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    Quicksand005 got a reaction from arshimo2012 in 1980 Gold Proof Half Sovereign   
    I have for sale a 1980 gold proof half sovereign with the box and COA. The coin is in very good condition with no marks. Asking £140 for it. Postage is extra.

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    Quicksand005 reacted to sixgun in Johnson Matthey London   
    PM sent. i am not strong enough to resist.
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    Quicksand005 reacted to BackyardBullion in **April 2018** Group order from European Mint   
    Hopefully as soon as this one is complete.
    So in theory wk commencing Monday 21st we will have a new order announcement.
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    Quicksand005 reacted to richatthecroft in 2018 Royal Wedding Coin Range   
    It really is a shocker, as was this.
    And I'm sure there are many other baulk worthy designs of coins out there. 
    It would be really satisfying, funds permitting to buy all these trashy coins up and commission @BackyardBullion, @SilverStan or @Ollie1016 to turn them into something nice to look at.
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    Quicksand005 reacted to arshimo2012 in Gold coins   
    Gold coins for sale 
    35 x half Sovereign's £115.50 each bullion condition mostly Edwards 22 available Sold 
    1963 full sovereign £230 Sold 
    1oz 2015 Gold Britannia £957
    1/4oz gold maple nice reverse £242 selling as bullion Sold 
    1995 Barbados gold coin 14ct 7.776 grams £135
    Buyer to pay postage 

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    Quicksand005 reacted to tazfaa in 100 gram Umicore silver bars   
    I am new to this forum but if these items are available then I am interested in all 60 pieces, please contact me asap
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    Quicksand005 got a reaction from barney in 2003 half sovereign   
    Hi all,
    I have this 2003 gold half sovereign for sale as I got sent two 2003 instead of a 03,04 run. Would return it but decided to sell for cost on here as its still sealed.
    I'm selling it for £120 plus postage of your choice.

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    Quicksand005 reacted to augur in Posted: Group Order 2018 St. Helena Trade Dollar BU   
    The coins arrived today and have been packed. They should go out tomorrow per postage of choosing. 
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    Quicksand005 reacted to JunkBond in 1/10 Krugerrand £100   
    1984 1/10 Krug
    Need to make space for more half sovs
    £100 + Postage of buyers choice/risk
    Bank transfer please.

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    Quicksand005 reacted to BackyardBullion in **February/March 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be   
    Today was another good day!

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    Quicksand005 got a reaction from Jay2 in Spotted coins sale   
    While doing my end of year inventory, I found out my 2015 African Ounce coins and one of my nautical ounce coin sealed pouches had come loose causing the coins to start spotting. So I'm putting them up in case someone on here doesn't mind the spots. They are going for £18 each plus postage or if you take the three, I'll pay for postage.