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  1. would you know what 2012 1oz silver pandas and 2013 pandas go for? thank you
  2. if its legal tender why will the bank not exchange it?
  3. if that were on the perth mint list I would gladly tell you lol
  4. 1/4oz bullion goat is mintage 13,650 I got this info from the pert mint I got the list for each year every size in gold mintage numbers If you want to know any mintage numbers let me know
  5. that is true but I think 6% over spot is far for 1/4 ounce one is the goat by the way.
  6. it truly is hard to determine what the "amount you need for retirement" actually is because everyone is different. assuming no mortgage or car payment just utilities I would say I could live off $150 cdn a week. now mind you that would be a boring retirement but I could live off of it so I would say 16-20k pounds a year after the conversion. but Im going to shoot for 50K cdn a year
  7. I also believe that in the next few month gold will fall a little. So I may hold off
  8. very nice set by the way. the premium is just hard to get over for me. I think i'm going to pick up those 1/4 lunars tho near me seeing how they are 6% over spot
  9. I use the stock market for other interest not for gold and silver. This is my buy and actually handling something retirement thing. If that makes sense lol. The maples are easy to sell to dealer but I am in the mindset that gold they do buy them back at spot here so if there is a hike I can sell them fast for instant profit. while I may have to wait a while to sell the lunar especially if there is a spike in gold prices. I really don't think people will be jumping to buy.
  10. I was looking into 1/4 lunars and maybe maples as well in 1oz just because they are a fairly low premium. I will check them out
  11. If you have the choice between Gold maples or Perth mint lunar series coins in gold which would you buy? and why? I can buy the perth mint lunar for slightly less than the maples.
  12. I have been looking at silver gold bull but their prices on pandas and stuff are very high most things they are cheaper for I have also looking at Canadian pmx. I contacted silvergoldbull about buying back pandas and the same ones they were selling for 58 a piece they offered me spot or spot plus a 1$ I cant remember. There was a lot of fake gold in alberta a while back I don't buy bullion I made the switch to government issue coins a while back. and I don't think i'll buy anything but from here out. As far as Ebay goes I have no experience with it I may have to go that route to sell my few pandas and the koalas I have. would anybody happen to know the going rate for 1oz 2012,2013 pandas and 2011-2013 koalas
  13. Hello everyone Just wanted to say hello. I have been stacking silver for 3 years or so and a little gold. I'm moving more toward the gold side of things and thought this might be a good place to find deals. Seems to be in my area we lack variety and option for purchasing. Also in Canada we don't seem to get very good buy back prices from dealers. I do plan on trying to silver a bit of my silver. But I'm new to this and am looking for input on transaction. like shipping paying or receiving payment how to conduct trades? do you ever worry about receiving fake stuff in return. stuff like that I always buy from a local shop that test there coins by non destructive means. I have yet to buy from an individual just because the worry of fakes we have had come up in Canada. thanks everyone