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  1. Hi, sorry to hear this. Last year I placed an order with GS.BE and when I looked at my account with them it stated that the parcel had been delivered. I had not received the package. I waited another 3 days, and my missus suggested I ask some of our neighbours if they had taken delivery of my package. One neighbour had indeed taken delivery and sat on it for a few days waiting for me to come and collect! It may be a long shot but try your neighbours. Hope things work out for you.
  2. If you want it - buy it, look to the long term rather than the short term and enjoy your collection.
  3. Thanks @Serendipity wasn't aware 1/4oz gold White Lion was available, not easy keeping up-to-date with Queens Beast releases
  4. Hi, only just spotted this - I know first game now played, is it too late to sign up?
  5. Hi BYB, Just had a thought when I was ordering some goodies on the Group Order. I think it would be a good idea if someone from the group who is IT proficient could produce a simple order form to help the ordering process.. This could simplfy the ordering process and might make life a little easier for you as everyone would be using the same format. The form could list all the usual suspects such as 1oz Brits, 2 oz QB'S, Eagles, etc. Anyone wanting to order something not on the list could simply add the item they want to order in a blank spaces at the bottom of the form. You could add whatever you like on the form such as, your disclaimer, a column for name, date etc. This could help to clear any ambiguity that may arise. I would have a go myself but afraid I'm not too clever with this type of thing. If you think it could be a goer - we could ask for a volunteer(s) from the group to produce a draft form, and then ask the group for suggestions to tweak the draft into something that everybody is happy with.
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