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    SergioSena reacted to sixgun in Silver Monitoring Thread £ (GBP) only.   
    Keep Calm and Carry on Stacking
  2. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to PansPurse in HMRC could be a scam - this made me giggle!   
    Weirdly the only time I don;t get these sorts of messages is when I'm sending money to Barclays themselves... 🤔
  3. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to BackyardBullion in HMRC could be a scam - this made me giggle!   
    I know its on every payment you make these days, but the "could it be a scam?" warning for a payment to HMRC just made me chuckle!
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    SergioSena got a reaction from ilovesilverireallydo in 1/10 Gold bits   
    you still have this? I take it please
  5. Confused
    SergioSena reacted to cravethatcoin in Mortgage overpayment - Seeking advice :)   
    A quick update.
    NatWest are putting up as many barriers as possible prior to reducing the term.
    Even though I'm paying off 10% of my mortgage and reducing my risk to them as a borrower they are treating this as if I am borrowing more money or increasing my mortgage payment.
    They want:
    - 2 years accounts for my company
    - personal tax returns showing dividend payments
    Once I provide these documents they expect a 30 minute to 1 hour 30 phone call... I have no idea what they expect to talk about for that long to simply reduce my term based on my overpayment.
  6. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to sixgun in The Declining Use of Cash in the UK   
    i remember beer and cider at around 10p in the college bar (subsidised) - it does not seem credible now. This is when you know fiat currency is just pants.
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    SergioSena reacted to AppleZippoandMetronome in The Declining Use of Cash in the UK   
    I totally get the importance and agree with most of what has been said in this thread. Another part of the equation I feel though - and I expect this not to go down well - is how inevitable I see all of this as being. Cash isn't the future. I can protest all I want about it by refusing to use cards, contactless, my phone, etc, etc but it isn't going to change anything. We're still going to arrive at a point where the younger generation who just want to use these payment methods are the main demographic and anyone holding out will frankly lose.
    I fight the current state of things by putting my money into physical tangible things which to date is property, silver and gold. I have very little in cash savings or other digital forms because I frankly don't trust them. That is my protest and my protection. We aren't going to win this cashless war so I don't see the point in fighting it.
  8. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to dunmac in The Declining Use of Cash in the UK   
    I'm afraid I usually use the self-scan. They're usually quicker, easier to get rid of small change, and no contorted facial expressions when I pay with Scottish notes in London.
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    SergioSena reacted to HighlandTiger in The Declining Use of Cash in the UK   
    The only problem by going cashless is the authorities are able to track all your income and spending. The Tax and VAT men are just loving all this new technology. no-one will be able to hide any money  away for a rainy day, and when the system crashes, and believe me it will, (terrorism, blackmail hackers etc), everyone will be fecked.
    No more "cash in hand" jobs, no more hiding from the tax man. Its gonna be fun down at the bootfairs, when everyone is trying to pay 50p on a card machine. Not to mention that charities will lose out big time. No one minds putting a handful of coins in a strangers charity box or bucket, but are you really going to give a charity collector access to you card. Yeah right!
    Me, I cant go out anywhere without a bit of folding in my back pocket, I might not use it all day, and I might use cards instead, but I'd feel naked going out with no cash.     
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    SergioSena got a reaction from Mcgrimes in Fractional Gold Clear Out   
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    SergioSena reacted to Fastnick in GOLD DEALS - (UK & Europe) See a deal, post it here   
    Apologies if this deal has been flagged up previously, but I've just noticed that Harrington & Byrne are offering Quarter Ounce 2019 Britannias for £269:
  12. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to Bullionbill01 in Sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne.   
    I stored up all their junk mail and put it in a big Jiffy bag envelope along with an old house brick and stuck their pre paid envelope in the front - the lady at the post office weighed it and said it’ll cost them £32 to receive it.
    what I did forget to do was write on the junk mail to remove me from their mailing list 🙈
  13. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to AndrewSL76 in Sovereigns from Heubach Edelmetalle   
    Seems like a beautiful excuse to visit Stuttgart. Some culture, time away from London, and importantly, a bit of cheeky coin shopping!
