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  1. RoughDog

    Gold and brexit.

    That will mean I paid even more for some of my silver 😂
  2. RoughDog

    Gold and brexit.

    Everyone fav subject and apologies if in the wrong section. What are people doing about gold purchases before brexit. It's looking like a certainty in the near future now. Boris sounds like he not messing around. Anyone worried we may lose the VAT free status and getting a purchase in before hand? Thoughts?
  3. Nice site. Simple board style design is a superb choice.
  4. Best exit strategy, stand close to the exit.
  5. 🤣 What I'm gonna need is for you to come in on Saturday. You apparently didn’t put one of the new coversheets on your TPS reports.
  6. Not financial advise but you might want to consider gold coins rather than bars. You also may want to consider buying gold if that is what you really want. That ratio may never happen or may be difficult to take advantage of.
  7. Some people do, they collect them. Wouldn't worry too much about past purchases.
  8. I thought similar. I sold some coins here, on the forum. They sold fast and it was quite easy with the exception of taking decent photos. Best strategy is to have a strategy. I never formed a concrete one, mine was buy something beautiful or what I liked (within a reasonable premium range) that will cheer me up. Given what you said I suggest sticking to Britannia's or the most liquid UK coins (set yourself a percentage of your stack and stick to it). As luck would have it with the exception of some very early coins mine were fairly sensible.
  9. Finger nails at top of capsule. Capsule pushed into chest. Clench teeth....
  10. The numistmatic world It's not tempting to me. Most likely because I don't find the coin designs attractive. Strange looking dudes. Not trying to offend, the guy on the horse looks like a nudist. 🤣 If it's gold and has a low premium you can't go far wrong whether the design is liked or not.
  11. The sov has a premium of £19.23 or 7.17% The brit has a premium of £36.34 or 12.75% Both are about as bullion as bullion gets, so the sov is cheaper.
  12. I've noticed a lot of people replace the price with sold. Is replacing the price good etiquette?