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  1. Picked up a few coins from Provident. Star Wars Vader, Welsh Dragon, Spartan Warrior. Got the Star Wars coin because it was on sale. Looks much better in person than the online images. Vader really stands out. Some of the background is incuse and the character profile looks like its on a higher layer. Kinda makes me want to grab the rest of this series.
  2. It was a one of a kind design made by a very talented artist. This guy does some amazing work. https://www.instagram.com/romanbooteen/ The original trap coin and rights to the design got sold to some other guy for around $10k. That other guy sold the rights to make replicas to Head or Tails Collectibles. Then there was some drama and he apparently didn't get paid the whole amount or something and is pursuing legal action against Heads or Tails. There was a whole reddit thread about it. Anyway, they still made the replicas and sell them on their site. https://hotco.co/collections/coins/products/the-trap-coin
  3. Got the new Captain America coin from the Marvel set. Here's a couple shots with different lighting. Filling up the box!
  4. Lovely coins. Once I saw the Sun I wanted the set, but the premiums were a bit too much for me. I also love that the box art flows together between them all.
  5. Would be cool if there was a gilded version with only the spots and horn gold, though that would probably take too much precision. Most gilded coins I see have been colored outside the lines
  6. Do you have a link for where you found that?
  7. I use 3M brand in tubes. https://www.amazon.com/3M-Anti-Tarnish-Paper-Tabs-Square/dp/B009YKA106
  8. I got the liftoff one (b), but I didnt even know it was a series. Will have to look for these. JM bullion was only selling the one. I dont even see anything on the North American Mint website.
  9. https://allengelhard.com/definitive-pages/engelhard-1oz-class-2/
  10. Finally got my 1/2 oz Reverse Proof Libertad in.
  11. Queens Beast 6-coin Set - $285 (~£220) Prefer to sell as a complete set. 2016 2 oz Lion 2017 2 oz Griffin 2017 2 oz Red Dragon 2018 2 oz Unicorn 2018 2 oz Black Bull 2019 2 oz Falcon All mint condition in capsules. + Shipping at cost. Payment through PPFF, or PPGS(+3%)
  12. Apollo 11 coins finally arrived this week.