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  1. I'd like to reserve number 073 again Thanks!
  2. I like the first one more, but I think this one will grow on me.
  3. Interesting coins, but the music in the video kind of stressed me out, sometimes could barely understand you.
  4. engire

    How’s my pour?

    Those look really good. Indeed they only need some nice stamps and you're ready to go.
  5. Yes there is. At least for the 2018 version. The presentation box is really nice for this one.
  6. I think it's great news it's a series. Get this one for sure. Bullion & proof. Should look great besides my 2018 proof.
  7. I have the same with coins in auctions. Regularly I see modern coins going for prices that are way more that regular retail price + shipping.
  8. I think salt and pure sugar might be better to have. Can be preserved long and used in trade.
  9. Finally received my latest order from @BackyardBullion. Took just over two weeks via regular mail. Not too bad during the holiday season. Of-course the pieces itself are a nice addition again. The leaf is a bit more chunky than I expected. Very nice.
  10. I've been looking at their website a couple of times before. The statues are amazing. The prices kept me from ordering so far, but this might help with the first purchase
  11. I did a nice unboxing this weekend with a (for my standards) huge amount of silver and gold. Gold sovereign, random year. I ended up with a nice 1902 one. Haven't read a lot about sovereigns, but I think this is a nice year to have 5 gilded silver coins: 2018 britannia, 2018 maple leaf, 2018 walking liberty, 2016 & 2017 philharmoniker 2018 Proof rectangular dragon: really cool presentation box 2018 10 oz Valiant 2019 Queens beasts falcon (also dragon and lion so I have 2 of each) 2018 Tokelau Equilibrium: looks better than expected after seeing the video review posted on here a while ago. 2018 St. Helena Spade of Guinea 2017 & 2018 Cayman Marlin: I like that they switched the coins, so with 2 of each you get to see both sides with the package intact. 2014 & 2015 Burundi proof History of Aviation: Messerschmitt & Kawasaki, nice quality boxes
  12. My latest order went without a hassle. Stored several orders and combined shipment. Shipped with Fedex. Was a very diverse order, but all complete.