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  1. Hi, I'd like to be put down for my existing two from last year plus one either side if either goes unclaimed (so, two or three depending, I think)
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nZkP2b-4vo
  3. That's frankly bunkum. Inflation is an inevitable by-product of any financial system that permits the extension of credit. Without the ability to extend credit you stymie economic growth. Saying that all inflation is a result of governments printing money simply isn't a reflection of how the financial systems work. Also please don't conflate economic growth with inflation, this is not a zero sum game. Also Venezuela is an unhelpful example. Conflating any inflation with hyperinflation doesn't really serve any purpose than to push an absolutist view that anything other than physical assets are unimportant.
  4. By the same logic all gold standard currencies have eventually failed. PMs asa monetary system is fundamentally limited because it has no mechanism for economic growth short of obtaining more gold.
  5. Short Answer: there are people who'll tell you that the sky is about to fall... but they or those like them have been saying that for a long time. Longer Answer: Gold / other PMs are commonly agreed to be a good safe haven asset but probably aren't the best bet for making returns and should probably form part of a diverse portfolio of investments. (Coin collecting is a subtly different aspect of it because sometimes it's just nice having a nice physical object.) IMHO a certain amount of the crowd that expect some kind of utterly calamitous collapse of the financial system stem from some people deliberately stoking ear/expectation of massive gains in order to sell something (typically bullion). People like Silver Doctors will happily tell you from dawn to dusk that the dollar is about to collapse while happily selling you bullion. Long story short, be careful about whose advice you take (including mine) and be aware that there are paranoid conspiracy theorists, snake oil salesmen, and also genuinely lovely and helpful people in the community.
  6. I mean, we have a term for countries that aren't able to effectively tax their populace and invest said money in infrastructure and public services, I believe the common term is "failed states" and if you'd rather live in one of those then good luck to you.
  7. Weirdly the only time I don;t get these sorts of messages is when I'm sending money to Barclays themselves... 🤔
  8. Yes except by digging up huge reserves of carbon that had been sequestered for millions of years were going far beyond any stable system that has existed during evolutionary modern humans.
  9. OK, I think I follow you, unfortunately the erath's climate is more complicated. So whilst the quantity emitted may be scalar, the compound effect of the total CO2 in the atmosphere isn't. Greenhouse gasses raise the global temperature and have a range of other complex interactions, things like ocean acidification, melting permafrost etc that are more difficult to fix (if at all possible) just by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Time is an extremely important factor; like stopping a car with the handbrake off from beginning to roll down a hill. Would you have been more comfortable if I'd used "exacerbating" rather than "compounding" factor in my previous comment?
  10. I don't follow your argument. Yes the quantity of carbon on/in the planet is relatively fixed but the form of it isn't. Also, there have been large parts of the Earth's history where the atmosphere would be unbreathable to us.
  11. A compounding factor is that the longer we take taking action the more drastic the necessary action becomes. We've had decades to transition to less carbon-intensive energy sources and have failed to do so until very recently. As a result more severe action including large-scale carbon capture and sotrage or even at the extreme end some form of geoengineering may be necessary.
  12. The fun part of all this is that people can deny climate change as much as they like and it will do absolutely nothing to mitigate that changes that are coming. No, not fun, the tragic and frustrating part.
  13. I've got a stocks and Shares ISA with Hargreaves Lansdown, they are pretty well-known and user friendly. One thing I would highlight is that the cost of a trade is significant (£11 ish IIRC) but there's the monthly savings option (which is mostly what I use) which is a tiny fraction of that, but means you don't get to pick the precise timing of when you buy. It's a pretty good option and accessible from £25 a month IIRC. https://www.hl.co.uk/investment-services/isa
  14. Frankly, bullion means thatt you're trading it mostly for its precious metal value, with perhaps a mark-up of a few percent. Beyond that you're then into numismatic territory, in which case condition is absolutely an important factor. That's not to say a scratched numismatic coin can't command a premium, just that it's a much more complicated game then.
  15. Bump (wondering if current spot makes this price point more appealing?)
  16. I'd suggest doing a specific gravity test, easiest way to be sure that the density is right (fakes made from a less dense metal will, by necessity, be thicker to make up the weight)
  17. Please see photos. Have been removed from capsule and placed in a tube. Bullion selling at bullion price.
  18. PansPurse

    Golden asteriod

    Apropos of (almost) nothing, this is an entertaining audio drama if any one is looking for stuff to listen to on their commute: https://www.theverge.com/2018/3/4/17036818/david-carlson-the-hycinth-disaster-science-fiction-podcast-pod-hunters
  19. Further drop in spot price, £263 delivered
  20. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jun/28/german-far-right-group-used-police-data-to-compile-death-list Rightwing extremists compiled a "death list" of leftwing and pro-refugee targets by accessing police records, then stockpiled weapons and ordered body bags and quicklime to kill and dispose of their victims... But it's ok because The left feel entitled to be able to attack or destroy at will. This concept just does not figure on the right, unless provoked.