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  1. engire

    Today I Received

    Thanks, but it's beautiful #4 for me ☺️
  2. engire

    Hello from the USA

    Welcome 😊 I guess APMEX is a good place to start to get a feel of what's available in the states (haven't dealt with them myself).
  3. engire

    Today I Received

    I just got my lastest order from @BackyardBullion It started with the silver globe, one of which I managed to get hold of. Really love how it looks, with the finish and the base (props to BYB senior). Added another silver forum bar, a ripple square and some copper coins (because of the dragon design 😊) to my order. I really love the ripples on the square. It's a bit difficult to properly photograph, but it's a cool effect in the lighting.
  4. engire

    Fake silver eagle from eBay.

    Is there a way of recognizing these coins when you only have the photos on ebay (if there are proper ones on there?). Could you spot the fake without measurements, besides the sides being the wrong way?
  5. engire


    I just did an order, mainly because they had both Rwanda nautical coins on stock. Other good dealers don't have them (not the 2017 one at least). Their range of coins is the biggest. That combined with the low prices makes me buy there. I haven't had to deal with customers service, but when there are no issues (twice in my case) the payment, processing and shipment is really fast. Packaging is also really good.
  6. I like the continents idea, but maybe an easier piece to realise would be a world map in bar-shape (regular Mercator projection map or the likes). That might me cool. Or what you hinted at: a flat earth model 😁.
  7. engire

    Today I bought.....

    I also want to buy my first real gold in the near future (besides the 2 grams of maplegrams I have). What were your considerations in choosing the panda compared to for example a sovereign? Just the cheapest/lowest premium?
  8. engire

    Raw Gold

    It's raw "mined" silver. It's a mineral specimen with silver branched on a Calcite base. Visually really beautiful, so I'll be posting photos for sure
  9. engire

    Raw Gold

    I have some natural silver on the way at the moment. 🙂 Nice to have that kind of stuff in combination with the bars and coins.
  10. engire

    Hi from Sweden

    Welcome to the forum!
  11. engire

    I just picked these up last week. 👌

    The Lego-gift is from the 70's and 80's, so that tradition is over as well. I'll start hinting to my boss, but I doubt it helps...
  12. engire

    I just picked these up last week. 👌

    If I understand correctly it was a gift to a couple of long term employees/relations. I believe max 10 in circulation (I could be wrong).
  13. engire

    I just picked these up last week. 👌

    Maybe complete the collection with a gold brick? 😄 https://auction.catawiki.com/kavels/9842705-employee-gift-14k-solid-gold-lego-employee-brick
  14. engire

    American express card

    I also have an Amex and try to use it as often as possible. Luckily my supermarket accepts it without extra charges. For other (online) purchases it usually helps to use Paypal if they charge a fee (sometimes a fee is N/A). Haven't managed to put silver or gold on it. Usually bank transfer is the best option, because all dealer charge extra as far as I've seen.
  15. I agree with @Bullionaire. It all depends how you advertise it (reliability of communication/information). For me the limited mintage was something against the premium.