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  1. Just bought two.ive got them in storage but hope to get my orders(roughly 21 of them) delivered before xmas.
  2. Well did you decide to pull the trigger and buy one.......... They went within minutes
  3. Wow you guys are quick. All gone now from auragentum.
  4. Just looked back at the website and it's not available again.still selling at that price.
  5. Back on sale at gsbe for a meager €317.
  6. I was waiting myself for gsbe but no way am i paying that price. I'm a bit sick i didn't get one yesterday after having one in the basket. Ah well
  7. Wow i didn't know that.i just had a look on gsbe and it's for sale for over €1100.im slowly changing my mind about buying one.if i stumble across a 5oz queen Anne's i may have to think long and hard about it.it could be worth the risk
  8. Out of stock on gsbe but at €217 I'll give that a pass if it comes back in stock.
  9. ravenshunter

    Poo Dragon!

    Your a bit late to that party....
  10. It's a bit on the cha Ching side but I'll need to carry on to complete the two sets.one I'll hopefully flip and the other I'll keep MAYBE!!!!
  11. I'm holding my breath to see what the premium will be....😱😱😱
  12. Keep calm everybody Boris is at the wheel Good luck
  13. Oh yeah.That looks fab.
  14. Like you say.ive ordered two myself.cant go wrong with a 5000 mintage for €20 a pop plus the fact that I'm Irish sure I might as well.dont see much silver bullion dedicated to the irish out there