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  1. You really should start using a credit card. They give protection on purchasing, some offer cashback or rewards and with a bit of clever money management they will make you money.
  2. Well today was the funeral and I managed to find a suitable coin after the suggestions on here so thank you very much. Pictured is the coin we're going to place in our kitchen somewhere. Once again thank you for your advice, it really helped.
  3. Thank you for the suggestion, the festival of Britain coin looks suitable. Just need to find a good quality one from eBay.
  4. I'm looking for suggestions of a coin from 1951 that I can use in a small token of respect. My father in law has recently passed away and a few months ago he said he wanted to pay for us to have a new kitchen/diner in our house. He was gutted he couldn't see the finished work and I would like to place a coin from his year of birth as a show of respect to him and his generosity, maybe in the tile work somewhere. I was thinking sovereign however I've quickly worked out they weren't produced for this year. I've seen a five shilling coin that is readily available but wanted to know if anyone had any other ideas? Thanks in advance.
  5. 5279 I also think it could be in the 4000's though, however I'll stick with 5279! Great idea for your 3000 subs, glad I caught it in time. Congrats.
  6. How does he have 100% feedback if he sells fakes?
  7. New stacker here and I made the mistake of telling the wife, her view on life is that if it's not spent on shoes, a handbag or a new top then it's a waste. Also reminding her that my saving in the past has resulted in our better financial position doesn't go down well. Lesson learnt, don't speak to the wife unless absolutely necessary!
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