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  1. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to JunkBond in Budgeting challenge - minimising expenses   
    I have this down to a fine art I believe, I don't waste any money and only spend on household bills.
    No TV, no gym, no alcohol, wear all my sons hand me downs. Hell I only flush the toilet once a day. 👍
    I make one teabag last all day and don't have milk!
    I spend about £350 per month. Missus buys the grub but she is tighter than me. 🤣
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    SergioSena reacted to vand in Goal - Financial Independence In Ten Years   
    Been spending a lot of time catching up with the FIRE movement lately.
    Getrichslowly.org & MrMoneyMustache.com are two excellent resources.
    There's lots of really good personal blogs & podcasts, too. 
    I spent good few hours reading through https://fi180.com/  - really inspiring sutff, and there are links in all the articles that take you on a merry tour of some of the best FI sites around.
    https://radicalpersonalfinance.com/ is an excellent podcast.
    The BBC even touched on it, shock horror: http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20181101-fire-the-movement-to-live-frugally-and-retire-decades-early
    I'm hooked..
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    SergioSena got a reaction from JosephM in 2x 1g Degussa bar   
    i'll have them both, PM
  4. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to Tingles in GOLD PENSION PLANS AND 1OZ COIN PER YEAR   
    Diversification in this area is not an option for me.  She is an excellent shot (clay pigeon shooting) and she pointed out that I was a large, slow-moving target.  She held up a clay and said she's more used to 'powdering' these so she just couldn't miss - even if I zigzagged.  I took the warning.
  5. Thanks
    SergioSena reacted to BackyardBullion in European mint ! payment method   
    Same as before, TSFBYB50
  6. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to Bdean316 in GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)   
    the Westminster Black Friday £99 1/10 oz gold brit deal is still on 😂
  7. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to Roy in Gold Ducats   
    If by fire
    Of sooty coal th' empiric alchymist
    Can turn, or holds it possible to turn,
    Metals of drossiest ore to perfect gold.
  8. Like
    SergioSena reacted to Elements in 1917 London rarity   
    I’ve never seen any for sale before so thought I’d share for those who appreciate such a rarity...only 33 graded by PCGS and NGC combined!

  9. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to KDave in Gold Monitoring Thread £ GBP only   
    That video is very good, looking forward for another crack at the oil market. Nice to hear that gold is likely to go lower again in the short term (maybe), hopefully it will time well with the QB release in March fingers crossed. Paying over a grand an ounce as it is at the moment is psychologically difficult for some reason. £950 is fine though. 
  10. Like
    SergioSena reacted to Shinus73 in 10 oz JMBULLION bar   
    To clarify my earlier point - I’d agreed to buy the bar, but was then informed that somebody had made a higher offer.
    As I wasn’t intending to enter a negotiation, I decided to withdraw at that stage. 
    I’m willing to accept an innocent explanation or inexperience with how the forum works, but it leaves a slightly sour taste.
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    SergioSena reacted to zeusss4 in Gold Coins For Sale   
    Many thanks to @ThePaleKing
    I received two 2018 sovereigns today. I contacted about these on Wednesday, late afternoon and they were sent, special delivery on Thursday. 
    Seller agreed to send and receive payment on arrival. I offered to pay half upfront but there was no need. 
    Received two sovereigns today and I have paid in full.
    Many thanks and a great display of trust from both sides. 
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    SergioSena reacted to Coolsmp in Westminster collection jokers   
    Finally got my 1/10 oz britannias from Westminster collection after several weeks of waiting. 6 still sealed 3 not. Never got the silver brits though. They said they couldnt fulfill my order.

  13. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to Oldun in Brexit status ...   
    lol. I remember this episode the first time out  Classic...and a brilliant explanation....arrives a minute or so in in both videos...
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    SergioSena reacted to Madstacks in Withdrawn   
    Nothing wrong with raising prices in a rising market, i do it - one things for sure and that is you will have to drop them in a falling market so it works both ways.
  15. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to RichRock in Mark Carney - Another doomsday prediction   
    Orange is good camouflage, it blends in quite well with fire and flames.
  16. Confused
    SergioSena reacted to Stacknsave in GOLD DEALS - See a deal, post here :)   
    I started a posted over on the general section over the same thing, just a gang of jokers by the looks
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    SergioSena got a reaction from sovereignsteve in 1oz Gold 2012 perth mint kangaroo   
    If you still have it, i'll take it! PM'd
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    SergioSena reacted to JunkBond in Should you stack Silver and Gold for your Pension & Retirement?   
    It is surprising how little money one needs as you get older. I have a ten year old car, a ten year old mobile phone, no Sky TV (or tv at all but that's another topic), no holidays and wear all my kids hand me down clothes.
    I don't have to work, so when the sun shines, I sit in the garden.
  19. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to Kman in YouTube Trolls Funny Comments   
    I think it was Frankie Boyle who said "whoever says they're their own worst critic hasn't uploaded a video to youtube" 
  20. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to kimchi in Are you ready for the Red Pill? Russian Poison and False Flags in the Free Press    
    I'm more worried about these fatal bouncy castles at the moment to be honest. There have only been two supposed nerve agent attacks, but the BBC has highlighted the horrendous repeated fatalities that bouncy castles are suddenly leading to.
    It is surely only a matter of time before one of these weapons of massive bounciness are used to attack the Palace of Westminster, they must be banned ASAP and all operators locked up for life. I also fear helium balloons will be the next 'delivery medium'. These deplorable and easily purchased items have to be outlawed immediately.
    How many more clowns will suffer scuff marks to their heads before the Government acts on 'lone wolf' custard pies?
  21. Haha
    SergioSena reacted to SILVERFINGER in How to stop hassle from BBC licence 'enforcers'?   
    My mate used to wait till he had quite a few letters and tape the freepost return envelope with them to a sack of knackered old potatoes, then send it back to them, the post office knew that there would be a huge bill and hassle for the TVL people and used to give him a roll eyed look, this was decades ago.
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    SergioSena reacted to JunkBond in hands up those without tv   
    Another here, not watched/owned a tv for at least a decade.
    I spend my leisure time listening to jazz and obviously gazing at half sovereigns.
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    SergioSena got a reaction from Tn21 in hands up those without tv   
    no TV here for 20+years, great decision, no regrets at all
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    SergioSena reacted to Bullionaire in Precious Metal Themed Songs   
    I quite like the elbow cover of golden slumbers as well 
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    SergioSena got a reaction from BackyardBullion in **April 2018** Group order from European Mint   
    That looks lovely, enjoy it!