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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Sovereigns, Half Sovereigns, Pandas and generally coins I take a liking to.

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  1. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    This week received this very nice 2002 sovereign purchased from a fellow SilverForum member. Have already taken it out of the capsule and put it into a flip ready to be sent off to be graded.
  2. I swapped emails with the Royal Mint and they can't swap it for a new coin it is 100% reserved / sold.
  3. I have sent the coin back to the Royal Mint for a refund. A real pity as I was very excited to have been successful getting one. Will now have to look for one on the secondary market.
  4. KevinJam

    Today I bought.....

    Very strong grade. Can you put up a photo please?
  5. KevinJam

    2018 proof britannia

    I really like the David Lawrence design on this range, It will look great In silver and superb in gold.
  6. KevinJam

    Hi From Japan

    Welcome to the forum. I joined in January and Its been great.
  7. My coin arrived on Friday. The COA number is 632 so quite late in the production run. Reverse of the coin is fine but take a close look at the Queen's upper lip, looks like it has been grazed and lost some of the frosting.
  8. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    Well done. Beautiful coin.
  9. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    Hello, addition to my Chinese panda collection just arrived from a US eBay seller.
  10. KevinJam

    Good investment or not?

    Richard, I think you should take it. Kevin
  11. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    Hello, received quite a few coins this week. The last package was from an Australain eBay seller and included the proof 2002 1/2 sovereign, 1990 silver £1 proof coin, the 1995 £2 2nd world war silver proof and the 1986 U.K. BU coin collection. A bit of a mixed bag and was really only after the 1/2 sovereign but the others are nice looking coins.
  12. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    Have sent you a PM.
  13. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    Hello, the 1911 proof sovereign arrived this week (same day as the 1911 1/2 sovereign but from a different dealer, I posted photos of that coin yesterday). The sovereign is a PR64CAM. In the same package was the 1991 sovereign, PCGS70DCAM, and a lovely 2005 1/2 sovereign.
  14. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    A few coins arrived today. This is one I bought from Atlas Numismatics in the US (first time I have purchased from them). It's the 1911 proof 1/2 sovereign, 66CAM. Lovely coin.
  15. KevinJam

    Today I Received

    Hello, bought the new 2018 2oz silver proof "Dragon & Tiger" high relief coin from the Perth Mint yesterday. Mintage of 1,500. Hope you like it.