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  1. If I'm being honest I don't really know exactly what I've got.alot of what I think I have is oin my memory.if I think I have it then I must.some coins with low mintages I've only just got in the last couple of years.to save on postage I usually keep all my orders with the supplier which could be up to 10 orders over a period of 5-8-10 months then get them delivered.i check that they are all presant then after a few days or week or so I'll vacuum pack the lot the into storage.ive only started collecting in the past 4-5yrs but my favourite coins are the 3 5oz 2014 libertad coins that I got from a chap who was working in Mexico as a teacher and was getting silver as part payment.he was selling to head back to Mexico.theyve a really low mintage and very hard to find cheap.i also got 20 libertad 1oz silver coins in their original cardboard or paper tubing before they went plastic tubing.surely be worth something for originality value alone.wait and see what happens.collecting silver is for the long haul so keep on trucking.......
  2. I like the look of it but the 3000 mintage caught my eye so bought a couple.i think I read that it's the 1st in a wildlife series. Yet another collection that I've started........
  3. Gone already. Very popular coin. Still available at GSBE if anyone looking
  4. Back on sale this morning at GSBE.big jump in premium from 12 hrs ago.€22.25 to €25.15. Glad to have one in the bag.lovely coin
  5. I'll have to pass myself.not really my cup of tea and at that price they may be left with quite alot on the sales shelf.
  6. I've just seen them on GSBE €170
  7. I love the look and style of the coin but the price is crazy.they must think that if they make something new and unusual that the silver collectors out there will buy.no thanks.
  8. I think it looks cool.each to their own I suppose.
  9. ravenshunter

    Who is next?

    Cool.i love this collection.long may it continue.
  10. I've ordered a couple from gsbe.With their track record on customer service I wouldn't bother emailing them to ask about the capsule.it would be a waste of my time.ill know in time. Thanks for the info though.
  11. Do they come with a capsule?
  12. Still available. Seems weird.usually they'd sell like hot cakes.they must be losing their appeal.
  13. On sale at GS for €33.49. Cha Ching!
  14. Just bought myself 3.it looks nice and I'm a sucker for coins with dragons on them.i have them on a bulk order so it'll be close to Xmas before I get them in hand.hopefully someone will stick up a few in hand photos which always seem nicer than the advertising picture.
  15. I was debating whether to buy or not buy the 2019 1oz doomed shaped silver moon landing anniversary coin from the congo.it had a hefty premium attached but at a mintage of 1000 I decided to do a quick check around to see what other dealers were charging and found that the price I had wasn't bad considering others wanted around €100.i ended up buying one for €62 but best of all when I checked back later on they were all sold out. Man I love that feeling.