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  1. RoughDog

    Late to the party...

    It's debatable cryptos could handle the volume of traffic to be usable as a real everyday currency. Every transaction has to be crypted in an uneffcient manner due to the way it works. Blockchain might become blockedchain. 😂😂🚽🚽🚽🚽
  2. RoughDog

    Silver collector coins in long term?

    I'm wondering what silver collector coins are going to look like after say 20+ years. Are they going to look toned and a bit tatty like or are they still going to look shiny and newish? When ever I see old coins they always look a bit tatty. Is that because they have been circulated or is it a natural process?
  3. RoughDog

    wanted 1/10th gold lunar series 2

    Looking for a 1/10th gold lunar to add to my collection. Looking for one that is not scuffed or scratched. Need something to cheer me up. PM me if anyone wants to sell. Thanks.
  4. RoughDog

    Silver surprise

    It's £19.78 including VAT and delivery for a single Britannia at the mint now. Fair price is one of those funny things that is almost impossible to determine accurately. When buying everyone wants the cheapest price and when selling everyone wants as much as they can get. I suspect some stackers are part collectors too and won't want to part with some of their perceived best coins for the cheapest price. All coins don't seem to be in the same condition.
  5. RoughDog

    Gold to silver ratio.

    I understand what you are saying HawkHybrid. Gold Britannia and Krugerrand can be sold to dealer too, at slightly better terms than a sovereign, only at ounce weights. Yes? If I understand correct fractionals can only be sold like this to a buyer not a dealer? Dealer will pay spot but premiums more or less maintained selling on forum?
  6. RoughDog

    Gold to silver ratio.

    You make some very interesting comments. I would like to know the very different reasons people hold gold vs silver? When I watch videos and read post people seem to mention the same reasons. I am fairly new to this and uneducated. You say there is no equivilant to a sovereign. Are you refering to the image on the coin or are you referring to low gold premium for it's weight Obviously there is a gold and silver britannia but no silver sovereign.
  7. RoughDog

    22K vs 24K

    from what I read you will get more for a scratched up coin. I am not talking about now I am talking about the future. what if they decide you can no longer buy or sell gold coins but your jewellery is OK? what if there is a mad max senerio and you need to barter to tiny amounts of gold? I guess I am saying what if in the future you need to melt it? Surely 24K is better. What could ever go wrong with pure gold?
  8. RoughDog

    Is this a fake 5 oz Australian Lunar Horse ?

    You only need scales for gravity test. You said it passes weight test?
  9. RoughDog

    Is this a fake 5 oz Australian Lunar Horse ?

    Try gravity and ping test. Makes a few scuffs I have on a few coins seem like nothing.
  10. RoughDog

    22K vs 24K

    SHTF scenario maybe. One ounce needs to be turned into 1/2 grams. Don't know really. Seen videos of people melting junk gold jewellery and it looks awful. People melt silver yes?
  11. RoughDog

    22K vs 24K

    Don't have any sovs. 🙄
  12. RoughDog

    22K vs 24K

    Does anyone else feel a little uneasy about 22K gold? What if you had to melt a coin in 20 years time for some reason? Would 22K be a problem?
  13. RoughDog

    Gold to silver ratio.

    Current selling ratio differs depending where you are selling. You can't buy silver at spot price. I was talking about trading. This forum has the ability to trade gold for silver and silver for gold. The prices here are more real world than the dealers. Trading an ounce of gold for 82 ounces at a dealer might be equivalent to an ounce of gold for 100+ ounces of silver here. It doesn't matter you answered my question anyway. That is, there is a real ratio that you would part with your gold for silver.
  14. RoughDog

    Gold to silver ratio.

    What I am asking is that if the silver price remains the same but gold spot price increases giving a real trade ratio of 82:1 you would trade your gold for silver? 1 ounce of gold for 82 ounces of silver If silver ounce is £15 and gold ounce is £1,230 (real coin prices, not spot price)
  15. RoughDog

    Gold to silver ratio.

    So you can buy silver for about £15 an ounce on here. 82x15 = £1,230 x 1.05 for 5% premium = £1,291.50 So if gold spot price jumps to £1,230 next month and gold coins are selling for £1,291.50 and silver coins sell for £15 you would like to trade your gold for silver?