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  1. Could I grab the iron man and darth vadar coins if they're still available? @Guybrush
  2. Definitely. You would be hard pushed to get a better deal for the two I got.
  3. Received my two today and I'm very please. Wish I had purchased more! Thanks @StackSellRepeat
  4. Winner winner chicken dinner. Can't wait to receive @ram64 prize. Thanks for setting this up @Bullionbilly
  5. Awesome job @Bullionbilly, can't wait to see where all the prizes go! Good luck everyone!
  6. Sounds like a great idea. I've got a relatively small stack so not much in there to give. Put me down for a ยฃ25 amazon voucher.
  7. My falcon has spotted which is a bit of a pain because I will need to source another one.
  8. So to play devil's advocate, I have to either believe that secret energy weapons exists, that a nuclear device was used (ignoring all the issues with radiation) , a nanothermite was used that cut through the steal (doesn't explain the dust) or that the building was pre-wires when it was built? I get that there's a substantial amount of oddities about 9/11, especially politically, but the alternatives as they currently stand are not any more plausible. The alternatives raise more questions than they answer.
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