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  1. Hi, only just spotted this - I know first game now played, is it too late to sign up?
  2. billp

    **April 2018** Group order from European Mint

    Hi BYB, Just had a thought when I was ordering some goodies on the Group Order. I think it would be a good idea if someone from the group who is IT proficient could produce a simple order form to help the ordering process.. This could simplfy the ordering process and might make life a little easier for you as everyone would be using the same format. The form could list all the usual suspects such as 1oz Brits, 2 oz QB'S, Eagles, etc. Anyone wanting to order something not on the list could simply add the item they want to order in a blank spaces at the bottom of the form. You could add whatever you like on the form such as, your disclaimer, a column for name, date etc. This could help to clear any ambiguity that may arise. I would have a go myself but afraid I'm not too clever with this type of thing. If you think it could be a goer - we could ask for a volunteer(s) from the group to produce a draft form, and then ask the group for suggestions to tweak the draft into something that everybody is happy with.
  3. really interesting video, enjoyed watching this
  4. Well done BYB, your efforts are appreciated. Can't wait to see 1000 oz of silver
  5. billp


    Thanks for sharing. To me (as a newbie) this is what a forum is all about - sharing your expriences, good or bad with the rest of us. It allows us to make our own judgement as to whether we would use such a company in the future.
  6. billp

    Price Comparison - With and Without VAT

    They are a bit special
  7. billp

    Price Comparison - With and Without VAT

    Will do - thanks for info
  8. billp

    Price Comparison - With and Without VAT

    Thanks BYB, I already made purchase but will be in touch in the future. Those prices on GS.be look good, however I'm having a bit of bother with their website.
  9. I have just joined forum and relatively new to stacking. This morning I was comparing prices on 1 kilo coins. I have purchased from both Bleyer and STG in the past. My initial thought was to purchase from STG due to the absence of VAT. STG Price for 1 kilo koala was £468.22, which I thought was very reasonable. However when you add the postage cost of £16.95 and the 2% for using card which is another £9.70, you have a total of £494.87. Bleyer cost for 1 kilo coin deliveded was £499.86. A difference of a fiver, plus you would receive items ordered the next day. All considered this is not much of a difference, indeed some may prefer to buy home rather than away for the sake of an extra fiver. When browsing the forum and youtube, I came across BYB's group buys which I think is a great idea, I will take him up on his very kind offer in the future. (if he's still doing it) cheers
  10. billp


    Hi guys, What a great forum. I have learnt a lot from you guys already. I've only recently started stacking silver, although I have a small coin collection. Maybe time to trade in some of these as I am finding stacking silver quite addictive. Cheers for now billp