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  1. ravenshunter

    Has the price of The Queens Beasts increassed?

    I'm amazed that the price for the falcon is so expensive at the RM.how can you guys pay up to £56 for that coin? European dealers selling it from 31euro to 33euro.do get shafted by customs when you get them posted?
  2. ravenshunter

    Silver or gold QB falcon?

    Cheers y'all for the advice.i leaning towards the silver coins.storage ain't a problem at the moment so ill buy the silver coins, vacuum pack em and stick them somewhere the sun don't shine till a later date. Ouch.....
  3. ravenshunter

    Silver or gold QB falcon?

    I love the falcon image on the new queen's beasts coin but I'm undecided on whether to buy the 1/4 ounce gold coin or a tube of 10 2oz silver bu coins.they aint miles apart in purchase price so which do you think would be more financially rewarding in the future? Cheers for replies in advance.
  4. ravenshunter

    2016 silver pandas

    What's so special about the 2016 pandas?
  5. ravenshunter

    New Series - Silver & Gold - Mandala Chad

    I ordered one from golden coins for €19.45 plus PNP.not due out till middle of August.
  6. It's not dead it's just taking a break......
  7. ravenshunter

    Congo Silverback Gorilla 2018

    Just ordered the 2018 Congo silver back gorilla coin from Golden coins for €20.25.glad to be able to continue the series.not for delivery till middle of August.
  8. ravenshunter

    Marvel Coins Anyone?

    bought the 3 coins myself when the panther coin came out.they look great and the fact there will only be 6 coins makes it more appealing to me.might be able to flip it for a profit when I retire in twenty something years.
  9. ravenshunter

    Anniversary somali Elephant

    I don't collect the elephants but after reading here mintage 15k..... decided might be worth my while in getting 2.......time will tell.
  10. ravenshunter

    Anniversary somali Elephant

    True.i looked last night also and sold out.this morning back in business
  11. ravenshunter

    Anniversary somali Elephant

    got two anniversary elephants from golden coins.de for 26e a piece.they still had some as I typed.Postage 11e.he also has the silver Korean tiger at 24.50e.he allows to bulk order and save on postage.
  12. ravenshunter

    New 10oz Queen's Beast

    I've seen them on silberling.de for 167e available 19th April.its about 19e postage.beautiful looking coin.
  13. ravenshunter

    2018 Korean silver tigers

    She could be bad for business.i personally won't risk dealing with them.
  14. ravenshunter

    2018 Korean silver tigers

    I'm a bit weary of them after I read a story here about the lack of customer care when one of their customers received a damaged 10oz kook.id be gutted and steaming if I got damaged coins.do you know if its a regular occurrence with goldsilver.be or once off?
  15. ravenshunter

    2018 Korean silver tigers

    It's a beautiful coin for sure but will it attract any kind of import tax once it hits European shores?