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  1. Could be another special European night for Liverpool 😀
  2. This. There are some from NI that will be the most patriotic British peeps you will find.
  3. The Northern Irish don't want that though.
  4. True, deadline for orders would have passed as well anyway.
  5. If Brexit gets extended, will the group order open to more coins or will it remain the current list?
  6. The second title is misleading. The article talks about paying window cleaners and peeps like that. Just poor click bait journalism as per usual.
  7. @BackyardBullion just received mine and all in good condition ☺ cheers bud
  8. I'm in. Just the one coin for me, please.
  9. Chelsea have done their usual thing of abandoning the manager.
  10. Received mine today from @BackyardBullion. Thanks a lot to both you and Mrs BYB,
  11. I don't know why, but I love this coin!
  12. Not necessarily true. If you want to change the status quo, it's up to the other side to convince people to leave, which I don’t believe they did as there was a lot of smoke and mirrors during their campaign. The only point that was quantified was the amount of extra money that we could put into the NHS, which was a complete lie. I voted remain the first time, which I still believe to be the best choice available to me as an individual. However, if there’s another referendum, I will be voting to leave as you can’t keep having a referendum until you get the decision that you want. Plus, f*** politicians.
  13. Loving the idea of this thread. Keep up the good work.