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  1. @RacerCool Video 1: Well, we don't have the technology anymore. Making a Saturn V rocket isn't a simple case of ordering one from the rocket company, there was a huge assortment of contractors. One of the reasons the Shuttle program was cancelled was because of the huge cost in maintaining the supply chains for all the parts, irrespective of whether the shuttles were actually launching. Could we build an equivalent heavy-launch vehicle, sure. We have the technical understanding but building it today means starting from the ground up, hence things like the space launch system and Falcon heavy. Maintaining space technology is expensive and it's really a use it or lose it. Video 2: Same point as above. Video 3: This comes up a lot and basically comes down to a misunderstanding of the impacts of radiation on biological tissue. The Apollo missions were carefully planned to minimize exposure to the Van Allen belts both by spending very little time in them (radiation is much more dangerous over prolonged exposures) and deliberately aiming for the thinnest areas in the belts. Analysis on the Apollo astronauts actually indicates they received more radiation outside the earth's magnetosphere than they did from the Van Allen belts. (https://history.nasa.gov/SP-368/s2ch3.htm). Is it sensible to test a spacecraft before putting people on it, absolutely. And no we can't just copy the Apollo craft because Orion is a completely different vessel, different size, shape, potentially different planned orbits. Also it's electrical systems will be completely different to what they used in the sixties, and radiation hardening is an important thing to test. Yes I know that there are countless other supposed inconsistencies (and I really don;t want to get into a lengthy discussion on this) but, believe me, I've spent a good amount of time looking at them and they pretty much all come down to misunderstandings or misinterpretations of the physics.
  2. A few pick-ups from my time in Tokyo a few weeks back. Also ended up discussing far-east history and Confucianism
  3. PansPurse

    Japanese Edo period coins

    Speaking of designs I'd like to see on a coin/bar...
  4. PansPurse

    Japanese Edo period coins

    Hojo jutsu 😉
  5. PansPurse

    Japanese Edo period coins

    Always happy to be corrected on my history/slightly shaley understanding of matters ☺️ Sadly just Tokyo this trip (I was mostly there for work) but next time we'll see if I can't go wrestle some bears underneath a waterfall in Hokkaido (I might have been watching too many marital arts films of late)
  6. PansPurse

    CGT free in the future?

    Nah, I think the whole aggressively destroying the image/name of one's predecessor went out of fashion in the bronze age. Actually, from what I gather, it's pretty normal for circulation coins to continue even under a new monarch, so before decimalisation, Victorian pennies would still occasionally turn up in one's change. Bullion coins will still have a face value in the currency we still use, so will remain legal tender, therefore should be CGT exempt
  7. PansPurse

    What's the point of capsules?

    I don;t put ecerything in capsules, only the nice stuff. For me that includes the Dragon bars (I got capsules for these from Eldorado coins, but I think goldsilver and european mint do them too). My generic Britannias are in a slowly filling tube, some of my prettier sterling coins sit in a drawer where I can look at them. Checkout recommendations are classic upselling
  8. PansPurse

    Today I Received

    The tool creep continues...
  9. I'm 90% sure the state pension won't exist by the time I retire. IMHO that's why they've brought in compulsory private pensions and employer contributions (Ok not compulsory, but difficult to opt out)
  10. But a cat is an asset... at least if you train it to nick people's purses it can be...
  11. Totally misread that as "ten year old cat" and started wondering if pet food and vet bills go down enough to make a difference 😄 Living the dream
  12. PansPurse

    YouTube Trolls Funny Comments

    But are you a pre-47 shilling?
  13. PansPurse

    YouTube Trolls Funny Comments

    What are the rates like working as a "shill" for unspecified authority? Is it better than YouTube monetisation?
  14. PansPurse

    Today I made.....

    I always get maple leaves and cannabis leaves mixed up...
  15. PansPurse

    Any questions for The Edinburgh Assay Office?

    There was an incident at a beer festival that we never speak of...
  16. PansPurse

    Any questions for The Edinburgh Assay Office?

    No shame there IMHO. I've nothing like the alcohol tolerance I had as a student, but even me in my prime would probably be struggling by the dozen mark 😵
  17. PansPurse

    Any questions for The Edinburgh Assay Office?

    Wrt the assay office I'd be curious about what fraction of stuff they test is jewellery, what pieces they see most often, and if there's a particularly high or low turnover in terms of new people/companies starting up or quietly vanishing into the ether
  18. PansPurse

    Any questions for The Edinburgh Assay Office?

    Also worth a walk up King Arthur's seat ☺️
  19. PansPurse

    Gold Value Historically

    It's complicated and a lot depends on lifestyle. I don't want to give much detail, but at one point I was living in Islington on £20k. It was fairly hand to mouth, but workable. Being relatively close to central London meant I saved a tonne on public transport. That said, saving anything one month to the next was near impossible and I wasn't exactly living the high life.
  20. PansPurse

    Gold Value Historically

    Oof! And there was me thinking I was on a decent salary 😉
  21. PansPurse


    I have caps for my semi numismatic new coins and one or two nicer older ones, but the rest is in tubes or loose. I totally get the tactile pleasure of handling one's horde
  22. Unless the insulation says "Network Rail" on it...
  23. Id like to see coins focusing on old alphabets, runes, cuneiform, ogham etc
  24. PansPurse

    Next queens beast?

    I hope it's the Yale, always interesting to see their take on the more fantastical creatures