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    Bullionaire reacted to flipstar in Today I bought.....   
    got it from here https://www.silber-sammler.de/de
    I paid 130€ so it might be worth checking for another dealer. When  I first saw it was 109€
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    Bullionaire reacted to AgCoyote in Today I Received.....   
    I'm really impressed with the Magnificent Maple Leaves 10 ounce silver coin. If you don't have one, make it your next item. The detail of the leaves is very impressive. I know it's sacrilege but I wish they used this version on the 1 ounce.
    I feel like I crossed a rite of passage and now have my first PAMP gold bar:)

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    Bullionaire reacted to sixgun in Epstein - did he commit suicide?   
    Epstein was unknown are a hedge fund manager so his money was not from there. This could easily have been exposed and would be on tax returns but the controlled media and the authorities did not mention this. They would know where his cash came from as would many others but this remains 'secret'. His MO appears to have been to take VIP's to his island, entertain them and video them. Entertainment seems to have involved underage sex. Governments collect such data in control files to control characters. We hear Tim Fortescue (previous Conservative MP Chief Whip) talk about scandal involving small boys being covered up. This is all collected in the 'dirty book' (another black book). This will continue to this day.
    So Epstein would have been an American Jimmy Savile type of character. Savile never came to trial and never could have come to trial and neither could Epstein. The dirt covers all sides of the political spectrum - if there are any sides to this illusion of political sides and parties. 
    We had a bit of predictive programming when Epstein attempted to 'commit suicide' once before - the public were primed to the later 'suicide'. i did wonder if he were dead at all. He was clearly never on constant watch as a suicide watch is called. Someone like Epstein would have been in a cell with an open door with a guard at the door 24/7. i have seen it in police stations for nobodies who appear really serious so it would have been afforded Epstein. He would have been in a paper suit. There would be nothing to hang from, nothing to cut himself and so on. He wouldn't have been able to hang himself - so the story is a nonsense and he was never on suicide watch. Either he is not dead and there is a 'double' body acting as his body or he was killed. It avoids the trial. The whole business can be dragged out, obscured and come to nothing like the typical Official Inquiry in the UK which might implicate Deep State actors. Nothing to see here people, move on, the sports season starts again soon, there will be re-runs of Love Island, all is well.  
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    Bullionaire got a reaction from JunkBond in Bug-out bag of choice   
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    Bullionaire got a reaction from MickD in Bug-out bag of choice   
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    Bullionaire reacted to firestacker in Today I Received.....   
    Today I received the 1oz gold Britannia bar from Atkinson's. 

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    Bullionaire reacted to SILVERFINGER in Today I bought (Non PM).....   
    Here's my old girl, only  managed to get the cooling hose connector and water, cleaner and oil bottle can the other day, it half killed me dragging it down from the museum today for a clean and photograph, this thing weighs 10 stone empty.



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    Bullionaire got a reaction from KDave in The benefits of a LISA   
    Htb isas are still available to open till the end of November this year. I'm a few months away from maxing mine out
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    Bullionaire reacted to 5huggy in Today I Received.....   

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    Bullionaire reacted to RichRock in Once upon a time, Brexit...   
    Once upon a time, Brexit...

    Once upon a time, in a land very near, in a castle on a hill, there was a poker game between the UK and the EU. 
    The first game against the naughty step-mother Theresa May was in the EU’s favour, they had the advantage of May showing them her cards and actually helping them to win the first round. The EU sat back, smiled, patted May on the back and congratulated her on what a great player she was, whilst slowly taking her poker chips. 
    But evil May was kicked off the poker table for being a wicked step-mother by the fairy God-mother, and turned into a shoe.

    With a flick of the fairy God-mother’s wand and the words “Bring forth a man who can play poker!”...along came a man called Boris the B*stard.
    Boris the B*stard demanded new sealed decks of cards and proceeded to play wearing one-way sun glasses, doubled the EU’s bet and sat back with his cards covered with one hand whilst giving the EU the finger with the other.  Boris then finished his last goblet of the kingdom's finest Brandy, threw all his poker chips on the table and declared...”All in, your move, we’ve had enough of this sh*t!"

    Boris the B*stard also declared loudly "I've brought a ball too, and I like to throw it at faces...a lot”

    The EU had two choices.
    1. Believe that Boris the B*stard would play his cards “no matter what”, whilst continuing to give them the middle finger, or:
    2. Believe that Boris the B*stard would suddenly see sense, sacrifice democracy, drop his pants and hand the EU a jar of Vaseline. However, knowing Boris was a bit of a b*stard, they knew that this option was probably not realistic.
    The game ended like this:
    The EU, at the11’th hour, under candlelight in their castle top tower (which, I must admit, had very strange windows), surrounded by dwarfs, elves and trolls, negotiated a “new great for everyone” deal, whereby both players could leave the table without having to play the final hand.

