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  1. Good advice, im 300km from Vienna. Thanks
  2. yeee... sad but true. my plan is to sell to shop after 15 - 20 years or private. After all i can buy gold or silver online, i trade forex- but in this time, i keep in mind if you dont hold it, you dont own it. After all, my humble opinion is that gold will go to 2000-5000 dollars/oz in next 10- 20 years. Just the matter of time, all markets are in ballon. Maybe we will see some action in december, when some of the big players sell their BTC.
  3. Well this will be my first buy, so i will buy in trusted shop. Im buying this for my old age, around 20 years. Then it will be better idea to buy 1oz coins or dukats? Thank you for all the help
  4. Dont get me wrong, i take all advices on mind and thank you all. But this kinebar looks really nice. i didnt understand the last words from you.(my english isnt perfect) Weary = does that mean tired, bored by bars becouse of look? And that is why you and others prefer coins?
  5. BYB what do you think about Kinebar from Heraeus? That doesnt look to make an easy fake or it does?
  6. I agree, it is not worthless until ECB stand behind, but if they say its worthless then it is. well the true question is when, not if.
  7. What about bars which have that Kinegram? Is that some kind af protection agains fake bars? what do you think? But after all i will buy 3-4- dukats or 2 1oz Austrian Philharmonic. other money will invest in silver . I did some research in Slovenian gold coins but they all have such big premiums and i think it will be harder to sell for good price if i will need some money.
  8. http://www.cebelarstvo-zvikart.si/Site/Izdelki.html Izdelki=products Tomorow will scan the brocshure we have in english and post it if you want.
  9. Of course, our bees produce 5 to 6 different flavours of honey. We have authentic Carniolan honey bee. Also we are selling, pollen,propolis, honey liquer and some other good stuff. And yes indeed it is a wonder what bees can do. Nice to hear such opinion.
  10. Thank you Kman. Really happy with all the help you provide.
  11. Hi, the nick name is beekepper just becouse the beekeeper was already used by another pearson on our bee forum in Slovenia. and i like to have same nick on diffrent forums. We have around 400 bee families.
  12. Thank you so much. Very usefull words u told me. I will have that in mind. Just to let you know, im from Slovenia, not Slovakia. Slovenia= GOLD medal in EU basketball. And yes i see your point of view, but as i said im buying longterm and my point is that price will go up x-times thats why i want to get as much silver for the money. but after reading your words i will think twice what would be the best deal. Thank you.
  13. Thank you MickB. i will take a look. im just 40km from MB. thank you all for advice. Ohh Markh great, yesterday i was looking at CG but havent found a lot of reviews about company, its nice to hear that it is good company. they have good prices and disscount on orders above 100 coins. Im thinking 1x 100 Maple Leaf 1oz and 1x 100 Vienna Philharmonic 1oz and some gold bar or coin. What do you think about that? Im buyining for longterm 20-30 years.
  14. Hello guys. Im new. Well, im thinking to invest some money to metals, around 5000€. Please give me some good advice, what to buy and what coins-bars. Im also a little bit affraid about ordering gold bars from internet, becouse of the lattest news about fake gold bare from mint!?- but gold wouldn be a problem, i get good price in my country-Slovenia. But which site do you recomment for VAT-free silver (in SLovenia we pay 20% vat), i was thinking about goldsilver.be, but then i read review from quicksilver user,- a company with such approche-NO GO. Thakns for any help and sorry for my english, bbut i think you all understand what i mean. All the best to all of you