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  1. Hey guys , my newest YouTube video of some of my latest pick ups ? let me know what you think ?
  2. Hi guys my newest Close Up video thanks to anyone that gives it a watch ? https://youtu.be/5ItXLMURtcE
  3. UkSilverStacker

    best safe for under £250?

    Who does own a property in the uk nowadays? Lol it’s near impossible id say anything is better than nothing when it comes to a safe , try and hide it I gusse ?
  4. UkSilverStacker

    best safe for under £250?

    This silver stacking business is hard work ? I never thought of stuff like that
  5. UkSilverStacker

    Silver unboxing ?

    My newest silver unboxing ? please head over to my channel and let me know what you think ? if you like it please like comment and subscribe!!
  6. UkSilverStacker

    Today I Received.....

    Big lorry sent me my first piece of junk silver ?? very decent guy ! Here’s his channel please tell him I sent you to say thanks ?https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSKHLqS5G48O57M_ub7XyIw
  7. UkSilverStacker

    mispriced or just rediculass?

    That’s insane, why has it got such high premium? Quite glad I brought mine for 40£?
  8. When I first started stacking I experimented and here’s the out come ! Please if you enjoy like, comment and subscribe ?
  9. New video on my poured silver ? I love it with definitely buy more ! Please give it a watch and subscribe if you like ??
  10. UkSilverStacker

    What’s everyone’s view on the Star Wars coins then ?

    In less I find a die hard Star Wars fan ! But I haven’t seen any particularly cheap so might give them a miss for now
  11. I’m looking at getting a couple of the Star Wars silver coins but I’m wondering what people think of them ? Do you think they will be worth getting I’m thinking that they could go up a lot in value but not sure
  12. UkSilverStacker

    I am a newbie… Thank you for having me

    Hi fellow newbie ??
  13. UkSilverStacker

    How much silver is too much silver ?

    Some great answers here ? I like the dog ideas! Hiding in plain site is my way at the moment till my stack gets bigger
  14. UkSilverStacker

    How much silver is too much silver ?

    How much silver did you have when you maybe started to worry and start to put it in a safe or something of that kind ? I’m not at the stage that I’m that worried , i keep it hidden but I’m interested how you guys and girls keep your silver /gold safe ?