    The EU got to leave the table stating “We won the game and gave the UK a new deal” and
    the UK got to leave the table stating “We won the game and were given a great deal by the EU.”
    And they all lived happily ever after (apart from May, who resides in Hell), the end.

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    Bullionaire reacted to flipstar in Today I bought.....   
    and some Bitcoin....who needs money anyway

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    Bullionaire reacted to Tickety in Today I bought.....   
    Not a precious metal but a coin checker

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    Bullionaire reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received.....   
    Thanks @morezone

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    Bullionaire got a reaction from BackyardBullion in Is a gold bar bullet proof!?   
    Love demo ranch. Started watching all his videos after you posted the silver shooty video BYB
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    Bullionaire reacted to 5huggy in Today I Received.....   
    @goldmember44 - a rather nice "lady" for me too from @fehk2001 thanks fehk2001

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    Bullionaire reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received.....   
    First foray into Platinum.  Thanks @kneehow2018. 

    A grotty looking and fingerprinted 2015 Half Sovereign, Jody Clark Portrait from eBay. 

    And a Gillick Portrait Set

    Bought sans Sovereigns so had to fill it myself.

    Best thing is the handy hideaway for the other eight year dates of the Gillick Bullion Sovereigns. 

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    Bullionaire reacted to JunkBond in Bars Photo Thread...   
    Mostly Engelhard.

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    Bullionaire reacted to BackyardBullion in Bars Photo Thread...   
    Added 0 minutes later... The big boy is back from Hallmarking!
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    Bullionaire got a reaction from kimchi in Something a bit different - Backyard Veggies!!!   
    Like my juicy melons?

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    Bullionaire reacted to S2G in Website for comparing UK prices for gold sovereigns, britannias, etc   
    Hi all,
    I recently launched a little side project of mine for monitoring the prices of gold sovereigns by UK dealers:
    At the moment functionality and looks are very basic; it refresh automatically every 2 minutes and watches a few of the most reputable dealers that I know of.
    I wanted to share it in case someone else finds it useful. It's completely free and donations are accepted to keep it running.
    Any constructive feedback is welcome. Thanks!
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    Bullionaire reacted to BackyardBullion in Hallmarking does it really matter?   
    This is so beautiful the question is why would you not want to hallmark!

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    Bullionaire reacted to vand in The Permanent Portfolio   
    Diversified portfolios will have fared pretty well in the last year as their gold and bond components will have taken up the slack as the equity markets have whipsawed.
    Here is my version of PP vs FTSE-All World over the last 4 months.. similar return but much more stable. You can see that Bonds have actually be the biggest contributor to its growth, and makes a strong case for just applying the strategy without trying to second-guess the underlying fundamentals for each of its individual components.

    Here is my active portfolio over the last 10 months vs FTSE-350...you can see that contribution for most of the outperformance has come from the Gold miners fund. VaR of 1.35% for 21% outperformance is a record any money manger should be happy with

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    Bullionaire reacted to adamthetaller in Just realised....   
    Got most of my PMs earlier this year, with gold around £970-990 and silver around £11.50 - current melt value of the combined stack is up around 10% on what I spent, mainly thanks to gold covering silver. Some of my 1Oz silver coins are actually worth more in melt than I paid for them now.
    I'm well aware of the ups and downs of PM stacking but it does seem I chose a good point to enter the fray... if only I'd had a bit more in the spare cash pot earlier in the year!
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    Bullionaire reacted to 5huggy in Just realised....   
    Funny that - Ive just spent this weekend updating and re jigging my spreadsheet and a bit of a "stocktake" so to speak - and im on the upside too!
    NICE AINT IT!! 😊
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    Bullionaire got a reaction from 5huggy in Just realised....   
    When i was updating my PM spreadsheet earlier, that the overall value of (just) the metal content of my gold and silver is now the same as the money I spent on all the coins/bars in the first place. 
    Crazy that the recent uplift (mainly in gold) has wiped out the not-insignificant premiums I've spent on silver and proof coins.
    - On silver, my average premium paid is 70.4% over spot at the time of purchase. I would need spot to be £16.37 to break even on my silver stack
    - On gold, my average premium paid is 11.9% over spot at the time of purchase. £1035.17 was my breakeven point for my gold stack.
    As you can see, I'm not just stacking the cheapest bullion I could get my hands on!
    I guess I'm fortunate that I got in to PM when they were relatively cheap, rather than starting in 2011-12 for example.
    Long may this trend continue!