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    Sovereigns, Half Sovereigns, Pandas and generally coins I take a liking to.

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  1. Hello Tim, just sent you a PM, would love to buy this one from you. Kevin
  2. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    Some eBay purchases arrived today. A 2008 proof sovereign, a lovely 1989 proof half sovereign and the 2015 5th portrait proof sovereign.
  3. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    Five of my SilverForum purchases arrived in Australia. 2015 proof sovereign NGC70UCAM, an ungraded 2000 proof sovereign, 2013 bullion sovereign, a 2014 1/2 oz Chinese Panda and finally 1/10th oz Liberty coin (my first US gold coin). Lovely coins.
  4. KevinJam

    Question about 1989 Sovereign, Box, COA

    The UK Royal Mail does not accept coins for international postage to Australia. There are a few coin dealers in Australia that you can submit coins for grading for both PCGS and NGC.
  5. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    Fantastic coins. The Raphael Maklouf obverse design is my favorite Queen profile.
  6. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    Had a few eBay buys arrive this week. First are two sovereigns put together in a box by the Perth Mint (neither are Perth Mint coins), one is the 2002 British proof sovereign and the other a rather worn 1878 Sydney shield back sovereign. Then a separate 2003 proof British sovereign in a capsule.
  7. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    The new Perth Mint year of the pig proof set. Includes the 1oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz coins. Purchased with the COA number 0188. I think this number is supposed to be lucky - one of first and eight for prosperity.
  8. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    Received two bullion sovereigns purchased from a fellow SilverForum member earlier this year. The 1957 and 1967.
  9. KevinJam

    Hello from Beggars Tomb In the US :)

    Hello Ty and welcome to the forum.
  10. KevinJam

    Perth mint pig 2019 design.

    I like the design. Should be popular with Chinese buyers as they consider that the pig represents luck and good fortune.
  11. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    Hello, just bought the 2018 proof dragon coin from the Perth Mint. Have taken a photo of the proof next to the billion version released earlier in the year.
  12. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    Hello, today received this 2002 1/2 sovereign graded 70DCAM purchased from a dealer. Have the 2002 sovereign in for grading so if very lucky it will achieve a 70DCAM also.
  13. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    Thanks Tim (Sparrowlegs4) for the 2017 SOTD Sapphire Jubilee sovereign. Was looking for this in 70DCAM. A lovely addition to the collection.
  14. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    Here are a few of the favorites from the PCGS grading. 2017 plain edge Pistrucci sovereign. Bought this from a US eBay seller ungraded and it achieved 70DCAM so am very happy with that. Also a well traveled coin going from the Royal Mint in the UK to the US onto me in Perth Australia, then I sent it to a dealer in Sydney for submission to PCGC so then back to the US and finally after grading then back to Aus! 1981 sovereign graded PF70DCAM, bought this for a few dollars over spot as an ungraded coin. 1974 bullion sovereign that a achieved a respectable MS64. The 1983 £2 at PR69DCAM. This came from the three coin set, the other coins did not grade so well. cc
  15. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    Hello, received two coins purchased from a dealer this week along with 10 others that came back from grading by PCGS. The coins purchased were a lovely 1911 proof £2 (66CAM) and the 2017 proof £5 sovereign (70DCAM). Have pictures of these two below.