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  1. That's the problem with politics. What you vote for never becomes a reality.
  2. I'm sure I read at the time that something like 64% of Labour supports voted to remain. You can hardly call them betraying their supports if they voted to remain. Let's not confuse political party areas with actual party support. Just because a Labour area voted to leave, doesn't mean the majority of Labour supports in that area voted to leave. What they are guilty of is playing politics and trying to undermine the Goverment rather than working with the Government.
  3. Coins received and I'm very happy. I got one of the coloured coins and it was literally the only one I liked so I lucked out there. Thanks for this Sovereign and would be happy to ttake part again if you do one in the future!
  4. Some really nice coins there. Put me down for 3.
  5. Could be another special European night for Liverpool 😀
  6. This. There are some from NI that will be the most patriotic British peeps you will find.
  7. The Northern Irish don't want that though.
  8. True, deadline for orders would have passed as well anyway.
  9. If Brexit gets extended, will the group order open to more coins or will it remain the current list?
  10. The second title is misleading. The article talks about paying window cleaners and peeps like that. Just poor click bait journalism as per usual.
  11. @BackyardBullion just received mine and all in good condition ☺ cheers bud