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  1. ravenshunter

    2nd dragon dollar design

    How much was it? Currently unavailable ATM.
  2. ravenshunter

    5oz terracotta army coin

    The coin is on pre sale again on golden coins.de at €92.
  3. ravenshunter

    5oz terracotta army coin

    Will do.i won't have it for about a month I'd say.
  4. ravenshunter

    5oz terracotta army coin

    Golden coins.de.i got one after they sold out the 1st time I don't know if the price rose the 2nd time they went on sale and if it will if he sells again but I got mine for €92.aurunim selling them also for €94.5
  5. ravenshunter

    Chad Mandala Rhino

    I'll also be in to continue another series.
  6. ravenshunter

    5oz terracotta army coin

    Just purchased one of these.low mintage of 10k.at €92 it's a bit pricey but considering theyve sold out twice with my dealer within 24hrs I'm thinking it maybe worth it.1st in ANOTHER series.
  7. ravenshunter

    2018 China 1 Oz Silver Kiangnan Dragon Dollar 2018 Restrike BU

    Wow that premium escalated quickly.pity I only got 3.do you guys think that the next coin in the series will have a hefty premium attached?
  8. ravenshunter

    Poor quality Somalia Leopard 2018 - 100 shillings

    Coin looks fine.you'd know a milk spot when you see it.
  9. ravenshunter

    New Series - World of Dragons!

    I'm in...I can't get enough of dragon coins.
  10. ravenshunter

    What's your standard vetting / fake-detection method?

    Tbh unless it's from a trading site like eBay etc I probably don't do any checks at all other than a visual.ive never bought from ebay.i feel its a bit risky when i hear about postage scams(thread last week) and fake silver coins so i usually only buy from reputable dealers so I'm pretty sure they are the real deal although I'd be pretty sick if say I decided to sell up in 20years and found majority of my stash was fake but that's highly unlikely.
  11. ravenshunter

    Poor quality Somalia Leopard 2018 - 100 shillings

    Just in from work and a parcel awaits opening.i knew I'd a few coins coming and that one was a silver Somalian leopard.after reading your comment earlier I was full of dread but thankfully it's in perfect condition and enclosed in a capsule.i hope milk spotting ain't in the post.
  12. ravenshunter

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    Tap on the picture and enlarge by pinching screen outwardly.it becomes clearer.
  13. ravenshunter

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    I've never ordered from this crowd but I've seen other threads that have nothing but negative vibes about them so for pure peace of mind I'll pay that lil bit extra to know that I wouldn't have to deal with any bull. Comments like "your not getting the rest of your order till you pay our cancellation fee" just shows me how unprofessional they are. They just aren't worth the hassle when there are so many professional dealers out there.
  14. ravenshunter

    Royal mint 10oz Valiant silver coin out soon

    Wow that's a beautiful coin.i want one even more now.🤩
  15. ravenshunter


    I was in the same boat up until yesterday when my coins arrived.id ordered 6 coins from them.got an email saying they were paid for and told that another email would follow when they were on their way.i didn't get that delivery email for at least 5 working days afterwards but all was good in the end.it was my 1st time using them and I'm sure I'd use them again.