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  1. For small purchases I don't think you can fault SilverTrader UK although certain bog standard bullion coins on Yorkshire Bullion maybe slightly cheaper. Anything with a slightly higher premium then it would be silver trader out of those two. Have you checked out Bleyer Bullion? I hear that they can be quite good. Historically a fella at work put together a few group order via Atkinsons Bullion and Coin and if the order is large enough they are not bad. Although, as above, Europe is the way forward as it stands with the likes of Silver-to-go. Until we hear what the heck is happening with Brexit anyway. If you don't want lots, the BYB/European Mint Group orders are the way forward if you want to keep your costs to an absolute minimum still.
  2. If you're only after one or two as part of your collection I would recommend SilverTrader if you want it next day and in a good quality capsule.
  3. Timmo365

    UK Parliament Petition

    Signed 👍🏻 takes less than a minute so worth it.
  4. Exactly the same as ApplezippoandMetronome. Although I was always pretty good at saving and budgeting my excess cash would go on nights down the pub, going to football, cinema and meals out. Now I have a toddler and a tough job, so the above are very rare these days. I enjoy stacking, so this gives me a quick fix plus I like the fact that it's a store of wealth that will either be given to my child eventually who would have paid zero towards it or if things go a bit tits up it can help supplement my later years in life. Definitely worse hobbies in life.
  5. Timmo365

    Silver books

    Hi, When I first started out I purchased 'Stack Silver Get Gold' by Hunter Riley. Although it's basic and has a US slant I found it easy to understand, wasn't expensive and really helps you grasp the reasons people stack PMs.
  6. Mine were perfect too. We all absolutely love it! You and Mrs BYB are community heros 😁
  7. I be the one to introduce the man. Welcome Greg. Shall see you tomorrow to discuss further. I have another stacker friend who may join the Forum. Poor BYB.
  8. StackerCollector, when you get the chance to visit them both, please let us know what you think and whether you believe they are worth the trip also.
  9. Hi mate, My friend was in London at the weekend and popped into a place called Philip Cohen NUMISMATICS and he confirmed to me that they had old US coins in there. 20 Cecil Court, WC2N 4HE. It's near Leicester Sq station. I've only seen some at Reading Collectibles in Reading and MJ Hughes Coins in Alton, Hampshire. I do love old US constitutional silver I have to say.
  10. Thanks for the welcome everyone.
  11. Hi everyone, Great to be here at last. I've been stacking since Nov '16 thanks to the influence of a colleague at work who is preparing for a SHTF scenario and although I don't necessarily subscribe to that, I did some research on bullion investment and decided that a bit of financial diversification as a hedge or long term investment can't be a bad thing. Basically to cut a long story short, I got the silver/gold bug. Family commitments have meant I have kept it realistic but all in all, I simply enjoy the community and haven't become any particular kind of stacker as I love collecting coins such as the Peace and Morgan Dollars as much as I do stacking Britannias. People such as BYB and Numistacker have become like footballers once were to me and these guys provide me with entertainment and sound advice at the same time lol I have even found a LCS as recently as last week, which I was under the impression only exist in the US! In my mind, the worst case scenario is, I end up with lots of shiny things which look great and can be handed down as a form of generational wealth to the little one. I've placed an order for a Silver Forum Bar by BYB as they look like a lovely little piece of hand poured silver and as a way to support the forum. Thanks again for all your hard graft BYB. Have a great day everyone. Timmo365