding among the birds
  9. ZatStackz

    Today I Received.....

    Are you bothered at all that the coin is backwards in the slab?
  10. ZatStackz

    The 4oz Queens Beast Falcon...

    Are you sure about that? I find that sweat will come through cotton gloves very easily and the cotton can cause micro abrasions when handling coins. I made this mistake early on. I prefer nitrile gloves.
  11. ZatStackz

    Libertad Photo Thread...

    So you are the person who bought them all up when first released? Was it from Apmex?
  12. ZatStackz

    Libertad Photo Thread...

    Wow. Looks like its reverse proof. I didnt know they made those in kilo size. Very nice!
  13. Rare silver from the Dead on Paper Solid Silver Hobo Coin Series. Limited mintage of 200 for each coin. I managed to snag these at a bargain from their retail price and I'm passing the savings on to you. See link above for the retail pricing. Comes in capsule with COA and small envelope with matching sticker for each coin. In perfect condition. The proof finish is immaculate. Walking Reaper 1 oz 999 Silver Proof Round - $35 Bad Mojo 1 oz 999 Silver Proof Round - $35 R.I.P. 1 oz Silver Proof Round - $35 Shipping at cost, will ship international. Paypal preferred.