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  1. Going to follow the topic. Check whether it might save me shipping costs. Not sure about the loss when EUR->GBP->EUR.
  2. engire

    Any one used goldsilver.be ?

    Usually it's ready for shipment within a day. Actual shipment sometimes takes a day or two more. I ordered there twice. First time it was shipped on the day of payment, second time two days after.
  3. engire

    Goldsilver.be Tax identification

    I don't recall having to submit an ID as well. Maybe you're setting up a business account, as then I would be less surprised.
  4. Interested in how it's arranged in the UK. Over here we used to have a similar fee for the public channels. They stopped it as of 2000 and now it's paid through general taxes (income tax). All rights to foreign channels (including BBC) is supposed to be paid through subscriptions fees, but of course it isn't a specified. How much is the fee in the UK?
  5. engire

    Raw Gold

    Check my photos here https://thesilverforum.com/topic/11158-today-i-received/?do=findComment&comment=181877
  6. engire

    Today I Received

    Last week I received two nice items, but very different from each other. The first is a nice coin from Burundi from the Baby five series. I've been looking for a coin from Burundi for longer, but I really don't like their design in the African lion series. I managed to get this one for a reasonable price in an online auction. It came without the original box, but I think the price makes up for it. I really love the design on this one. The high relief combined with the antiquing really makes it pop out. In real life it looks a bit better than photos with the light playing of it. The other one is a cool item is native silver of a calcite base. Not for stacking of course, but nice to have the range of silver in it's original form, bars and coins. I love the fine detail on it.
  7. engire

    Storage of your stack

    With my last order from GS.be they used a cardboard box als filler in the larger package. It's a nice rectangular box just high enough for the width of a coins with dividers in it. So far it's big enough for my stack and it slides in between anything pretty easy. I think if I need more space I'll try to find another one.
  8. engire

    Any one used goldsilver.be ?

    I've used them twice now. For me it's two factors: They're the cheapest around and their selection is really big (if not the biggest). Especially with my last order I wanted some coins I only could find with them. I haven't had experiences with their customer service. Maybe I should give Eva a call just for fun
  9. engire

    Today I Received

    Thanks, but it's beautiful #4 for me ☺️
  10. engire

    Hello from the USA

    Welcome 😊 I guess APMEX is a good place to start to get a feel of what's available in the states (haven't dealt with them myself).
  11. engire

    Today I Received

    I just got my lastest order from @BackyardBullion It started with the silver globe, one of which I managed to get hold of. Really love how it looks, with the finish and the base (props to BYB senior). Added another silver forum bar, a ripple square and some copper coins (because of the dragon design 😊) to my order. I really love the ripples on the square. It's a bit difficult to properly photograph, but it's a cool effect in the lighting.
  12. engire

    Fake silver eagle from eBay.

    Is there a way of recognizing these coins when you only have the photos on ebay (if there are proper ones on there?). Could you spot the fake without measurements, besides the sides being the wrong way?
  13. engire


    I just did an order, mainly because they had both Rwanda nautical coins on stock. Other good dealers don't have them (not the 2017 one at least). Their range of coins is the biggest. That combined with the low prices makes me buy there. I haven't had to deal with customers service, but when there are no issues (twice in my case) the payment, processing and shipment is really fast. Packaging is also really good.
  14. I like the continents idea, but maybe an easier piece to realise would be a world map in bar-shape (regular Mercator projection map or the likes). That might me cool. Or what you hinted at: a flat earth model 😁.
  15. engire

    Today I bought.....

    I also want to buy my first real gold in the near future (besides the 2 grams of maplegrams I have). What were your considerations in choosing the panda compared to for example a sovereign? Just the cheapest/lowest premium?