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  1. Is this a official German coin or just a silver round someone made up? And why in English and not in German? (like the wiener philharmoniker)
  2. engire

    Is it just me, or.....

    I would expect that there would be more activity while prices are low. More opportunity to pick up silver.
  3. engire

    I'd like one of these - Thank you!

    I have one in the attic, € 2.5 million ex postage, OK?
  4. Interesting scam. This takes it to a whole other level compared to the regular Nigerian scams. He did prepare it all really good.
  5. I love the idea of putting the science in the picture.
  6. engire

    Tokelau Equilibrium series

    Thanks for linking the video. I agree with you there. Looking at it like this the details are really missing indeed. Even more of a pity, because the video convinced me for the design even more. The combination of technology and nature is well done throughout the coin. I'm doing an order with GS.be soon, so might add one to the order anyway in the hope the mint ups the game for the next ones in the series.
  7. engire

    Tokelau Equilibrium series

    I was browsing GS.be and stumbled across this Tokelau coin which is the first in what they call the Equilibrium series (balances in nature etc.). It's the first from the Pressburg Mint from Slovakia, so no way of really knowing the quality. It's on GS.be for € 18.27 / £ 16.98, so bit of extra premium (available from September 15). What do you think about the design? What do you expect for the series? I kind of like it, but also not really sure yet.
  8. engire

    QB Falcon BU

    They probably just put it up to lure people to the website as they expect it to be released soon. Any official announcements yet for the BU version?
  9. engire


    It's one of the former royal houses. Pronounced like this: /plænˈtædʒənɪt/ 😂
  10. engire

    New to silver

    Welkom van nog een andere Nederlander
  11. engire

    About to make my first purchase

    The incuse maple leaf is a nice coin, but you're paying a premium over the regular one. I'm not sure whether that will pay itself back in the long term. I think it has to be a one-year release for that I think and I'm not sure whether they'll do that.
  12. engire

    New laptop

    I have a bit older model of the series (GL503VD) and it is a great overall laptop. I needed a good screen (good color range) and something that could play 4K videos and edit HD videos and raw photos.
  13. On the other hand: You can write off a beautiful new table as a company expense with the motivation that it really couldn't handle it ?
  14. engire

    Metals Spiraling Down

    I don't understand it as well. Enough things happening worldwide to make prices rise (metals as a safe-haven).
  15. engire

    Maybe we should be investing in Vanilla and not Silver.....

    If you really want to make money, sell Saffron.