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  1. RoughDog

    Sold all my gold, got stung

    Could say the same with the stock market. I know someone who has shares and I asked during a crash, "why not sell some?" He said they would got back up. Today they are well up and they probably always will in be in the long term. Trying to predict when to sell and when to buy back is risky without a crystal ball. If purchased at a fairly low price there is nothing to worry about in most cases.
  2. RoughDog

    The Problem With Coin Series

    I'm not too stressed about premiums either. I recently changed my buying strategy from pure bullion, whole collections, random coins to - only buying CGT exempt pure bullion or coins I really like. When I say really like, I mean coins that look better than good. Great. I get the feeling the Perth Mint 1/2 ounce lunars look really nice. I may buy the 1/2 ounce tiger if I ever get the chance.
  3. RoughDog

    The Problem With Coin Series

    The tiger is my favourite design from series II, followed by the horse. I was tempted to try and get the whole collection in 1 oz but decided against it.
  4. RoughDog

    Ted Butler

    Guess i'll have to wait for one of those 2011/2012 peaks to sell silver. If that happens, I guess collector coins won't be much good.
  5. RoughDog

    Old fashion Royal Mint

    Won't purchase silver or gold that cannot be held in my hand.
  6. Anyone know anything about these stamps? https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/47289738 I was thinking for a while that buying 1st class stamps in bulk (maybe 100 of) is a tiny little money saver as they seems to increase in price each year (at least inflation). Not sure if these stamps cost more than a regular 1st class stamp. Anyone?
  7. RoughDog

    Yale of Beaufort - Queen's Beasts

    I think it looks a bit cool. Not sure about the spots and the way it holds the shield. Looks like something from the pc game, doom
  8. RoughDog

    Sold all my gold, got stung

    Maybe not. Maybe he still thinks gold will drop soon and is happy with his decision. If I thought something was near the top I wouldn't mind selling before it reached the top.
  9. RoughDog

    The Problem With Coin Series

    Are you getting confused with 1/2 kg mouse? https://www.perthmint.com/documents/Mintages/mintages3/The Australian Lunar Silver Bullion Series Two 2008 - 2018.pdf 1/2 oz is 17,114 I also thought fractional silver wasn't as popular so you may find one if you keep a look out.
  10. RoughDog

    The Problem With Coin Series

    I've seen the mouse in the trade section on here before and ebay. Might cost a bit to meet Moses, Chelsea sent him out on loan. Playin in Turkey. 🤣
  11. Is that George a real person? Obviously dragons don't exist.
  12. RoughDog

    Who Do You Rate as Best for Explaining Gold Trends ?

    Is this her grandmother?