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  1. Kieran

    **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    Ive recieved mine today as well not only my first forum order but my first order of silver and I really don't think I could of got off to a better start! Thank you to Mr and Mrs byb for making it possible 
  2. Kieran

    Royal Mint Proof Coins

    UK silver proof coins buy + sell are a helpfull group on Facebook, admin seem to know there stuff and are trustworthy. Some of the silver proof pounds, 2 pounds and 50ps go into the 100's some christmass 50ps are crazy money so I'd definitely have someone in the know have a look over them.
  3. Kieran

    Your most regrettable purchase

    Well I've just made my first mistake probably won't me my last! I thought I saw a 1oz noahs ark on eBay for a bargain but it didn't finish until past my bed time so I stuck a £12 bid on it and won it for £11 it wasn't until I looked closer this morning it's only a 1/4 Oz I've decided to make it into a keyring to help remind me to read the descriptions!