    "Darling, I have decided to take you away for a weekend trip! How does Germany sound - something different, no? What about Stuttgart? I have always wanted to go..........'
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    SergioSena reacted to Money2Metal in What is the best size gold to stack?   
    My heart says 1oz but my brain says Sovereigns. 
  15. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to HighlandTiger in Gold Sale! - Who was still buying 20 years ago?   
    20 years ago Sovereigns were under £40, if you could find them.
    I can remember going round stamp and coin fairs, and I cant ever remember seeing a sovereign for sale. Never saw any in a jewellers either. No internet to buy from either. Maybe they weren't on my radar, so I didn't see them, but holding gold coins was not something I would ever consider at that time.
    Hindsight is a great thing, but if id managed to find gold sovereigns for sale, and bought those instead of the stamps, trading cards, signed memorabilia and collectables I did buy, instead of breaking even at best, I'd probably be sitting on a £100k+ profit by today.  
  16. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to JunkBond in Budgeting challenge - minimising expenses   
    I have this down to a fine art I believe, I don't waste any money and only spend on household bills.
    No TV, no gym, no alcohol, wear all my sons hand me downs. Hell I only flush the toilet once a day. 👍
    I make one teabag last all day and don't have milk!
    I spend about £350 per month. Missus buys the grub but she is tighter than me. 🤣
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    SergioSena reacted to vand in Goal - Financial Independence In Ten Years   
    Been spending a lot of time catching up with the FIRE movement lately.
    Getrichslowly.org & MrMoneyMustache.com are two excellent resources.
    There's lots of really good personal blogs & podcasts, too. 
    I spent good few hours reading through https://fi180.com/  - really inspiring sutff, and there are links in all the articles that take you on a merry tour of some of the best FI sites around.
    https://radicalpersonalfinance.com/ is an excellent podcast.
    The BBC even touched on it, shock horror: http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20181101-fire-the-movement-to-live-frugally-and-retire-decades-early
    I'm hooked..
  18. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to Tingles in GOLD PENSION PLANS AND 1OZ COIN PER YEAR   
    Diversification in this area is not an option for me.  She is an excellent shot (clay pigeon shooting) and she pointed out that I was a large, slow-moving target.  She held up a clay and said she's more used to 'powdering' these so she just couldn't miss - even if I zigzagged.  I took the warning.
  19. Thanks
    SergioSena reacted to BackyardBullion in European mint ! payment method   
    Same as before, TSFBYB50
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    SergioSena reacted to Elements in 1917 London rarity   
    I’ve never seen any for sale before so thought I’d share for those who appreciate such a rarity...only 33 graded by PCGS and NGC combined!

  21. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to KDave in Gold Monitoring Thread £ GBP only   
    That video is very good, looking forward for another crack at the oil market. Nice to hear that gold is likely to go lower again in the short term (maybe), hopefully it will time well with the QB release in March fingers crossed. Paying over a grand an ounce as it is at the moment is psychologically difficult for some reason. £950 is fine though. 
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    SergioSena reacted to Shinus73 in 10 oz JMBULLION bar   
    To clarify my earlier point - I’d agreed to buy the bar, but was then informed that somebody had made a higher offer.
    As I wasn’t intending to enter a negotiation, I decided to withdraw at that stage. 
    I’m willing to accept an innocent explanation or inexperience with how the forum works, but it leaves a slightly sour taste.
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    SergioSena reacted to Coolsmp in Westminster collection jokers   
    Finally got my 1/10 oz britannias from Westminster collection after several weeks of waiting. 6 still sealed 3 not. Never got the silver brits though. They said they couldnt fulfill my order.

  24. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to Oldun in Brexit status ...   
    lol. I remember this episode the first time out  Classic...and a brilliant explanation....arrives a minute or so in in both videos...
  25. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to RichRock in Mark Carney - Another doomsday prediction   
    Orange is good camouflage, it blends in quite well with fire and flames.