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  1. I was debating whether to buy or not buy the 2019 1oz doomed shaped silver moon landing anniversary coin from the congo.it had a hefty premium attached but at a mintage of 1000 I decided to do a quick check around to see what other dealers were charging and found that the price I had wasn't bad considering others wanted around €100.i ended up buying one for €62 but best of all when I checked back later on they were all sold out. Man I love that feeling.
  2. I see that the 2019 CHIWOO CHEONWANG silver proof doesn't come with a capsule on goldsilver.be. €71.39 Although they do give you the option of purchasing a capsule as an extra. That's seems a bit odd to me or is that the norm?I've never bought a proof coin before.
  3. Just seem them on aurinum.de for €25.90. now that's a premium....
  4. Spare a thought for the poor Europeans who will have to pay at least an extra two dollars minimum on top of what you paid.😭😭😭
  5. Thankfully I won't have to deal with any of that Brexit malarkey (as regards to silver coins, possibly some fallout in regards to trading etc). I'm next door in Ireland.
  6. Oh yes that's right.i forgot about them.ive ordered from them in the past. Any other dealers? Cheers
  7. Are there any other dealers out there that allow customers to stack all their orders together and send with one postage other than goldsilver.be?
  8. Thanks for the info.ive had a reply from ejp and it seems they have sold all their stock and are no longer in business.
  9. Looks fantastic but I won't get me hopes up too high just yet.hopefully the coin won't be a million miles away from the artists drawing.
  10. ravenshunter

    Help request

    Possibly before Xmas a British dealer posted a link to his/her site about silver bullets they were selling. I had it bookmarked but recently lost my phone and I've looked back through previous posts to no avail. I'm wondering if anybody out there may have bookmarked the site themselves? Cheers in advance
  11. I love the design. Deffo getting a couple. Any idea on release date?
  12. I've got a few coins in storage with gs.be so the delivery will be worth it when I finally get the order delivered.i seen the coin on sale Friday, put two in the shopping basket but then I had to buy something else to bring the total over €60 [minimum purchase ex taxes].I was called away in work and got back on-line 40 mins later and they were sold out at €34.90.to say I was sick was an understatement.
  13. Back on sale at goldsilver.be for a whopping €41.thats a €6 jump in price from Friday.wouldave liked two coins but one will do now so I can keep the collection going.taking the Mick at that price.
  14. It's a beautiful coin but again its very pricey.ive seen the bullion version of the coin on goldsilver.be for €37.30.