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  1. I have the same problem with my lion 😡 I only realized when I got my dragon and griffin from the group order. The only reason I noticed is because the lion seemed to be very loose in the capsule compared to my dragon and griffin. I wouldn’t be bothered if I bought it cheap but it cost me £200. Oh well, you win some you lose some with bullion coins.
  2. Received my package 😀 the beasts look amazing 🤩 thank you very much Mr & Mrs BYB. A* 👍🏼
  3. Fingers crossed, that designs incredible
  4. Have you used these? This is exactly what I’m looking for.
  5. Anyone used a property investment crowdfunding website? I don’t have the money to be investing in my own property, but would like to chip in for someone else’s and make a few quid also. Anyone who has used these sites please share your experiences, is this a bad idea? Thanks guys
  6. I don’t think these delivery company’s care if a few people are complaining over the internet about their service. At the end of the day they know companies will still use them regardless because they are cheap and well know. Whereas if they loose an parcel worth a large amount of money they will have people screaming at them from many directions. Luckily I’ve always received my goods, but some are not so lucky.
  7. I was looking into it a little earlier, specifically Litecoin. I’m down to try Cryptos, I’m just a little nervous about it. I have no experience with buying/selling Crytos, or which to buy. Plus I’m a bit paranoid, I mean I’m basically putting money into something that is just a number on a screen that could be worth 0 tomorrow. Have you used them? What’s your view?
  8. Ye, I wish I had never won anything, that way I would have stopped ages ago
  9. Ye I understand. I had a long gap where I completely stopped it, then went back and had a little win. That’s how they get you.
  10. Hi guys, hope you’re all having a great night after the England result . Before I get to the question I’d like to tell you some things about myself. I’m in my early 20s, employed, don’t drink/smoke, still live with my parents, and have very little in terms of bills. I’m only on minimum wage but that still leaves me with around 900-1000 free a month to do what ever I please with. The thing is, I’m a spendaholic, I literally cannot stop myself from spending on useless shite and/or gambling. This is the main reason I’m here on the forum in the first place, stacking silver, preserving some wealth. I wouldn’t say I’m board with stacking silver and I know I will continue for years to come, but what is boring is waiting till the end of the month spending a large % of my spare cash on it, and then it just sits there... hidden away waiting for the price correction to come. Basically all I’m asking is for some inspiration, I need something other than PM’s, I don’t want all my eggs in one basket. Maybe if I have another thing to get excited about, my money won’t be burning a hole in my pocket every payday. Thanks guys, appreciate any help
  11. Thought I would dip my toe in and get a couple of proof coins this month, as I have never owned any. I know a lot of you are not big fans of this design but I’m actually impressed And also a few nice copper rounds I got from @BackyardBullion in the trade section. He still has some left if anyone is interested.
  12. If it says signed for and nobody signed for it, who to say you got it? 3kg parcel full of silver and left on your doorstep is a joke. I’d say I never received it. I’ve had a Yodel driver deliver a parcel to me before, and he was Leaving it in my shed before I even got to the front door. These delivery drivers are way too over worked, and it’s the us who are paying for it.
  13. Maybe he’s called @SILVERFINGER for a more sinister reason than I first thought
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