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  1. They're pretty good from what I've read. Not invested myself in them, but low costs are always good. I would stick to 100% or 80% equity personally (if you have time on your side). Yields aren't very high though
  2. Seemed cheap when I bought in. I'm 30% down currently 😛
  3. Htb isas are still available to open till the end of November this year. I'm a few months away from maxing mine out
  4. Where's that Canadian coin from? Love it
  5. Love demo ranch. Started watching all his videos after you posted the silver shooty video BYB
  6. When i was updating my PM spreadsheet earlier, that the overall value of (just) the metal content of my gold and silver is now the same as the money I spent on all the coins/bars in the first place. Crazy that the recent uplift (mainly in gold) has wiped out the not-insignificant premiums I've spent on silver and proof coins. - On silver, my average premium paid is 70.4% over spot at the time of purchase. I would need spot to be £16.37 to break even on my silver stack - On gold, my average premium paid is 11.9% over spot at the time of purchase. £1035.17 was my breakeven point for my gold stack. As you can see, I'm not just stacking the cheapest bullion I could get my hands on! I guess I'm fortunate that I got in to PM when they were relatively cheap, rather than starting in 2011-12 for example. Long may this trend continue!
  7. https://mad-4silver.co.uk/ is a good one. They only sell for part of the year I believe so as to not cross the vat threshold. I've bought from them before and was pleased
  8. Have you laminated the COA? I wonder how to keep mine from getting bent/ damaged
  9. Dreaming of scoring the winning goal in the world cup final
  10. 2nd one. Don't think I would buy either though
  11. Great for a bit of stress relief as well I bet 😛 you'll have to make a video showing the hammering finish
  12. Have been waiting for you to do a hammered finish byb. I love the look of them
  13. I've mainly gone for stocks I own anyway in my isa haha. Plus a couple that I was thinking about but decided against in the end
  14. Anyone else taking part in the fidelity/this is money fantasy share picking game. I missed the start of this, but still weekly prizes up for grabs and a bit of fun https://www.fidelity.co.uk/game/
  15. Toilet paper is blooming expensive these days!
  16. Silver dragons has done this on his youtube channel. It looks great!
  17. I was just looking at value investing last night funnily enough. Factor investing to be more precise. Interesting that it has been found that around 90% of gains in excess of the market (by active fund managers etc) can be explained by a few factors like value, momentum, liquidity and quality. I'm thinking about the value etfs from ishares or vanguard as my next investment.
  18. Not exactly PM, but almost... a gift from a colleague: