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  1. Agreed, don't want red gold. This issue just makes no sense to me. It supposed to be pure gold plus some really minute percentage of something else. The really tiny percentage should be mixed in the gold not on it. Even if it was on the gold why would it change from a gold colour to red? Gold coloured copper that changes back to it's original red colour. 🤨 It can't be under the gold because gold doesn't work that way or all gold plating would be awful. Also the sovereigns and Krugerrands from many years ago don't seem to have the issue yet they have a much higher percentage of copper. I rekon it's must be the Gremlins new batch or 👽👽👽👽
  2. Oh no. Not the dreaded copper in your pure gold. 🤣
  3. Did you add the shrink wrap yourself or did it arrive that way?
  4. Have you thought of selling the grizzly separate?
  5. RoughDog

    vat question

    From past experience importing from USA (not metals) the VAT is charged on the total (purchase price plus postage). At least I think it is. My memory is not reliable. 😕
  6. Maybe they got older and purchased expensive "chick" mobiles. Guessing a "chick" mobile is needed in those trousers. 😂 Every mm counts.
  7. The concern I have with selling and then inevitably buying something else is losing out to premiums each time. Unless of course that the item sold has gained a substantial premium that tempts the sell.
  8. personally i wouldnt purchase from someone who either doesnt have access to a camera or wont provide a genuine photo for some uknown suspisious reason. i would want to see the condition.
  9. looking at the charts it seems sterling went downhill in 2007 and by end of 2008 it was down. no idea why, but that was way before brexit.
  10. no offense intended but you work in numismatics and you ask these questions. regardless of what the truth is, I can't believe it
  11. RoughDog

    Gold import

    Some stole his box of chocolates. 🤣🤣🤣
  12. That's a strange looking colour for 22K. I would hope it looks more gold like in real life.
  13. 100 x 1 oz gold Britannias. 🤨 I can always wish.