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  1. RoughDog

    Brexit silver?

    Been talked about a lot already, still wondering what would happen to second hand silver prices should Brexit mean all silver purchases include 20% VAT? Possibly gold too after reading this https://articles.royalmintbullion.com/gold-silver-investment/ Are the second hand prices going to increase similar to UK dealer prices or are people going to sell their silver at similar premiums as today? some possibilities - 1. The number of people willing to purchase silver drops due to prices. 2. people hold their silver and don't sell because they won't be able to buy any other coins at a similar price. 3. people cash in their silver and move to gold or something else. 4. Not much of a different to the UK silver market. 5. People focus more on collector type coins instead of Brits. Thoughts?
  2. RoughDog


    Can I have a portion of beasties, no salt and vinegar please?
  3. RoughDog

    My Preciousss!

    honey I shrank gollum's body 🤣
  4. RoughDog

    Sold all my gold, got stung

    Why don't die a rich man? almost everything is taxed, doesn't really matter what you do.
  5. RoughDog

    Today I Received.....

    You could always hang around a train station and badger people claiming you need money for train fare. Charity clothes required.
  6. RoughDog

    gold queens beast series losing its charm?

    Personally I have the opinion that scratched and damaged coins should be sold at bullion prices similar to a pre owned Krugerrand regardless of the coin. Sellers trying to parcel them off at collector coin prices with strategically worded terms and conditions is nothing but annoying.
  7. RoughDog

    Troy ounce gold coin volume??? Something strange...

    You could be right. That would have to be nearly 0.8mm for Perth mint coin. Seems a lot to me. Like about 28.5% of the coin.
  8. RoughDog

    Troy ounce gold coin volume??? Something strange...

    My scales are unreliable. I was wondering if someone who is better at maths than me (only have GCSE) can shed some light on these calculations. Looking at Perth Mint site, the 1oz gold coin dimensions are even bigger, the calculations are out even more. What is going on??
  9. RoughDog

    Troy ounce gold coin volume??? Something strange...

    Gravity is somewhere in the 13.3 range for the queens beast unless it's fake or some calculation is way out. Even if I reduce the values to account for edges it's not even close. Checked it with a ruler and it is similar to Atkinsons site. Definitely more than 31mm before rim. So: - 31 / 2 = 15.5 15.5 x 15.5 = 240.25 x Pi = 754.768 1611 / 754.768 = 2.134 mm thick. It's more than that. Strange. Maybe it's gold plated junk.
  10. I am trying to compare the volumes of different gold coins to ensure genuine 24k gold. Something doesn't add up unless am being supplied dodgy sizes from various sites. Help needed please. Calculations as I understand are: - Troy ounce volume is weight / gravity = 31.1 / 19.3 = 1.611 cm cubed. = 1611 mm cubed. The volume of cylinder = Pi x (radius x radius) x thickness. Looking at royal mint bullion website it says that the queens beast bull has dimension 32.69 mm but no thickness. So: - radius = 32.69 / 2 = 16.345. radius squared = 16.345 x 16.345 = 267.159025 267.159025 x Pi = 839.3048 Therefore the thickness must be 1611 / 839.3028 = 1.919 mm Atkinsons is showing the thickness as 2.70 mm. That's a big difference from 1.911 mm. Worrying 🤔 Anyone care to check my calculations and help. Different strange numbers when checking other coins.
  11. RoughDog

    Order has been stolen

    A barcode is only a number (series of digits 0 to 9) that can be read from a barcode scanner. The number is normal used as an index to retrieve details about some data. By itself the number is meaningless. To a person who has access to the database (courier) they can probably identify you.
  12. RoughDog

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    Looks like were seeing a sudden bust of acceleration
  13. RoughDog

    Coin Box Material?

    Anyone know the material used in the bottom of the coin box that a coin is secured in? Would like to make this -
  14. That cost averaging doesn't sound fair.
  15. RoughDog

    Bars vs Coins

    Or go captain cavvvvvve...marrrrrrn 🤣