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  1. buckeyecoins

    silver price by 2020

    Glad I'm not the only one. Seems nothing I buy ever goes up in value (not even my house!).
  2. buckeyecoins

    The most beautiful thing I’ve ever owned!!

    That is one huge coin. Is that the highest denomination coin minted by RCM?
  3. buckeyecoins

    Do You insure Your Stack / Collection ?

    In the U.S. some insurers offer "Valuable Personal Property" insurance, which is how I insure my collection. Not sure if that is available in the U.K. or other countries.
  4. If you think $1400 is a good deal, then you'll find (usually overpriced) APMEX even better: https://www.apmex.com/product/4909/1986-w-1-oz-proof-gold-american-eagle-w-box-coa If the coin you are looking at is a certified 70 then yes I'd say $1400 is a great price, otherwise you'll be hard pressed to make much if your intent is to flip it.
  5. buckeyecoins

    Periodic table rounds

    Isn't this a lawsuit waiting to happen? I mean some of these elements would be radioactive and/or reactive if they come into contact.
  6. buckeyecoins

    Periodic table rounds

    It will be interesting to see how they make an oxygen coin. Frozen? (Edit: Perhaps they are excluding the gas elements as those would be hard to make into a solid form)
  7. buckeyecoins

    Stolen goods - please read

    Also if any of the items were certified you can report them to the certifying company (e.g. NGC/PCGS) and they will flag them as stolen.
  8. buckeyecoins

    Stolen goods - please read

    @mrgristle Was your collection insured?
  9. buckeyecoins

    Today I Received

    Around $240 USD on eBay. If only you could get them at face value!!
  10. buckeyecoins

    Today I Received

    Mercury Dime 100th Anniversary Gold
  11. buckeyecoins

    How ridiculous is this getting?

    There are people who collect watches, and for all I know there may already be a third party company that assesses the condition and gives it a grade. I wouldn't be surprised.
  12. buckeyecoins

    How ridiculous is this getting?

    Don't get me wrong I think these things are cool as well. So I guess having the queen effigy and a denomination stamped on it makes it a "coin"?
  13. There has been speculation that "Bay Precious Metals" is actually an eBay-owned company, but I've never seen any proof of that.
  14. buckeyecoins

    How ridiculous is this getting?

    Appears these have been out for a while but it's the first time I've seen them: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2016-Tuvalu-1-Star-Trek-50th-Anniv-Delta-1oz-Silver-Proof-Coin-PCGS-PR70DCAM/172972679716 I find it ridiculous enough that these are considered "coins" in any sense of the word, but what baffles me even more is why the grading services deem them to be gradable? It's getting to the point where I could send in my wrist watch and they would take my money, grade it, and put it in a slab.
  15. buckeyecoins

    Elemetal Mint Egyptian Gods Series - Provident Sale!

    I believe Cleopatra was the first release, Anubis was second, and Sobek will be the third. The first two are available in regular/matt and antiqued finish, so it stands to reason the third one will be as well.