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  1. Which way is it? That way, over there. (points with trunk) Are you sure. You always forget.
  2. Never better of with cans of beans. 😣
  3. Not sure whether it is best to use one of those encrypted containers or an encrypted spreadsheet. Some applications create a cached version of a file in case the application closes without saving. Those containers can contain any type of file and it can be a good way of grouping lots of files together with one password.
  4. Is this the guy from "The Time Machine"? 😂Good movie. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0268695/mediaviewer/rm3086457088
  5. How are the beasts doing these days? seems not many posts about them here recently and a lot for sale on ebay.
  6. in case you want the calculation. gold context in grams * gram price * premium increase as decimal * number of coins 7.32 * 39.694 * 1.015 * 4 = £1,179.67
  7. You say that like it's a bad thing 😀
  8. Can we have our national insurance payments back plus interest?
  9. What left was there to sell? Thought most other stuff had already been sold, sorry I meant privatised.
  10. Guessing there are going to be more people claiming benefits then. Unemployment figures will rise unless they can find another way to exclude them for the stats. It will be a case of those sponging pensioners claiming benefits cheating the system.
  11. Apparently 9999 fine gold may contain some copper, like one part of a 1000. And that one part can cause a red dot on the gold coin. Funny thing is kruggerands contain far more copper and they don't have red dots. Not without the predator present. 🤣
  12. I think the silica packets would be overkill as you have removed the air. The air won't contain moisture.