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  1. 60015

    When will gold hit £1000

    But the price is only high if it goes down after you buy. If the price doubles in the next 12 months then you'll look back and say the price is now low!!!
  2. 60015

    What are your 10 favourite fractional gold coins?

    What he said! There is something about Swiss gold 😀
  3. 60015

    HGM sov

    I'm no expert but likely as good as you'll get off a dealer. Remember postage on top though so often better to buy in quantity if you can.
  4. 60015

    HGM sov

    HGM have one 2012 at 4% over spot at the moment.
  5. 60015

    Today I bought.....

    I really like that Swiss stuff. Was there much of a premium on it?
  6. 60015

    I just can't believe this!

    Never mind the gold.... I want one of those ovens to do jacket potatoes in!
  7. 60015

    Chards Bonanza Week!

    No problems with Chards here. Took advantage of the low premiums for two coins I've always fancied, a 1973 IOM Sovereign and a 1935 Swiss 20 Franc. Ordered Wednesday night, delivered this morning. Coins are in great condition too. The only problem now is I really like the Swiss 20 Franc and might have to start getting some more!
  8. 60015

    Today I bought.....

    This mornings car boot finds.... 1910 Australia sixpence. 1937 Crown 2 .500 Half Crowns (scrap) 3 .925 Victoria Florins (scrap) 1944 shilling and a couple of .500 6d Not bad for £17 ☺️
  9. I swapped some at the Post Office a few weeks ago without an issue. I did find this interesting though... www.fourex.co.uk
  10. 60015


    This thread has been an education for me, I never realised that Chards sourced to order despite having browsed their website numerous times and it will influence my future buying. On the flip side, I ordered 3 sovereigns from Hatton Garden Metals on Sunday night, got an email Monday to say they had been dispatched and the postman handed them over Tuesday morning........
  11. 60015

    Today I Received.....

    Well, it's definitely a slippery slope this.... Noticed HGM had 2010, 2011 and 2013 full sovereigns listed and as they were gap fillers...... The strike on the 2011 is quite a way off centre - is this normal?
  12. 60015

    London mint office quarter sovereign- value?

    I use https://www.bullionspotprice.com/ It gives a good guide against spot for most items.
  13. 60015

    Old tray marks

    Given the rubbing that looks like plate to me.
  14. 60015

    Today I Received.....

    This mornings motley collection of car boot booty! 10 x Pre-46 6d, 9 x Pre-20 3d, 5 x Pre-46 3d, 1940 Canada 25 Cents, scrap 1/4 Rupee and holed 1846 4d, set of cufflinks which look a bit agricultural but are silver and finally a rather nice 1892 Crown.