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  1. Your going to cash in as much gold as Russia owns? 😬
  2. The red in question is a different colour to copper. It was trying to be sarcastic. Gold doesn't tarnish or change colour as far as I am aware. I never seen gold jewelry, gold plating or any gold change colour or develop red spots. I have two gold Britannia's 1/10 ounce coins, (supposed to be 999.9 / 1000 gold ) purchased directly from royal mint and both have developed red spots.
  3. IMHO, Proof coins are essentially collector coins. They are NOT based solely on the precious metal content although they do have that to fall back on. They are based on that ever changing mysterious unknown entity called desirability. If you want to resell them that means other peoples desirability and not your own. It generally means that if people tell you it looks great you tends to feel good and when people tells you it looks bad or you wasted your money you tend to feel like cr&p. You better make sure they don't get scratched, dented, touched, breathed on, develop jizz spots 🤣, get a case of the copper red eye (copper red spots that only exists on copper that comes in contact with gold, the copper they use for computer heatsinks never gets the copper red eye).
  4. What is especially bad is giving people human rights. Especially prisoners. They are supposed to be tortured like animals at a circus and never released in the public again no matter how small the crime. 😏 Speeding 32mph in a 30mph zone. 20 years hard labour and loose everything you own. It sure is great having no rights Britstain.
  5. Almost new Dewalt metal drill bits. I watched many ping test videos and the lunar does not sound right. Just dropping the thing on a wooden desk hurts my ears, such a high pitched clang. It's what Donnie Brasco calls a "fugazi".
  6. Nope. Some facts about silver: - "Silver often plays second fiddle to another precious metal, gold, but this element has special properties that deserve a good look. For example, of all the metals, pure silver is the best conductor of heat and electricity, according to the Jefferson National Linear Accelerator Laboratory. It's also the best reflector of visible light, which is why it is commonly used to make mirrors — though silver does tarnish and turn dark grey when exposed to air, requiring periodic polishing. Pure silver is too soft for products like jewelry and tableware, so the family's finest forks and knives are most likely sterling silver, an alloy of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper " It's too soft for jewelry but I couldn't drill through the lunar with a Dewalt 18V hammer drill that has never failed me before. This lunar is made out of some rock hard metal.
  7. I have my camera on charge now. Try and post pics later, maybe tomorrow. I would like to record the audio ping test so you can hear it for yourselves. The maple has a ringing sound that sounds like "ting". The lunar is high pitched clang. I have mental health issues and took the hammer to the maple months ago (maybe 6 months) when I had a really awful day. Strangely since then the maple is like a lucky coin to me, one of my favourite coins, one that I would never sell.
  8. Like I say I will gladly send it to people on the forum. One each and I will pay the postage. They can keep the coin fake or genuine. I believe it is fake because it is nothing like my one ounce maple with I am 100% sure is genuine.
  9. Like I say I argued with the dealer a lot at the time because it didn't have the original capsule either. It rattles in the capsule, clearly not a Perth Mint capsule. They were not good with their customer service and would not accept it back. I purchased quite a few Perth Mint lunars from them and I have a feeling they are all fake but I need to investigate. If the others are indeed fake I will give them away in trade section and pay postage myself. I don't want paper metal.
  10. Being super careful and leaving everything in capsules but I starting thinking something was not quite right with the coin. Now I think there is quite a few more fake sadly.
  11. No. It silver in color but it doesn't sound like silver. When you have handled silver a lot you get a feel for it. Like I say. Someone can have it for free as I am sure I have more fakes anyway.
  12. Like I say. It fails the ping test badly. It doesn't look real. If you want I can send it to you in the post for free. It had some form of mark or spot on it when I purchased it. I complained to Chards at the time and they refused a refund. Too long ago now.