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  1. Wow... Lots of feedback... and proves how enthusiastic this forum is Mostly confirming what my research and gut feel is telling me. Part of the reason I stuck with bullion sovereigns last time was because I couldn't afford 'the perfect example' , and that meticulous part of me, wants things to be 'just so'. It's the same with watches, the box and certificates impact the price quite dramatically .. it gives the provenance. The whole 'grading' thing seems to have really took off...but does that recreate the integrity in a coin? Looking at the results members have had from grading it certainly appears so.
  2. New on the forum having followed it for some time. Also, returning back to 'coins' after about 10 - 13 years ... previously I only bought 'bullion' sovereigns. Now I'm more interested in 'quality over quantity' , so looking more at proofs etc. Question is : What's the feeling on buying proof sovereigns without the box and certificate. Does it affect the price that much ? Also would grading effectively remove the need for box and COA anyway? Appreciate any thoughts from the collective wisdom out there.
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