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  1. Could I grab the iron man and darth vadar coins if they're still available? @Guybrush
  2. Definitely. You would be hard pushed to get a better deal for the two I got.
  3. Received my two today and I'm very please. Wish I had purchased more! Thanks @StackSellRepeat
  4. Winner winner chicken dinner. Can't wait to receive @ram64 prize. Thanks for setting this up @Bullionbilly
  5. Awesome job @Bullionbilly, can't wait to see where all the prizes go! Good luck everyone!
  6. Sounds like a great idea. I've got a relatively small stack so not much in there to give. Put me down for a ยฃ25 amazon voucher.
  7. My falcon has spotted which is a bit of a pain because I will need to source another one.
  8. So to play devil's advocate, I have to either believe that secret energy weapons exists, that a nuclear device was used (ignoring all the issues with radiation) , a nanothermite was used that cut through the steal (doesn't explain the dust) or that the building was pre-wires when it was built? I get that there's a substantial amount of oddities about 9/11, especially politically, but the alternatives as they currently stand are not any more plausible. The alternatives raise more questions than they answer.
  9. Very good points. I'm fully on board with an alternative version of events but like I said, I need facts and evidence. I've seen some farfetched ideas in this thread which make less sense than the official line, so tell me, what realistically happened. Not political or financial reasons why it happened or arguments about why the official explanation is wrong, but actual reasons for what caused this to happen.
  10. There was underground parking under the towers so what you are seeing at ground level will not be the entire amount of debris. Plus, don't overestimate how much material is used to build these structures as they are virtually hollow inside and half the outside is glass. What I expect to see is irrelevant until there is concrete evidence to state otherwise. The standard answer makes more sense then the alternative. It's easy to say that it doesn't look right but then again, a bumble bee shouldn't really be able to fly and what the hell is going on with Giraffes.
  11. You would have to include friction within your equation. With all that weight, there wouldn't need to be that much movement to build up sufficient energy to turn the concrete to dust. You cannot see the base of the building in the video. To me it looks like the entire building is turning to dust, not just the bottom. I'm very much open minded to there be alternative versions to stories but the onus is on the alternative to convince me. There's a lot about the original story that doesn't seem like the whole story, whether it's true or there's parts missing is up to debate, however, there is hardly a convincing alternative at the moment.
  12. I'm not saying you're wrong but there's certainly a substantial amount of thermal and kinetic energy involved in the collapse.
  13. No one thought Matt Hughes would be beaten either. His day will come like everyone else's in the sport. His most dangerous opponent at this weight class is definitely Tony Ferguson. If he wins that then might go unbeaten in that weight class.