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  1. I love the design. Deffo getting a couple. Any idea on release date?
  2. I've got a few coins in storage with gs.be so the delivery will be worth it when I finally get the order delivered.i seen the coin on sale Friday, put two in the shopping basket but then I had to buy something else to bring the total over €60 [minimum purchase ex taxes].I was called away in work and got back on-line 40 mins later and they were sold out at €34.90.to say I was sick was an understatement.
  3. Back on sale at goldsilver.be for a whopping €41.thats a €6 jump in price from Friday.wouldave liked two coins but one will do now so I can keep the collection going.taking the Mick at that price.
  4. It's a beautiful coin but again its very pricey.ive seen the bullion version of the coin on goldsilver.be for €37.30.
  5. Love it. ive got the rest so I'll keep going.Am I right in thinking that there is only one left in the set after this one? I suppose they could change their mind and keep going if they are proving to be very popular.
  6. They have the 1oz available from their online site 'intaglio.com' for $19 but they don't ship internationally.ive emailed the earlier to see if that policy is enforced or if maybe they might.no reply yet.
  7. Seen this 2oz silver coin on goldsilver.be.i think it's a beaut but it has a beaut of a premium attached at €47.42. its from a private mint in the states.its the 2nd release of the Spartan series.not sure if there will be more.
  8. Shipping to Ireland can be between $35 - $50 and I'm sure I'll get stung with some sort of duty or vat so unless I really really want a certain coin and I can't find it in Europe then it wouldn't be worth the expense.
  9. Wth. "how cheap silver bullion is in the states"🙄
  10. Man it's amazing how cheap silver bullion iysnd gals in the states I supposes in the states.for the amount of money I've spent on silver in the last 5 years I'd say if I'd spent the same in the USA I'd have easily a third in size more than what my stash is at the moment. Lucky for you guys and gals in the states I suppose.😉
  11. No still on sale at goldsilver.be for €19.98 atm
  12. Wow that is definitely a much better design.ive two of the 1st release so I'll be picking up two of these also.
  13. Or smarties......😁😁
  14. How much was it? Currently unavailable ATM.
  15. The coin is on pre sale again on golden coins.de at €92.